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Today’s Campaign Update

  • Sunday’s Required Reading – The Daily Caller has a great piece this morning by Michael Bastach, chronicling many of the innumerable “the end is near” predictions made over the last 30 years by the frauds in the Global Warming alarmist community.  It’s a great read, and a good reminder of just how wrong all these projections have been.  Of course, the point of the Global Warming scam is not to be right, it is to frighten the public into accepting collectivist political policies as the only “solution” to a problem that most likely doesn’t exist.  Take the 10 minutes necessary to read this piece – you’ll be glad you did, and smarter, too.
  • Speaking of collectivists running scams on the public, the globalists who still infest the U.S. State Department like the cockroaches in a 30 year-old single-wide have been caught attempting to influence Hungary’s elections.  The U.S. will pour $700,000 into that country’s media in an effort to defeat Hungarian PM Victor Orban, who is opposed to the open borders policies that are in the process of destroying the native cultures in Germany, France and other European Union countries.  So, to be clear, the same globalists who have been screaming for a year about Russia’s alleged efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. elections have no problem at all doing it to other countries.  But then, we already knew that, didn’t we?
  • Hey, let’s tie the Global Warming scam to the sexual harassment frenzy while we’re at it – John Phillips, writing in the Orange County Register, wonders aloud how it is that Al Gore, the Capo di tutti capi of all Global Warming scammers, has managed to escape scrutiny in the ongoing sexual assault feeding frenzy?  It’s a great question, given that Mr. Gore has been publicly accused several times of improper sexual behavior with women.  That’s a real ‘inconvenient truth’ if there ever was one, huh?
  • Perhaps, as Professor of Sexual Violence Wendy Murphy detailed back in 2010, Honest Al gets a pass because he’s just sooooo darn green, an affliction that also infests about 99% of the national news media at this point.  But it does seem odd that, even as so many Bill Clinton media shills are finding it convenient to finally condemn him after all these years, Mr. Gore continues to just skate by, flying under the radar, as it were.  It hardly seems fair.
  • Getting tired of all this winning yet? – Don Surber celebrates the possibility that President Donald Trump (I never get tired of typing those words) may be able to appoint twice as many judges to the federal bench by the end of 2018 than Barack Obama did during his entire eight years in office.  We can thank the thankfully gone Harry Reid and his idiotic decision to kill the use of the filibuster in the judicial confirmation process, along with a long-awaited plan to expand the federal judiciary for this happy potential reality.
  • Or maybe it’s because of the simple fact that sexual harassment and abuse has been running rampant in Hollywood and the liberal national culture at large for far too long, and people got fed up with it. – Columnist David Brooks, who pretends to be a ‘conservative’ for the NYTimes and PBS, told his PBS co-host Judy Woodruff on Friday that he believes the wave of sexual abuse allegations is because of a public reaction to…wait for it…DONALD TRUMP.  Holy cow.
  • Here’s a direct quote:   “I think the reaction to Trump is part of the deal here. And we’ve talked about Trump maybe polluting our national culture, but it could be the reaction to Trump is also making us hypersensitive and making us want to correct the national culture. And so, you could be a — see a reaction to — the Trump wave, I think, has lowered norms and standards, but a lot of people would say, ‘No, we’re not happy with this, we’re going to raise norms and standards.’ ”  Only a liberal pretending to be a conservative could engage in such twisted leaps of logic.
  • Finally, Former FBI Director James Comey, who has recently begun using his Twitter account all too frequently, issued the following Tweet on Saturday:  “‘Our Liberty depends on freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.’ – Thomas Jefferson, Jan. 28, 1786.”  For the record, James Comey was FBI Director when Fox News reporter James Rosen was wire-tapped by that corrupt agency.  Just sayin’.

Just another day in frauds, frauds, everywhere America.

That is all.


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