Nobody Nails Democrat Sleaze Like Donald Trump

Today’s Campaign Update 

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Thursday’s under-the-bus tossing of Hillary Clinton by long-time Clinton sycophant and Democrat political hack Donna Brazile is just the latest sign that the Democrat Party has finally had enough of the Clintons.  After a quarter century of defending and deflecting and prevaricating about Clintonian corruption, it is suddenly becoming ok, almost trendy, to say negative things about the woman who has brought nothing but shame and destruction to what was once a clear majority national party, but is now a dying, minority, regional, amateurish political operation.
  • Ms. Brazile’s admission that the Clinton Campaign conspired with Debbie Wasserman-Schulz and other DNC leaders to rig the party’s primary contests against Bernie Sanders is also a clear indicator that there is much more Clinton/DNC-related sleaze about to ooze out into the public domain, especially when one considers that Ms. Brazile herself played a significant role in that rigging process.  With her “tell-all” book, Brazile is just getting a jump on the oozing.
  • This is a first.  The Clintons have always slunk through scandals in the past by convincing everyone around them that they’ll all be okay so long as they just deny everything and accuse the opposition of the same unethical behavior.  It’s the Saul Alinsky strategy of “deny, deflect and project.”  Hey, it’s always worked, given that their agents in the fake news media would always circle the wagons around them and refuse to investigate or report on any wrongdoing in any real way.   But now the code of silence has been broken, and with scandals whirling all around her, The Most Corrupt Woman In America has to be wondering which of her sleazy hacks will become the Family’s next Fredo.
  • Finally, Ms. Brazile’s admissions tell us that, once again, Donald Trump was right.  He spent all of 2016 telling us that the Democrat primaries were rigged against the Commie, Bernie Sanders, to which all the fake journalists and Democrat hacks like Brazile called him a liar.  How many times do we have to see this process play out, in which Trump makes an assertion, the Democrats and their fake media agents respond by calling him a liar, and then we find out Trump was absolutely right before we all realize that if Trump accuses the Democrats of some bad behavior, it’s a very safe bet he’s telling the truth?
  • The clearest current example of this is the “investigation” by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which was supposedly about allegations that the Trump campaign somehow “colluded” with Russia to influence the 2016 election, but which has very predictably boiled down to the issuance of indictments of several functionaries on various process violations.  Failure to disclose certain political activities; tax evasion; money laundering; lying to investigators about what day a meeting took place – process violations like this, essentially unrelated to the original allegation, is what Special Counsel investigations always end up hanging their hat on.
  • From the beginning in 2016, President Trump has unwaveringly told us that the allegations that his campaign colluded with the Russians are a fantasy, an excuse for losing made up out of whole cloth by the Clintons and their media supporters.  To this point, a full year after this fantasy play began, there has still not been even a smidgen of evidence revealed that indicates any wrongdoing in this regard by anyone related to the Trump campaign, even by those who were indicted on Monday.
  • On the other hand, what we have found out is that the Clinton Campaign and the DNC clearly did collude with the Russians during the campaign, shelling out millions of dollars to fund the phony “Trump Dossier” that was compiled largely with lies provided by agents of the Russian government.  If Trump is right as he usually is, we will also no doubt soon discover that James Comey’s FBI used this fake Dossier as its basis for seeking a FISA warrant that allowed it to put members of the Trump campaign under surveillance while the election was going on.
  • It is key to remember that that surveillance then led to the hundreds of probably-illegal umasking requests by various high Obama officials in that Administration’s final months.  Thus, if things go true to form, the truth is going to ultimately be revealed that it wasn’t just the Clintons colluding with the Russians, it was the Obama Administration as well.
  • There is absolutely no reason to think that things will not go true to form here.  Every time he has alleged Democrat-related sleaze in the past, it has always eventually been revealed that Donald Trump was 100% correct.  If you’re still sitting there thinking that this case will turn out to be any different, well, you should probably think again.

Just another day in Trump always turns out to be right America.

That is all.


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D. Moore

I want that book but cannot for the life of me put any money into the pocket of Donna Brazile. So I hacked the credit card number of George Stephanopoulos, opened a new Amazon account and had it sent to a new PO Box.


Ha, ha, ha…

D. Moore

Try to find anything about the Donna Brazile comments on Their headline story today is “60% of Americans say tax plan favors the rich”. Laughable!

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