The Pantsuit Princess’s Presidential Pursuit Persists

Today’s Campaign Update 

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • The twits at MSNBC just cannot stand the fact that the Texas mass killer was in fact stopped from killing even more people by a good guy with a gun.  Fake journalist Chuck Todd and some fake talking head named Yamiche Alcindor intentially lied about the heroic actions of Stephen Willeford, who chased the killer barefoot and shot him twice with his own AR-15 rifle before the killer was able to flee in his car.
  • Alcindor said “The shooter was not stopped, there was not a big gun fight … and I think there needs to be a fact check on how this got stopped in the first place.”  Todd responded with “The narrative here as you saw with Mike Huckabee and the president is a little bit off the rails.”  Both statements are intentional lies, as Willeford’s actions have been confirmed by multiple law enforcement officials at this point.  But hey, this is MSNBC we’re talking about here, so lying is just what they do.
  • Speaking of shameless liars, The UK Daily Mirror reports this morning that The Most Corrupt Woman in America is in negotiations with former British spy Christopher Steele – who paid agents of the Russian government to supply phony dirt for the infamous “Trump Dossier” – to purchase a …wait for it…wait for it…SECOND FAKE TRUMP DOSSIER!  I swear I don’t make this stuff up.
  • No doubt the scorned Pantsuit Princess plans to promote the pusillanimous piece of poop as the pretense for another pursuit of the presidency in 2020.  Hey, it would be a better rationale for running than she presented to the public in 2016.
  • If you think I’m joking about the Fainting Felon making another run in 2020, well, think again.  Yesterday she took to her Twitter account to take credit for Tuesday’s Democrat election wins in Virginia, New Jersey and elsewhere.
  • “Last night was a great reminder of what’s possible when we come together and fight for what we believe in,” Clinton tweeted Wednesday. “So I wanted to take a few minutes to celebrate the extraordinary successes of a few groups I – and Onward Together – proudly fight alongside.”  Of course, it is vastly more likely Democrats were able to score these wins in what are very Blue states by denying any association with the Clinton Crime World, but that’s not the point.  The point is that the Coughing Crook remains power mad, and she will never voluntarily give up on her Quixotic quest. And that, folks, is fantastic news for Republicans everywhere.
  • Not to be outdone, good ol’ Joe Biden, who will be 77 in 2020, decided it was he, not the Mendacious Megalomaniac, who deserved full credit for all the wins, sending this note to his followers:  “Yesterday, millions of Americans around the country used their votes to demand, full-throated, a different kind of leadership.  And last night, nearly every single candidate that I endorsed at your recommendation was elected.”
  • Yes, it was all because the Democrat candidates who won had received the endorsement of a guy who has been wrong about literally everything that has happened in the world for the last 40 years.  And here they all thought it was due to their own hard work and the efforts of their actual supporters.  My goodness.
  • This outbreak of Dueling Banjos between two of the most tone-deaf politicians who have ever subjected themselves on the American public is music  to the ears of Republicans who have been concerned about the potential for the Democrats to field an actual appealing candidate for the presidency in 2020.  If the Party of the Future is just going to roll out Clinton, Biden and Bernie Sanders as its presidential field, Donald Trump can breathe a sigh of relief.

Just another day in Hillary isn’t going away quietly America.

That is all.


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