The Kate Steinle Verdict Cements California’s Status As America’s Only 3rd World State

  • Can we accelerate that whole CalExit process, please? – A jury of 12 Californians found themselves unable to find Jose Zarate guilty of the murder Kate Steinle on a San Francisco Pier in 2015.  If you had any prior doubts that California has devolved into a pathetic 3rd world country, this decision should resolve them.
  • In a tweet, President Trump called the verdict “disgraceful,” but it’s worse than that.  The O.J. Simpson verdict was a disgrace to the legal system, but at least one could understand the racial grievances against the LAPD that were at play in that case.  No such grievances were at play in the Zarate case.  If anything, our society had been far to racially sensitive with this scumbag, who had been deported five times prior to his killing of Steinle because of his criminal nature, only to come right back into our country thanks to Barack Obama’s lax border security policies.
  • No, this verdict isn’t merely “disgraceful,” it’s un-American.  And if Californians no longer wish to be part of America and its legal system, this slap in the face of American values indicates that perhaps the time has come for America to oblige them.
  • Thursday was a really bad day for John Conyers.  First, he announced he would not be seeking re-election next year, in the hopes that that meaningless gesture would tamp down the growing pressure on him to resign.  When it became obvious by late morning that wasn’t going to do the trick, Conyers then let it leak that he would be announcing his retirement come January, a transparent delaying tactic made in the hopes that the whole controversy would have escaped the short attention span of the fake news media by then.  After all, what with the exposures of the likes of Mark Halperin, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer and so many others still to come, the media has its own problems.
  • But no, that wasn’t going to work for the embattled Democrat sex-abusing “icon”.   So, early in the afternoon, he had his people announce that he had checked into the hospital due to “stress-related” problems, hoping to garner a little sympathy from the public, the fake media and his colleagues.  But man, even that didn’t work, and when that doesn’t work for an 88 year-old serial sex abuser, ain’t nothing gonna work.  Thus, by mid-afternoon, even San Fran Nan Pelosi understood that, and at a hastily-called press conference, the face of the Democrat Party, who had just four days before referred to the dean of the House in such glowing terms finally, at long last, called for his resignation.   For any Democrat, when even the soulless House Majority Leader is forced to come around and condemn you, you know you’ve got a problem.
  • But Conyers soldiered on into the late evening, having his wife accuse a group of fake reporters assembled outside the front door of the Conyers home in Detroit of racism, asking them if they do the same thing to white people?  Well, yeah, we all know they do frequently go after white people like this – the fake media is pretty much equal opportunity when it comes to staging such scenes –  but in this instance, the Conyers clan does appear to have a legitimate claim of racial bias.  The thing is, the claim would be better leveled at the leaders of the Democrat Party rather than fake journalists.
  • After all, Senator Al Franken found himself targeted by yet another accuser on Thursday – a military member who claims Franken groped her while on a USO tour in 2003 – and no one in the Democrat Party was calling for his resignation.  It is certainly reasonable for the Conyers family to ask why that is.  This makes six women now who have accused the former bad comic of some form of sexual assault, yet the Democrat Party refuses to do the right thing.
  • Not a single Democrat has called for Franken’s resignation in the two weeks since the first allegation of his bad behavior came to light.  Not one.  This in spite of the fact that we even have pictures of Franken sexually assaulting Leeann Tweeden.  If you’re John Conyers and his family, it would certainly seem reasonable to ask why the Democrats are targeting your family member while leaving the pasty-white Senator from Minnesota alone.

Just another day in California needs to leave America.

That is all.


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Garrett Patterson

The Voir Dire process in the Steinle murder case needs to be thoroughly investigated for political screening.

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