Sessions’ Involvement of Rosenstein Dooms The Preliminary Uranium One Inquiry to Failure

Today’s Campaign Update

  • I have some good news, and I have some bad news for you all today.
  • The first bit of good news is that scientists have announced that they have discovered “the world’s oldest wine” in fragments of clay jars at an archaeological site near Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.  Upon hearing of the find, Wine Spectator immediately awarded the 8,000 year old wine a grade of 95, saying it has  hints of must with little flecks of clay throughout and a decidedly vinegary finish.
  • There is no good news for Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore.  If you’re still out there defending Mr. Moore, despite the allegations that keep piling up against him, you might want to take a step back.  Yes, this stinks of a political hit job by the fake journalists at the Washington Post.  Yes, the latest accuser’s decision to associate herself with the despicable Gloria Allred is a red flag.  Yes, all of these allegations happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.  But…
  • But despite all of those warning signals and red flags and evil lawyers, you need to keep in mind that the original story in the WaPo did not rely solely on the statements from the four women involved.  The reporters who filed the report also talked to dozens of other locals, many of whom told the same story of then-County Attorney/District Attorney Roy Moore dating a series of girls who were still in high school.  If the spectre of a guy in his 30s hanging around high school dances and diners where high school students congregated or worked at the time picking up girls isn’t enough to tip you off, there’s also the fact that, in his now-famous interview with Sean Hannity last Friday, Moore would not deny dating high school girls while in his 30s, repeating a Bill Clinton-ish non-denial that it “would have been outside of my normal behavior.”  Folks, that means “yes”.
  • And if all of that isn’t enough to tip you off that something very odd was going on with Mr. Moore back during the Carter Administration, then consider that the tireless Donald Trump supporter Judge Jeanine Pirro, on Hannity’s TV show last night, went completely off on Judge Moore, based on the reality that we now have five completely unconnected women independently telling contemporaneous stories of the same odd behavior.
  • Mr. Moore may still win his election because the WaPo has long ago surrendered the last shred of credibility with most of the people of Alabama, but if this were a court case, he’d pretty much be toast right now.
  • But the big news of the day on Monday came late in the afternoon, when it was reported that our thus-far useless Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, may have finally received enough pressure from GOP members of congress and others to do the right thing in the Uranium One scandal.  Maybe.  The report – which must be taken with a grain of salt since it also comes from the WaPo – claims that Mr. Sessions is “considering” the appointment of a second special counsel to investigate what was an obvious sale of 20% of America’s uranium assets to Russian interests in exchange for well over $100 million in bribes…er, “contributions” to the Clinton Foundation from those same Russian entities.
  • But don’t get overly excited yet.  Even if the WaPo story is true, all it really says is that General Sessions has directed some DOJ “investigators” to look into the various allegations of wrongdoing and report back to him and his highly suspect Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein with recommendations as to whether a special counsel is warranted for this case.  Note that it took the eager Mr. Rosenstein about 3 seconds to appoint his old running buddy Robert Mueller to “investigate” allegations of Russian collusion when they targeted a sitting President, but we must have a formal, weeks-long preliminary “investigation” when the allegations involve the Clintons and Obamas.  But that’s not the only problem with Rosenstein’s involvement in this review.
  • We must also remember that Rosenstein, at the time the Russians were throwing millions into the Clinton Foundation and allegedly bribing all sorts of other people to get their uranium concession approved by the Obama Administration, was actually a U.S. attorney who was involved in the original fake investigation of the matter, along with …wait for it…oh, you gotta wait for this one…none other than ROBERT MUELLER, who was then the Director of the FBI.
  • So now, while Mueller, thanks to Rosenstein’s appointment, is occupied with conducting what many view as a slow-rolling coup d’etat in his special counsel “investigation”, the Attorney General has decided to also involve Rosenstein, who participated in the fake investigation of Uranium One six years ago, in the decision-making over whether to conduct a real investigation into the matter.  I’ll give you one guess as to what Rosenstein’s recommendation to the AG will inevitably be.
  • So, the good news is that Mr. Sessions has decided to at least make a token effort to do the right thing in at least one of the various major scandals swirling around Hillary Clinton.  The bad news is that, unless Sessions suddenly finds the previously-undisplayed guts to overrule his swamp creature Deputy AG, a token is all this effort will be.  A real Attorney General who was really interested in doing his job would force Rosenstein to recuse himself from this inquiry, citing his obvious conflicts of interest.

Just another day in cleaning out the DC Swamp ain’t easy America.

That is all.

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I’m also reading today that Sessions is joining in on the DEMO/RINO joint witch hunt of Roy Moore. Still without evidence, of course. Not that such things matter to these seditious animals.

Patrick Sebers

I get it, Democrats can break any law they want as long as they are either in power or lose the election. If your name is Trump, innuendo is enough to convict. If that is the way it is, burn the whole place down and start over.

John Oakman

Sessions is a balless RINO.

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