Saturday Scattershooting While Wondering What Ever Happened To That Democrat Talk About Gun Control?

Today’s Campaign Update 

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Those words are offensive!!!!  uh, except when I use them… – Florida Democrat Congresswoman Clowny McPartyBarn announced late Friday that she would not be saying anything further about President Trump’s call to a Gold Star mom that Ms. McPartyBarn secretly listened in on.  Possibly that’s because she’s just tired of all that darn media attention, but that would be like believing Harvey Weinstein went into rehab because he was just tired of all that darn forced sex.  More likely it’s because video has emerged showing Cong. McPartyBarn using the exact same language at a memorial for policemen who were killed in the line of duty that she claims offended her when it was used by President Trump in his call to the bereaved mother.  Whatever, given her shameless attention-seeking nature and lack of a single redeeming personal quality, we can be sure that we will see Cong. McPartyBarn back on TV before the weekend is out.
  • Democrats in the wake of the Las Vegas Massacre:  We need more gun control!  Guns are the problem!  We must ban guns!!!!!!!!

[Democrats get bad polling numbers on gun control last weekend.]

Democrats this week on the topic of gun control:  ….

  • Speaking of the Las Vegas massacre, what in the world is going on with that “investigation”?  Las Vegas Metro Police Department Sheriff Joe Lombardo, who was so anxious to get before the cameras on a very frequent basis during the first week following the shootings, did not hold a single press briefing this week.  Are we really to believe that an entire week has gone by with no significant new findings in the matter?
  • What about the fake national news media, which has dropped this story like a rock in favor of spending 23 of 24 hours each day interviewing a congressional circus clown?  The obvious answer to this question is that the fake news outlets see that this story is not favorable to their Democrat clients, because the public does not favor gun control and because it is likely the shooter was radicalized by ISIS or some other Islamic terror group.  So they focus on nonsense.
  • Can’t report that, Bob, it doesn’t fit the narrative. – The same is true of the new revelations in the whole Russia Uranium story this week.  To its credit, the very liberal publication The Hill has now run three extremely well-documented, meticulously-sourced stories that contain a series of smoking guns implicating Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Eric Holder and possibly Barack Obama himself in what was clearly a classic play for pay scheme.  So obviously the major networks, CNN, the WaPo and the NYTimes are going to studiously ignore this story for as long as they possibly can.  That’s what they do, and they will only be dragged kicking and screaming into giving this scandal the major attention it deserves if Attorney General Jeff Sessions actually does his job and starts forming up grand juries and issuing indictments.
  • In case you missed it – and it would have been easy to do with all the media attention focused on Cong. McPartyBarn – the U.S. military, in just 9 months under President Donald Trump, has managed to pretty much eradicate ISIS in Syria and Iraq, something Barack Obama refused to even try do to in eight long years.
  • Also in case you missed it, the do-nothing United States Senate actually did something!  Yes, I’m not kidding, the GOP majority in the Senate somehow managed to hang together – with the lone exception of Rand Paul, who hates pretty much everything – and pass a damn budget!  Holy cow, break out the champagne.  Of course, John McCain probably only voted ‘yes’ because he thought he was actually voting on a resolution to impeach Donald Trump, and Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochrane thought he was in a shopping mall in Dubuque, Iowa, but hey, whatever works!
  • Of course the bad news is that the budget passed by the Senate has a projected deficit of …wait for it…$666 billion!  That’s never a good sign, according to Revelations.  Then again, maybe Mitch McConnell can get the anti-Christ to help him keep his wayward GOP caucus members in line when it comes time to vote on tax reform.  I mean, it’s not like he’s never done a deal with the Devil before, right?  Like I said, whatever works.  Go for it, Mitch!

Just another day in whatever works America.

That is all.


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