Roger Goodell: Captain of the NFL Titanic

Today’s Campaign Update 

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Everyone does understand that the ridiculous allegations yesterday against the President by the circus clown-ish congresswoman Frederica Wilson from Florida (of course) were simply Democrat-instigated noise to deflect media attention away from the Russia Uranium story, right?  Right.  Let’s move on.
  • Speaking of Democrat-instigated noise designed to give the fake news media an excuse to ignore the Russia Uranium story, Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee chose to re-litigate Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ testimony from his confirmation hearing seven months ago when he appeared before that committee yesterday.  Reiliable sleazeballs Al Franken, Patrick Leahy and Dianne Feinstein led the charge, asking not a single question about anything current or related to anything anyone cares about anymore.  Sessions made the three senators look like fools, but that’s really not difficult to do.  The questioning served its purpose, as fake reporters all over Washington and New York City breathed huge sighs of relief, knowing they’d be able to file stories on the hearing without mentioning anything about Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama or the bribery scheme they became involved in with the Russians back in 2009-10.
  • But in fairness to those fake journalists, there wasn’t much to report from this hearing on the Russia Uranium scandal.  Chairman Chuck Grassley brought it up with Sessions, but as soon as Sessions told him he would not comment on any “ongoing investigation”, Grassley dropped the matter like a hot potato.  So I suppose the one smidgen of news in that is that the useless Attorney General appeared to at least confirm that there is an ongoing investigation of the matter within the Justice Department.  Which, let’s be honest, would represent a dramatic departure from his behavior towards all the Obama-era lawlessness during his first seven months in the job.
  • Speaking of people who are not fit to be in their current job brings us straight to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  Fresh off his mid-season meetings with NFL owners and players in New York, Goodell told the assembled press that they had talked and talked and talked about all sorts of “social justice” stuff and the national anthem and decided that….wait for it….NOTHING WILL CHANGE.  I swear I don’t make this stuff up.
  • That’s right.  Goodell said that while he and the owners would “prefer” all players to stand for the national anthem and honor the country that has made them all so fabulously wealthy, he and his feckless group of owners will make no rules changes to require them to do so.  Thus, the NFL will continue to fine players who don’t tuck their shirt in, who don’t wear their socks the correct height, who use towels that don’t meet league regulations, who use too much stick-em on their fingers, who are late to team meetings, who touch the poor quarterback in the wrong place or hit him too hard and for hundreds of other picky rules violations, but they just aren’t able to bring themselves to enforce a little decorum on the sidelines during a ceremony that honors those who have fought and died for our country.
  • The best part of Goodell’s comments came when proved he can’t count, saying that “The fact is that we have about half a dozen players that are protesting.”  Hell, you had twice that many New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens taking a knee this past weekend, and dozens of others doing the same in other games played before half-empty stadiums and depressed TV audiences around the league.
  • The Commissioner was so, so proud, though of all the touchy-feely discussions he and the players had about social justice matters about which NFL fans don’t give a damn.  “They’re talking about criminal justice reform, whether it’s bail reform. Whether it’s talking about mandatory sentencing. They’re talking about changes that, I think, will make our communities better — that there’s bipartisan support for and that need focus.”  Yes, I did not make that up – the Commmissioner of the NFL is suddenly pretending to be an expert on which issues have “bipartisan support”.  Holy crap.
  • Roger Goodell obviously doesn’t understand it, but he is the captain of the Titanic at this point.  (Come to think of it, the Captain of the Titanic didn’t understand his problem, either, until he ran into that iceberg.)   His league’s audience is dropping like a rock, his stewardship of the league is an abject disaster, and he has completely lost favor with the support base for the political party that is, by the way, the vast majority political party across the nation at this point.
  • His business depends heavily on its anti-trust exemption, for which there is literally no good justification at all at this time, and on the very favorable tax treatments it receives at all government levels.  Mr. Goodell appears to have no understanding at all of the political peril his league faces if these protests against our country continue.
  • That iceberg is sitting out there right now, just over the horizon, and Roger Goodell has his Titanic of a league headed right for it.

Just another day in clueless NFL commissioner America.

That is all.

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Bruce Fauth

If it does drop, then what do they do with all those long-term contracts eating up their cap? Can’t sign a full squad unless you unload one of the big contracts. Just imagine Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady being told that they need to cut his salary $10 mill or they can’t sign any linemen to block for him.


The NFL is trying to handle this passive aggressively- no punishments for kneeling, no cameras on kneelers.

I keep hearing that I need to listen to the players on the underlying issues. It’s probably a failing on my part, but when somebody initiates a discussion by kneeling during the national anthem, I tune them out and stop listening.

The salary cap is a function of revenue. The cap has never dropped one year to the next. It will be interesting to see how the players respond if it drops next year (this year’s is $167million, the low end of the $166-170 forecast of a year ago).

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