The Las Vegas Shooting: People Are Still Dying

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  • In the wake of the John F. Kennedy assassination, conspiracy researchers soon began chronicling the “suspicious” deaths of dozens of witnesses and others who had relevant information that conflicted with the official version of the killing that had been compiled by the Warren Commission.  Many of the deaths were due to natural causes, and not really suspicious at all.  Others, well, seemed awfully convenient.
  • Rose Cheramie, who told dozens of hospital workers on November 20-21 that the President would be shot in Dallas, victim of a hit and run on the rural roads of West Texas.  Famous reporter Dorothy Kilgallen, who had just finished an interview with Jack Ruby and told friends at dinner she was about to “break the Kennedy case wide open,” found dead the next morning in a guest bed she never slept in, her death ruled a suicide.  Gary Underhill, a former CIA agent who claimed the agency was involved, dead of a gunshot wound to the head.  A reporter and Ruby’s first lawyer, both of whom were in Ruby’s apartment the day he killed Lee Harvey Oswald, dead in suspicious circumstances.  On and on the list goes. 
  • To those skeptical of the official version of events, it seems obvious a cover-up is taking place, and those responsible for the killing of a president are willing to go to any lengths to preserve the official narrative.  Meanwhile, the mainstream news media – which we now know, thanks to the recent release of previously-withheld documents, was infiltrated by no fewer than 40 CIA operatives – maintains a monolithic and curious lack of curiosity in reporting on anything that conflicts with the Warren Report, and still maintains that posture 54 years later.
  • All of which brings me to the recent mass murder of 58 people in Las Vegas, where we have now had 7 witnesses die, several under suspicious circumstances, in the weeks following the event.  The lawyer for the country music event whose attendees were targeted;  the valet who parked the killer’s car when he checked into the Mandalay Bay on September 25, not September 28 as the original official narrative claimed; three witnesses who claimed to have been attacked by shooters that were in the crowd itself; a person of interest who was being sought by law enforcement officials; a married couple who had been speaking out against the official narrative being pushed by law enforcement;  all dead within a handful of weeks following the killings.
  • To be fair, given that there were thousands of attendees at the music venue that evening, and hundreds of other potential witnesses to the killings, simple laws of probability dictate that there were going to be people turning up dead over the last five weeks.  That’s how life works, unfortunately.  But the circumstances of some of these deaths do seem suspicious.
  • Take the married couple, Las Vegas residents Dennis and Lorraine Carver, for example.  They died just a few hundred yards from their home when, according to law enforcement, Mr. Carver, on a street with which he is extremely familiar, just lost control of his car, ran off the road into a wall, after which his very expensive modern car just happened to burst into flames.  Folks, modern automobiles don’t just explode when they run into walls.  That happens every time in movies and on television, but is incredibly rare in real life.
  • But the same law enforcement officials responsible for investigating the mass killings stick to this Hollywood portrayal of this “accident”, and the news media exhibits no curiosity about it at all.
  • In fact, the mainstream news media has monolithically just moved on from reporting on the largest mass shooting in modern times almost altogether.  Oh, CNN will occasionally spit out the obligatory meaningless story about Sheriff Joe Lombardo telling a local Las Vegas TV host that he suspects that Paddock’s girlfriend might be hiding something (Gosh, you think?) and that the killer had gambling debts (Wow!  What a revelation!), but there is literally no investigative reporting by anyone in the mainstream news media going on related to the mass killing, and hasn’t been since a few days after the event.
  • If any of this surprises you, look at it this way:  If the CIA had 40 operatives in the handful of mainstream media outlets that existed in our country in 1963, think about how many operatives the CIA, Homeland Security and the myriad other federal intelligence agencies that have propagated in the last half-century probably have working at these fake news outlets today.
  • The government has its official narrative related to the Las Vegas massacre:  a “lone gunman” whose motives are not clear even to his own family members, obtaining firearms in the months leading up to the event, who shot from a window high up in a building overlooking the killing field, a man who had held jobs with the federal government for years prior to the event….
  • Wait, am I describing Lee Harvey Oswald, or Stephen Paddock?  Odd, huh?
  • If all of this makes me sound like a “conspiracy theorist,” well, I’m ok with that.  I’d much rather be labeled a conspiracy theorist than a blind parrot.

