Robert Mueller’s Pretense of Impartiality Means Indictments Are Soon to Come

Today’s Campaign Update 

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Hey, distract yourself with this shiny object over here! – NBC reports this morning that Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his crew of Clinton/Obama shills is now investigating… wait for it…the Podesta Group!  No, that’s not John Podesta, who managed The Most Corrupt Woman in America’s presidential campaign, but his brother Tony Podesta, who runs a high-powered lobbying firm for Democrat interests in the nation’s capital.
  • It seems the Podesta Group neglected to properly disclose its lobbying activities on behalf of something called the European Center for a Modern Ukraine (ECMU) to the federal government, doing so only after its activities on behalf of this entity were disclosed in the fake news media.  That’s a felony, if the oversight was intentional.  Of course, it will be pretty much impossible for Mueller’s team to prove intent absent some sudden come-to-Jesus moment by someone at the Podesta Group, something that is about as likely to happen as the Cleveland Browns winning the Super Bowl.
  • If you’re getting excited about this news that Mueller’s sham investigation into a Democrat/Media-created fantasy of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign is suddenly aiming its guns in the direction of the Democrats, where we know real Russia collusion took place, well, cool your jets.  The NBC report is “news” based on leaks from the Mueller team, and is most likely just an effort by the Special Counsel’s office to try to build some public credibility.
  • Think about it:  Mueller is anything but stupid, a creature of the DC Swamp for 30+ years.  He knows that any findings against any Trump-related people by his investigation will be hopelessly tainted due to the fact that he has stacked his team with hyper-partisan hacks.  Given that his goal from the start has been to find something, anything with which to charge someone, anyone associated with the President with some kind of criminal activity in order to damage Mr. Trump, he knows that credibility with the public is crucial to achieving that goal.
  • The last thing he wants to do is turn his fantasy-based investigation in the direction where it really should be aimed, i.e., reality, but he knows he must at least put up the pretense of impartiality.  What better way to do that than by leaking to the very willing Democrat accomplices at NBC that he and his crack team of Clinton/Obama donors are “investigating” potential wrongdoing by a high-powered lobbying firm with a very familiar Democrat name at the top for possible crimes that will be pretty much impossible to prove?
  • If you don’t believe that this is how these swamp creatures and their media hack supporters think, I give you the response mid-week last week by MSNBC fake journalist Andrea Mitchell to the current reporting on the Clinton/Russia/Uranium scandal by reporters for The Hill.   When asked why MSNBC and NBC were maintaining radio silence on that scandal’s new revelations, Ms. Mitchell responded that her network had “already reported” the story in the past.  The Media Research Center determined that that “previous reporting” to which Mitchell referred amounted to NBC having spent all of 92 seconds reporting on earlier revelations in 2013.
  • This is what these fake media outlets do whenever they’re faced with an inconvenient scandal involving one or more of their Democrat heroes:  they file a single, perfunctory report on the matter, giving it the most biased slant possible, and then spend the next 20 years claiming that “we already reported that story.”  It’s like getting a flu shot – you take just a smidgen of the nasty stuff in order to make yourself immune from having to go through the full-blown illness.
  • This inoculation strategy is as old as the DC Swamp itself, and this is most likely exactly what the Special Counsel’s office is implementing with its “investigation” into disclosures by the Podesta Group.  By putting up the pretense of looking at a high-powered Democrat lobbying firm for possible technical violations, Mueller and his team are most likely setting the stage for announcing indictments of former Trump campaign adviser Paul Manafort or others who were involved in the campaign.  Not surprisingly, the NBC story even runs a photo of Manafort, and mentions the Mueller team’s early morning raid of his home that took place in July.  Coincidence?  Don’t kid yourself.
  • Thus, when accusations of the Special Counsel’s office’s obvious bias start to come, Mueller will now be able to defend himself and his team by saying “hey, we also looked at this Democrat firm over here.”  See this shiny object?
  • Simple.  Utterly corrupt, but elegantly simple.

Just another day in DC Swamp America.

That is all.

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Ms. Mitchell responded that her network had “already reported” the story in the past. The Media Research Center determined that that “previous reporting” to which Mitchell referred amounted to NBC having spent 92 seconds reporting on earlier revelations in 2013.
While technically correct, she is as usual disingenuous as best.
Typical liberal defense of the indefensible.

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