Harvey Weinstein Is Not A Joking Matter

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Yesterday morning I told you that the Clinton Crime Family Foundation was not going to give up one thin dime of the quarter million it received from disgraced former Hollywood high muckety-muck Harvey Weinstein.  As if like clockwork, by the day’s end, a spokesman for the big slush fund tweeted that – guess what? – not one thin dime of Weistein’s hush money would be returned or given to a real charity.  And hey, if you’re the Clintons, why pretend to be anything other than the clawing, grasping, money-hoarding sleazebags everyone knows they are?  It’s gotten them this far, the fake news media will cover for them, and a week from now this will all be as forgotten in the national consciousness as the death of Vince Foster.
  • Speaking of Harvey Weinstein, it appears to me that the nation reached “Peak Weinstein” over this past weekend.  The clearest indicator of that reality is the edict in pop culture that you cannot joke about Harvey Weinstein and his crimes.  Un-funny late night TV host James Corden, with whom I am so unfamliar that I had to google his name to get the spelling right, found this out the hard way when he was lambasted in social media and later, the legacy media for telling a bunch of not funny Weinstein jokes during a gig hosting a charity event Saturday evening.
  • After Actor/Producer/Director Rose McGowan led the Twitter-based roasting of Corden, the comic issued a formal apology for his offending remarks.  Given that Ms. McGowan alleges that she was raped by Weinstein and then black-balled by his Hollywood sex offender support group that pervades Hollywood’s debased culture, it’s easy to see why she and other women who Weinstein abused during his 30-year reign of terror don’t think any of this is a laughing matter.  That seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it?
  • Welllllllllllllllll, not if you’re veteran sportscaster Al Michaels, apparently.  By the time Micheals went on the air Sunday night, the Corden controversy had been swirling for a good 20 hours, but he must’ve missed the NBC memo about the whole dust-up.  Or maybe NBC’s management didn’t sent out a memo, assuming their sportscasters wouldn’t be making on-air jokes about a big Hollywood muckety-muck’s travails, preferring instead to focus on things like maybe which team had the most attention-seeking players taking a knee for the national anthem.
  • But no, Michaels decided it would be really cool right in the middle of the game to compare the week the New York Giants had had to Weinstein’s week, to which his more-alert partner Chris Collinsworth responded with about six seconds of radio silence.  Yikes.  Naturally, Michaels then obviously got his memo from higher-ups at NBC, and soon after the broadcast ended he also issued a formal apology for telling a stupid joke about a subject that is not funny.
  • So, a note to all you comics and aspiring comics out there, longing to whip out your repertoire of Harvey Weinstein jokes:  Stop.  Just stop.  Nothing about what Harvey Weinstein did is funny.  Oh, there is tons of irony in this situation, as it applies to Hollywood’s larger depraved culture and to all the Democrat politicians – especially anyone named Clinton or Obama – who are desperate to find ways to keep Weinstein’s hush money, but none of this is funny.  Women were raped here, abused in heinous ways, their careers and lives destroyed by an out-of-control monster who everyone in Hollywood knew about for years and did nothing to stop him.
  • What the Weinstein scandal is, is tragic.  The most tragic aspect of it is that Weinstein is far from the only monster out there, and in fact most likely is just a representative of an overall culture of abuse that probably will be allowed to continue to exist as the fake news media, which is desperate to shift the public’s attention off of its Democrat benefactors who bathed in Weinstein’s money, moves on to other, faker news.
  • Thus, within a few weeks, it will most likely be business as usual for all the harassers, rapists and pedophiles who dominate Hollywood culture, and the average American with the attention span of a field mouse will go right back to paying six bucks for a 64 oz. Diet Coke while watching mediocre films at their local cineplex.
  • That, friends, is no joking matter.

Just another day in short attention span America.

That is all.

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