The Fake Media Campaign To Protect Hillary Clinton Ramps Up To Full Force

Today’s Campaign Update

  • So, the narrative in the fake news media now is that it would somehow be inappropriate for the Justice Department to investigate President Trump’s “political opponent”, Hillary Rotten, er, Rodham Clinton.  That is the theme advanced by NBC’s Chuck Todd and two other fake reporters in a piece published a on Tuesday.
  • To no one’s surprise, this piece – which simply advances the narrative being pushed jointly by the fake media at large and the rest of the Democrat Party – ignores the fact that as of today, Hillary Clinton is in fact no one’s political opponent.  She’s not running for anything, and has announced that she does not plan to run for anything in the future.  Thus, labeling her as the President’s “political opponent” is just a canard designed to make this life-long criminal immune from any prosecution at all.
  • The piece also ignores the fact that two of Hillary Clinton’s looming scandals germinated long before the 2016 election campaign.  The Uranium One scandal and her scandal involving illegal distribution of classifed information via her private email server date to her time as Secretary of State, and the years prior to that.  An immense amount of evidence exists in the public record today that she likely did in fact violate many federal laws related to these two scandals, and in fact most likely would have long ago been prosecuted if she were not a member of the nation’s protected political class.
  • Despite Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ hemming and hawing on Tuesday about whether there is sufficient evidence around either of these major scandals to warrant the appointment of a special counsel to investigate them (more on that in a moment), there would nothing at all improper were the Department of Justice to conduct a thorough investigation into a scandal (Uranium One) that ended with the sale of 20% of our nation’s uranium resources to Russian companies.  And the thought that Hillary Clinton or anyone else who serves in any presidential administration is somehow immune from prosecution for illegally sharing national security secrets on public servers is so absurd as to not deserve serious comment.  It’s abject nonsense that, taken to its logical conclusion, means that Todd and his fellow Democrats with press passes believe that the Fainting Felon is simply above the law, and that the country can have no national security at all.
  • The third major scandal in which The Coughing Crook is currently entangled involves the fact – and we know it to be an absolute fact at this point – that her campaign and the DNC colluded with Fusion GPS, a former British spy, and Russian agents to compile the fake Trump Dossier during the presidential campaign.  To contend, as Todd and his fellow fake journalists do, that Mrs. Clinton should somehow be exempt from the same investigation into Russian collusion that has now been targeting the Trump campaign for the last 6 months is bizarrely stupid and simply defies logic.
  • But hey, when have fake journalists like Chuck Todd ever allowed pesky things like facts and logic get in the way of their shilling for the Clintons and Obamas?  It’s how these people make their livings.
  • Now, let’s talk about Mr. Sessions’ unwillingness to say, in an exchange with Republican Rep. Jim Jordan during his testimony yesterday, whether or when he will name a special counsel to investigate all of the Pantsuit Princess’s alleged crimes.  While that answer is frustrating to those who want to see justice served, it’s important to understand the full context in which the Attorney General is operating.  In addition to having to determine whether or not sufficient factual evidence exists against the accused to warrant an investigation by a special counsel, DOJ must also determine that such an investigation cannot be adequately performed within the Department of Justice itself.
  • One major reason why a special counsel was appointed to investigation the whole media/Democrat Trump/Russia collusion fantasy was because it allegedly involved the sitting President who had appointed Mr. Sessions to become Attorney General and Rosenstein as his Deputy.  That is a clear conflict of interest that could only be avoided with the appointment of a special counsel.
  • No similar conflict exists where Hillary Clinton is concerned.  Thus, assuming this isn’t all being done just for show, General Sessions could well decide that a special counsel is not necessary because a full and fair investigation can be conducted at DOJ itself.
  • This is how the system is set up to work, like it or not.  All the rest of us can do is wait and see what happens, hoping against hope that Mr. Sessions can finally prove himself to be worthy of the job he holds.

Just another day in cleaning out the DC Swamp ain’t easy America.

That is all.

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Bob Jones

Isn’t what the “Press” doing in covering for a criminal who has committed known crimes, guilty of aiding and abetting a crime?

funky mañana

I am getting sick and tired of seeing people in the government breaking the law and getting away with it.This has to stop now! The IRS is one example, instead of going to jail people are walking away with big pensions.Jeff you better get moving or get out out of the way and let someone else take over!

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