The Time Has Come to Get Disney Out of Our Schools

Today’s Campaign Update

  • This was inevitable – A mother in Northumberland Park, England has demanded that her local school system ban the book based on the Disney animated film Sleeping Beauty.  Why?  Well, because, she says, the scene in which the prince just gratuitously kisses the sleeping princess to wake her up promotes “inappropriate sexual behavior.”  I swear I don’t make this stuff up.
  • This woman is missing the point where Disney films are concerned, with her myopic focus on Sleeping Beauty.  It’s hard to think of a single one of them that does not contain inappropriate messages for children, and they all should have been piled up into the public square and burned long ago.
  • Take Snow White, for example.  This woman cohabited with not one, but SEVEN short, brawny men who were suspiciously whistling all the time.  What do you think those guys were so damn happy about, huh?
  • Then you have this Cinderella, who not only was not specifically invited to attend the Prince’s Ball, but first sought to do so in a dress she had cobbled together from scraps she had stolen from her two poor step-sisters.  Speaking of those step-sisters, why is it that, in any Disney film, any step-sisters or step-parents who appear as characters are always portrayed as ugly, grasping brutes?
  • Then there’s Bambi, a film in which skunks, deer, and rabbits all have names and talk to each other behind the humans’ backs, and which has given four generations of American children completely unrealistic notions about the nature of wild animals.  The people at PETA probably use this idiotic bit of Hollywood nonsense as a training manual.
  • Almost all Disney animated films feature an evil protagonist who is an older woman who has had an unhappy life, wears odd costumes and too much make-up, shrieks at inanimate objects and throws and breaks things in fits of rage.  This is stereotyping of the worst kind, not to mention age discrimination.  Think of how Hillary Clinton must feel whenever she watches Snow White.
  • When the bad people in Disney films aren’t portrayed as haggard, old unhappy women, they’re handicapped.  The bad guy in Peter Pan – the evil Captain Hook – is missing both a hand and a leg!  How is this guy supposed to compete with a little imp who can fly, for crying out loud?  And Peter Pan himself, why, he’s a kidnapper!  He not only kidnaps the Darling kids, he’s got a whole island filled with what he calls his ‘lost boys.’  It all sounds like the plot of some flick Harvey Weinstein would produce for Charlie Sheen and Kevin Spacey.
  • And what about all those live action Disney films from the mid-20th century, like Herbie, The Love Bug, Blackbeard’s Ghost and The Shaggy Dog?  In each and every one of those movies, the supposed ‘good guys’ cheat in order to win some sort of competition.  What kind of message is that to be sending our kids?  Cheating to win – can there be any doubt that everyone who has been in leadership of the Democrat Party in the last half-century has been a devoted fan of these films?
  • Plus, who could forget the heinous plots of That Darn Cat and The Parent Trap, in which scheming children conspire with cute pet cats and dogs to entangle unsuspecting adults into loving, traditional family relationships?  Why, the nerve of these kids to long for stable, two parent family units – that’s not what modern liberal life is supposed to be all about.
  • Yes, there is no doubt the time has come to ban not just Sleeping Beauty, but all Disney-related material from schools everywhere.  Had we taken this step 50 years ago, the world would no doubt be a much, much better place today.

Just another day in Stop This Madness, Please America.

That is all.


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We have a nation of narcissistic Instagram girls/women who all think they are fabulous princesses.

Damn it Disney!


I worry more about the filth that Disney produces today.

Michael G Marriam

I suppose the author has at least one more snarky retort left to cast derisively my way so here goes: the biggest problem with Disney media is its emphasis on magic (i.e. witchcraft) and rebellion.

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