The Congressional Protection Racket Forms Up Around Franken and Conyers

Today’s Campaign Update

  • Senator Al Franken said on Sunday that he is “embarrassed and ashamed” over his apparent obsession with grabbing womens’ butts over the years, but not so embarrassed or ashamed that he plans to give up his job in the U.S. Senate, where he will report for booty, er, duty today.  Let’s hope he and Roy Moore get to serve on the same committees should Moore begin a senate term in January – the hearings will make for tremendous political theater.
  • She meant “zero tolerance for thee, not for me.” – Meanwhile, if you’re wondering why Alabama’s Republican voters might still elect Judge Moore to the senate in spite of the allegations arrayed against him, look no further than Sunday morning’s interview by San Fran Nan Pelosi on NBC’s Meet the Press.  Pelosi has spent the last few weeks shrieking that Moore should leave the race because his accusers must – MUST, I say – be believed,  and that congress should have “zero tolerance” for sex abusers.  But, when asked if that “zero tolerance” should apply to Democrat Cong. John Conyers, who has also been accused by several women of disgusting episodes of sexual harassment, she told NBC’s fake host Chuck Todd that Conyers deserves “due process. Just because someone is accused…was it one accusation, is it two?…John Conyers is an icon in our country. He has done a great deal to protect women.”  *sigh*
  • When Republican and independent voters in Alabama see such a rank double-standard being practiced not only by the fake news media, but also by the literal national face of the Democrat Party, it naturally reduces their willingness to believe the allegations facing Judge Moore.  After all, if, as Pelosi clearly implies, the accusers actually aren’t to just be believed out of hand, then why should they buy into the allegations against Moore, when the only actual evidence presented thus far – the supposed signature in one accuser’s high school yearbook – has pretty much conclusively been demonstrated to be a forgery?
  • So, Franken and Conyers get protected by both their fellow Democrats and by Republicans Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, who have begun “investigations” into their behavior by the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE).  This is akin to siccing Inspector Clouseau onto the paths of serial killers.  Placing these matters in the hands of the OCE simply means that nothing will happen for many months, as the “investigation” proceeds at a snail’s pace, in the hopes that it will all fade from the public’s collective memory in the meantime.  Then, once the “investigation” is completed, the results will be quietly released at about 6:30 ET on a Friday evening – preferably at the start of a holiday weekend – so as to incur the minimum possible media attention.
  • It’s a bi-partisan protection racket. – But of course, we all must keep in mind that it isn’t just Democrat members of congress who have much to lose here – it’s Republicans, too.  Conyers’ lawyer threatened over the weekend that, if his client goes down, he will take lots of other members of congress down with him.  That probably won’t be too hard for Conyers to achieve, given that a congressional slush fund has payed out roughly $18 million over the last 20 years in settlements of sexual harassment cases.  Oh, the humanity!
  • Their rush to protect Franken and Conyers by calling for OCE “investigations” doesn’t necessarily mean McConnell and Ryan have anything to hide themselves, but they do no doubt have many members of their respective houses of congress to protect, and they’re wasting no time doing it.  After all, whether Republican or Democrat, members of congress, like Ryan, McConnell and Pelosi, are members of America’s protected, ruling class.  They have all become quite accustomed to exempting themselves from the laws and mandated behaviors that apply to the rest of us, and they’ll be damned if they’re going to go down without a fight.
  • No one ever said that draining the DC Swamp was going to be easy.

Just another day in congressional protection racket America.

That is all.


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