When Fake Russia Collusion Collides With Real Russia Collusion

Today’s Campaign Update 

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • I hate to say I told you so, but… – I warned you on Monday that the leak from Robert Mueller’s staff that the Special Counsel’s office was “investigating” The Podesta Group Democrat lobbying firm was just a tactic to lend the investigation a pretense of impartiality, and likely meant that indictments would be coming down soon from the grand juries Mueller has had convened since summer.  Well, sure enough, as the week wound down Friday evening, Mueller’s staff leaked to CNN the information that one of its grand juries had in fact issued its first charges in this sham investigation of the Democrat/fake news media promoted Russia collusion fantasy.
  • According to the leaker, the plan is to place anyone charged under arrest “as soon as Monday.”  So, basically, Mueller’s pretense at impartiality will last a week, give the fake journalists who infest the national fake news media a fake talking point with which to give Mueller cover for these indictments, and we will never hear another peep about any investigation into The Podesta Group by the Special Counsel’s office again.
  • Speaking of Russia collusion – real Russia collusion, not the fantasy Mueller has been chasing – we also found out late on Friday (it always seems to be late on Friday, doesn’t it?) that the “unidentified Republican” who was an initial funder for the activities of the Fusion GPS firm, creator of the fake Trump Dossier, was none other than major Marco Rubio supporter and owner of the Washington Free Beacon, billionaire Paul Singer.  The Free Beacon took full credit (or blame), claiming that its funding of the Fusion GPS firm was pure opposition research that looked into several of Rubio’s GOP primary opponents, and that the funding ended before the DNC and Hillary Clinton employed Fusion to collude with the Russian government in creating the fake Trump Dossier.
  • No one associated with the Free Beacon bothered to explain why in the hell a supposed “newspaper” was involved in funding opposition research on behalf of a GOP presidential candidate, and Marco Rubio, in an interview in CNN, did not address whether or not his campaign properly disclosed the Free Beacon’s expenditures on his behalf in its campaign filings with the Federal Elections Commissions.  So many questions, and not a real journalist around to ask any of them.
  • It sure seems to me that everyone involved here – Singer, his minions at the Free Beacon, and Rubio will have much to answer to in the coming days, if an actual journalist with actual curiosity can be found to ask the real, relevant questions here.  I wonder what Sharyl Atkisson has on her plate right now.
  • At any rate, while Mueller continues to do the Deep State’s bidding in chasing the fake Trump/Russia fantasy, the real Democrat Russia Collusion scandal continues to balloon.  Friday’s disclosure by the Free Beacon is in fact an effort by Singer to get ahead of the coming revelations in this real scandal, as a federal district judge will rule any day now on whether or not Fusion GPS must disclose its bank records, which have been subpoenaed by multiple congressional committees.  It seems very likely that that will happen, unless the judge is an Obama appointee, in which case he will simply ignore the law and rule as he pleases.  But even in that case, the decision will only be delayed a few weeks until an appeals court can overturn the ruling.
  • Once that happens, this dam is truly going to burst, as investigators will then be able to discover exactly whom Fusion paid off in order to accumulate the salacious material it included in its fake Dossier.  No telling where those tentacles will lead, but it sure will be fun to find out.
  • But that’s not all, oh no.  This coming week, the FBI has promised to finally disclose its own files related to the Trump Dossier after months of stonewalling congressional investigators.  Assuming the FBI makes a full disclosure – which is never a safe assumption with this still-corrupt organization – we will find out whether that agency, under former Director James Comey, actually helped to pay for the Dossier itself, as has long been rumored.  And if the FBI attempts to withhold documents, that will become a scandal in and of itself.
  • The Democrats and their fake news media agents are going to be working over time to concoct new distractions for all the real scandals that are about to be coming at them.  It’s going to be a joy to watch.

Just another day in Russia-obsessed America.

That is all.

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