Sayfullo Saipov: A Soldier In The Democrat War On Normal America

Today’s Campaign Update 

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • First, a heartfelt congratulations to the World Champion Houston Astros and their long-suffering fans for prevailing in the greatest World Series ever played, and to shortstop Carlos Correa for what has got to be the greatest marriage proposal ever made.  For Texans, it just doesn’t get any better than that.  The team and the City of Houston, which has spent the last two months suffering through the after-effects of Hurricane Harvey, will hold a parade through downtown tomorrow, a scene that will no doubt be insane.
  • Speaking of insanity, there’s plenty of it going around the rest of the country as well.  Let’s start with the latest terrorist attack on New York City, where we have very predictably found out that the budding terrorist was actually interviewed by the incompetent, corrupt boobs in the Obama FBI actually interviewed this guy in 2015 to interrogate him about possible ties to terror plots in the United States.  Equally predictably, the incompetent, corrupt Obama FBI boobs saw no reason to open a case against the guy or place him under surveillance.
  • So, this case is just like the Orlando massacre, the San Bernardino killings and the Boston Marathon bombings.  In all these Islamic terrorist attacks, we inevitably come to find out that the corrupt and incompetent Federal Bureau of Investigation knew about the terrorists in advance, had interviewed them, even arrested some of them, and had most if not all of them under surveillance prior to their mass murders and did nothing to stop them.  What’s the old saying?  Once is an accident, twice is coincidence, three times is a trend.  But this, this is insanity.
  • But it gets worse.  While the President and his advisers were considering naming the terrorist an enemy combatant and shipping him down to Gitmo for proper interrogation, Fox News is reporting this morning that the nitwits at the Justice Department decided to just give him his Miranda warning and assign him a public defender.  So now the guy’s in the system, and there will be no opportunity to aggressively interrogate him to determine if he has knowledge of other terror plots.  The utterly incompetent and worthless Jeff Sessions strikes again.  Insanity.
  • Of course, the worst insanity in this incident comes from the Democrat Party, which has been entirely co-opted by radical Islamism at this point, and which insists we continue to bring people like Sayfullo Saipov into our midst to keep maiming and murdering Americans.  The Democrats insist we maintain open borders immigration programs – like Chuck Schumer’s Diversity Visa program that let Saipov and 23 of his friends and relatives into our country via chain immigration – for the simple reason that they view Islamists to be reliable Democrat voters.  Trust me when I say that, if Islamists voted Republican, Chuck Schumer would not have come up with the whole Diversity Visa idea.
  • Few people want to say it, but the truth about the Democrat Party is that it views the 8 people killed by Saipov merely as collateral damage, an acceptable price for our society to pay in order to keep building a major new voting bloc to which Democrat candidates for office can pander.  ‘Hey, you want Sharia Law in your neighborhood?  No problem, vote for me.’
  • In case you still haven’t noticed, the Democrat Party is at war with “normal” America, and it values your life only so long as you support its world view.  It’s a disgrace and it’s insane, but these are Democrats we’re talking about here.  Progressives.  The Resistance.  Antifa supporters.  George Soros defenders.
  • All one need do to see this insanity is to observe the way in which New York’s Democrat “leaders” responded to this attack: With the same tired, meaningless and mindless platitudes we have heard a thousand times from a thousand non-leaders before in the wake of Islamic terror attacks that kill and maim our population, and with attacks on President Trump for correctly pointing to the source of the problem, which is our nation’s insane open borders immigration system.
  • In the end, meaningless and mindless platitudes, and attacks on their opponents are all the Democrat Party has.  It is an empty Party filled with empty people who are completely out of ideas, and their response to their own emptiness is to lash out at everyone else.  The worst and most dangerous insanity of all is that about 40% of America’s population keeps voting to put these people into office.  Stop it.

Just another day in Democrat insanity America.

That is all.


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