Democrat Media Shills Begin To Awake To The Threat Joe Biden Presents

Today’s Campaign Update

  • The sleazebags who run set a new standard for leftist hypocrisy on Saturday when they issued the following tweet:  “Allegations regarding are deeply disturbing. Progressives & Democrats must not tolerate sexual harassment or assault. We must lift up women & others speaking out. should be held to the same standard as anyone in public or private life.”
  • The more you know… – For all you younger folks who may not be aware of the group’s sordid history, was founded in the late 1990s as an advocacy group with its single goal to protect the serial woman abuser BillClinton from being held accountable for his abuse of women. That is literally the only reason why exists. #hypocrisy
  • Hey, maybe he’s just going for laughs here. – Don’t look now, but former FBI Director James “Leakey” Comey is setting off on a speaking tour sponsored by the Washington Speakers Bureau.  The subject for Comey’s series of talks?  “Ethical Leadership.”  That is not a typo – obviously, the WSB expects its audiences to be filled with nothing but Democrats and fake conservative #NeverTrump refugees.  I swear I don’t make this stuff up.
  • Wait, what?  How did this get into the Huffpo? – As rumors of handsy ol’ Joe Biden’s plans to run for the presidency for a third time in 2020 continue to swirl, leftwingers everywhere are getting very nervous about the fact that there are literally hours upon hours of video out there in the public domain of the former Veep inappropriately putting his hands on women and girls and invading their space.  As liberal heroes all over the country, like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Al Franken are revealed to be horrific sexual harassers, it is becoming quite obvious that a Biden run for the presidency would be like manna from heaven for the Republican Party.
  • Even the near-terminal nitwits who run the ultra-leftwing online fake news site, the Huffington Post, are waking up to this uncomfortable reality.  And when the HuffPo is waking up to inconvenient truths about the left, that means pretty much everyone else already has, since the folks at the HuffPo are very slow learners.  On Saturday, Amanda Terkel, the fake news site’s Washington Bureau Chief, published a very long expose’ on Handsy Joe’s history of publicly groping women, saying  that “From former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly to producer Harvey Weinstein to comedian Louis C.K., men are losing their jobs after years of having sexually harassed or assaulted women with impunity.  Biden is the wrong guy to bear the standard of any party purporting to speak for the victims of unaccountable power.”  Well, yeah.  So good of you to notice, at long last.
  • Ms. Terkel’s piece about Biden comes on the heels of several reliable Clinton media shills publishing pieces expressing their sudden thoughts that hey, maybe those 25 years we spent helping Hillary Clinton cover up Bill Clinton’s crimes against all those women wasn’t the best thing for us to be doing, huh?
  • Now, if you’re thinking that all these fake journalists are really, truly having moral awakenings about the shameful way they’ve conducted themselves in their jobs over the last quarter century, you should put those thoughts on hold.  The reality is that they’d all much rather still be shilling for the Clintons and Handsy Joe, and joining the James Carvilles in viciously attacking their accusers into perpetuity.
  • The one and only reason why the Jeff Greenfields and Mika Brzezinskis are out there this week trying to sound sort of thoughtful about their years of protecting a creep is because they’ve been caught.  They’re like the kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar, desperately swearing he won’t do it anymore if mom will just let him off easy this time.
  • These people do not deserve to be let off easy.  The media shills for the Clintons and Handsy Joe deserve only our scorn and disgust, because they are among the most detestable human beings in our society.  To hell with them all.

Just another day in leftwing lunacy America.

That is all.


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Rand Camp

I think a primary between Groping Joe and the Lying Psycho hoe would be very entertaining!

Patrick Sebers

I believe the Democrats are willing to throw Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, and Al Franken under the bus so they can re-litigate the Trump allegations. Trump is immune, as voters have already made their choice.

Robbins Mitchell

I think they’re all simply too low bred to know any better

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