The Great Unwinding Of The Russia Collusion Fantasy Has Begun

Today’s Campaign Update 

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Well, now we know, without any lingering doubts at all, why the Democrat Party and their facilitators in the national news media responded so viciously and, frankly, insanely to last November’s election results.  I mean, we basically knew that The Most Corrupt Woman in America was engaging in all sorts of shady stuff during the campaign – that’s just her nature.  She’s utterly corrupt, pathologically dishonest, and felt completely entitled to become the 45th president of the United States after being jilted at the altar by Democrat voters in 2008.  She totally would rather lie and cheat than win an election the old-fashioned way, which totally explains why she’d spend millions of dollars having a fake dossier made up on her opponent than bend so low as to actually go to Podunksville, Wisconsin to campaign.
  • So we knew in our hearts – and I speculated last year – that she probably paid for the Trump Dossier, but we just didn’t know it for sure.  Now we do.  Question answered.
  • And we knew that there had been all sorts of lawlessness going on during the Obama Administration – the IRS scandal, the utter corruption in the Justice Department and the FBI, Hillary Clinton’s using her position at the State Department to massively enrich herself by selling influence, the sham investigation by James Comey related to the Clinton email server, the shipping of $1.6 billion in U.S. and foreign currency to the terrorist supporting regime in Iran, all the patently unconstitutional executive orders related to immigration and Obamacare, and on and on and on.
  • We knew it was all going on, but had no law enforcement officials willing to investigate and prosecute any of it, and no honest reporting on any of it from the fake news media who all thought Obama was the second coming of John F. Kennedy, so we weren’t sure of all the details.  Now we know many of the details, with much, much more to come.
  • Speaking of more details, Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, let another key detail slip on CNN yesterday morning as he was being fake interviewed by the hopelessly vapid fake news host Alisyn Camerota.  Mr. Clapper, in the middle of one of his confused, rambling answers, told Ms. Camerota the stunning news that the Obama Administration had opened a “counterintelligence investigation” into the Trump campaign before James Comey got ahold of the fake Trump Dossier that had been financed by the DNC and the Clinton campaign.  Ms. Camerota is so hopelessly dimwitted that she just let that amazing tidbit of information pass without asking a followup question.
  • A real, actual journalist would have heard that answer and said, “wait, what?  Did you just tell our audience that a sitting president of the United States of America was investigating the likely nominee of the opposition party before his FBI got hold of that dossier?  When was that investigation opened?  Why was it opened?  On what factual information did the FBI think it needed to investigate one of President Obama’s political opponents?”  Yeah, none of those questions were asked, and the moment was lost.  Now, Mr. Clapper will lay low for awhile and make up a better story for future interviews.
  • But this is just one more detail that we didn’t know before, a detail that helps us understand why the Democrats and their supporters in the fake news media reacted so insanely after Donald Trump won the election.  All these people knew about all the criminal behavior that Democrats had engaged in during the Obama years, and all these people assumed they were safe, because Hillary Clinton was going to win the election.
  • That’s why you saw so many ashen faces, even open weeping, among the fake news people on CNN, MSNBC and the major networks as the results started coming in from Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania on Election Night.  It’s why Hillary Clinton was incapable of coming out to speak to her loyal supporters once the results were known, and had to send her evil toady John Podesta down to shoo them away instead.
  • Moreover, it’s also exactly why you saw the Democrats and fake news media start coordinating on the whole Trump/Russia collusion fantasy play immediately after the election – it’s a classic Projection strategy.  The Clintons have always used the Projection strategy anytime they’ve been caught in any wrongdoing.
  • In such situations, the Clintons have always, without exception, resorted to muddying the waters by accusing their opposition of engaging in the very same wrongdoing in which they’ve been involved.  The fact that they’ve always been able to rely on 95% of the nation’s news media to simply parrot their talking points 24 hours a day is how they have survived for this long.
  • They all knew they were all safe as long as Hillary won, and they also knew that no one was safe now that Donald Trump had won.  For the last 11 and a half months, our entire nation has been tied up in a massive Democrat/fake media projection project, and it’s all slowly, finally unwinding.
  • Thank you, President Trump, for that.

Just another day in Russia collusion fantasy America.

That is all.

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Fritz Wilhelm

I could not have said it any better.

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