The Democrat/Media Narrative From Tuesday’s Elections Jumps The Gun On Reality

Today’s Campaign Update 

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • The remake of “Murder on the Orient Express” opens in theaters across America today, because somebody in Hollywood thought the American public just could not live without another tired remake of another tired concept movie.  Can another tired remake of “Death on the Nile” or “Clue” be far behind?  That is, if producers can find any actors who haven’t been taken down by harassment or pedophilia scandal to star in them.
  • Speaking of Hollywood scandals, we have a story out today that an actress named Allison Mack – who I’ve never heard of, but who acted in a TV series called “Smallville” – has spent her spare time the past few years recruiting as many as 25 women into a slave cult.  I swear I don’t make this stuff up.  Not to downplay the ogre-like behavior of Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey, but dang, this little gal has really gone the extra mile into the world of depravity, hasn’t she?  I don’t even want to see how some other Hollywood figure will top this one, but can there be any doubt that someone soon will?
  • And speaking of depraved behavior, the Democrats and their agents in the fake news media have very predictably decided to try to convince the public that Tuesday’s election results somehow mean that the beleaguered, disorganized and leaderless Democrat Party is once again ascendant, and will inevitably take over both houses of congress in 2018, impeach President Donald Trump (I never get tired of typing those three words) and elect some Communist like Bernie Sanders or Fauxcahontas in 2020.  The Democrat/Fake media joint talking points are all extrapolated from the Democrats regaining the governorship in very Democrat-dominated New Jersey, holding the governorship in pretty decidedly Democrat-dominated Virginia, and voters in the very Blue state of Maine voting to expand Medicaid in that state.  Alrighty then.
  • Look, there is no denying that Tuesday was indeed a bad day for the GOP.  But let’s be honest here, the landscape of this particular election day was heavily tilted in the Democrats’ favor.  Chris Christie, the out-going Governor of New Jersey, had basically doomed the chances of any Republican holding onto that office with his piggish behavior in office over the last two years.  There was just no chance it was going to happen.
  • In Maine, the Democrats were successful in convincing voters that expanding Medicaid would be some sort of solution to the rapidly rising healthcare insurance premiums caused by the imploding Obamacare system.  Watch what happens in 2018 and 2020, after voters figure out that that was just another in a very long line of Democrat lies about their healthcare system.  Then again, probably nothing much will happen, since the vast majority of Democrat voters are little more than sheep who will just bite on whatever batch of false talking points the Democrat Party rolls out next.
  • But the big focus by the fake news media has been on Virginia, where establishment Republican Ed Gillespie lost to Democrat Ralph Northam by almost 9% of the vote, a whole 3% more than the margin the Coughing Crook ran up over Mr. Trump in 2016.   It is that 3% difference that the Democrat/Fake media axis have seized upon as clear proof that voters all over the country have turned on President Trump and that the Democrats will once again become the ruling party in Washington after the 2018 elections.
  • This “analysis”, such as it is, ignores several things:  First, Gillespie ran away from President Trump in his campaign, choosing instead to run as a sort of Jeb! Bush mushy RINO.  That obviously did not play well with the state’s Republican base, and likely dampened voter turnout for the GOP on a rainy election day that would have normally played to the Republicans’ advantage.
  • Second, Jill Vogel, the GOP candidate for Lieutenant Governor who ran her campaign based on Trump’s issues of law enforcement and secure borders, lost by exactly the 6 point margin that the President lost by a year ago.  Had Gillespie’s milquetoast campaign not turned off so many voters, she would likely have had a real shot at winning.
  • Third, the media-promoted thought that the leaderless and rudderless Democrat Party has suddenly been transformed into an electoral juggernaut that is going to just steamroll back into  power 12 months from now deserves no serious consideration.  The Democrats remain in complete disarray, their National Committee cannot raise money, and the faces of their national party remain the thoroughly toxic Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.
  • Fourth, while the playing field of Virginia, New Jersey and Maine this past Tuesday was heavily stacked in the Democrats’ favor, that will not be the case in 2018.  Twelve months from now, the Democrats will be defending 25 of 34 Senate seats up for re-election, including 10 in states where the President won by double-digit margins in 2016, and the number of truly vulnerable GOP house seats remains at a very low level.
  • The Republicans do remain vulnerable heading into the mid-terms, however, mainly due to the complete lack of getting anything important done in the U.S. Senate.  A continued failure by the GOP majority there to act on Obamacare, tax reform and other issues important to the party’s base voters could end up creating a wave election for the Democrats next year.
  • But that is far from the fait accompli that is being currently promoted by the Democrat/Fake media propaganda axis.  A year is forever in politics and the Republicans are really good at screwing things up, but projecting last Tuesday’s results into a theme that they already have is just another false narrative from the Usual Suspects.

Just another day in Democrat/Fake media propaganda axis America.

That is all.


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