Just another day in obviously false government narratives America.

That is all.


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Guy Fawkes

Why is it that the one thing in Modern America that so many of “The People” will NOT accept the simplest and most reasonable answer? Stephen Paddock was virtually a loner with a history of mental illness in his family. He was a quiet person who in all likelihood has always been a bit paranoid and didn’t like leaving footprints behind himself. He was of an age where many people do not use or like “social media” and thus left no easily traced history behind himself. After many years he finally lost his fight with mental illness and decided to take as many down with him as he could. No huge government conspiracy (that has literally no proof), no helicopters, no multiple shooters, no agents on the ground. One crazy person with a willingness to kill. There’s no reporting because there is NOTHING TO REPORT!


The newly released JFK assassination files show that the CIA actively plotted to murder Americans in a terror attack and pin the blame on a foreign nation in order to dupe Americans into laying down their lives to kill in the name of advancing a political agenda to which they are entirely ignorant.

So is it that you enjoy being lied to or targeted for terrorist attacks by your own government? Is that why you’re pushing the ‘nothing to see here’ narrative that these same liars spoon fed you?

Perhaps it’s that, even though it was just PROVEN, that our own government was trying to kill and manipulate us, you still don’t see it fit to second guess any of the other terror attacks that have befallen America since JFKs assassination. Why is your faith in these documented terrorists, deceivers and liars within our own government so unshakable I wonder?

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt in assuming it’s not because you’re paid to express these see/hear/speak no evil views.

I wonder… What is it about false flag operations gives you the impression that they are just some dated concept that fell out of practice in the 60’s and are therefore not a fact of today’s world, just as they have been all throughout the rest of human history?

Ignoring reality to live in ignorant bliss may be the simplest answer to you, but no one with an IQ higher than their shoe size would ever dare to call it the ‘reasonable’ answer. There is nothing reasonable about group think.

Guy Fawkes

Wow, what a load of excrement. You are referring to Operation Northwoods, which was made partially made public in the 1997 JFK document release, not 2017. It was released in full in 2001. Have you actually READ the documents? Northwoods was a PROPOSED operation which was never put into practice. You DO understand the difference between a PROPOSAL and an ACTION, don’t you? And the difference between “proposed” and “actively plotted”? Many things which are truly bad (not to mention illegal) ideas are proposed but not put into practice. There are also documents planning a first strike invasion of Canada from roughly the same period. “Planning” is another word that most decidedly does NOT mean any actions were taken. Please show me evidence from a credible source that Northwoods, or in fact any so-called False Flag Operation EVER has actually occurred. You can’t. Grainy footage and news “reports” from undocumented and sketchy sources do not count.

” even though it was just PROVEN, that our own government was trying to kill and manipulate us”

Where? Show me. A 55 year old document that was released 20 years ago showing a PROPOSED action that wasn’t acted on? That is only “proof” that several of JFK’s advisors were throwing ideas at the wall. JFK quashed that idea outright.

The rest of your word salad makes a lot of assumptions and personal attacks which are not worth dignifying. As far as any “blind” trust of the government that I may have, that’s a complete assumption based on nothing on your part. Unlike you people in the tin-foil hat crowd I do actual research from credible (as often as possible original) sources instead of going with third-hand conspiracy sources. Do I trust our government? Absolutely, positively not. But ignoring facts in a blind attempt to “uncover the truth” is simply idiotic.

So you make false assumptions and personal attacks about me after posting an accusation of a “conspiracy” with no proof and by falsely characterizing a document that you do not name in an effort to make a point about “truth”. Care to rethink your concept of “truth” again?

As for “pushing the nothing to see here” narrative I am simply stating that, taking off the foil hat and “everyone is out to get me” glasses shows that, unless PROVEN otherwise, there IS “nothing to see here”. I’ll happily back this up with logic regarding every point in the original article if you’d like, but “truth” isn’t YOUR agenda, I’ll wager.


In Italy they say “La Storia Vecchia”, (Same Old Story). When you don’t know, make stuff up.

Why isn’t the writer “investigating”?

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