The Best Solution To The Weinstein Problem? CalExit!

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Democrats everywhere gave her an “A” for effort. – After President Trump issued an executive order that would enable small businesses and individuals to form health insurance associations across state lines and thus demand lower premiums for insurance policies, San Fran Nan Pelosi told reporters that “I don’t know what he’s putting out today, but I do know it’s a sabotage” of Obamacare.  Hey, give her a break:  She didn’t know what was in Obamacare, either, and still doesn’t.  At least Pelosi was able to remember and recite the day’s Democrat/fake media code word – which every Democrat and fake reporters used all day long – related to the President’s executive order, which of course was “sabotage.”  She had no idea why she was using it, but at least she managed to use it.
  • How about “Hobgoblin”?  No?  Ok, what about “Rotten tomato”?  Wait, that’s two words… – Today, the President will very likely terminate U.S. sponsorship of the Obama/Kerry idiotic deal with Iran, and we can only speculate on what the Democrat/media code word will be related to this action.  “Reckless”, perhaps?  “Irresponsible”?  No, that’s too many syllables, Pelosi could never remember it.  “Dark”?  No, they only use that when he’s talking about putting America first.  Hmmmmmm…I’m going with “reckless.”  Let’s sit back and see what happens.
  • Meanwhile, in Harvey Weinstein world… – Stuff got real for Amazon grand poobah Jeff Bezos yesterday afternoon, as director/actor/producer Rose McGowan turned her one-woman war on Hollywood in an unexpected direction.  While she didn’t accuse Bezos himself of any bad sexual behavior, she went off on the head of Amazon’s movie studio with a vengeance, accusing him of covering for Weinstein after she had informed him that Weinstein had raped her.  She ended her tweetstorm by imploring Bezos to “Be the change you want to see in the world.  Stand with the truth.”
  • Interestingly, while every other major media outlet on the face of the earth seems to have run a story on the McGowan/Bezos dustup, the Washington Post, which Bezos owns, apparently did not find this story newsworthy.  Go figure.
  • In response not to McGowan’s accusations, but to a separate accusation made by producer Isa Hackett Dick, Amazon did see fit to suspend the studio chief in question, some guy named Roy Price.  My goodness, what a cesspit of depravity Hollywood is turning out to be, and we haven’t even gotten to the pedophiles.  Yet.
  • CalExit is the solution! – This whole Weinstein deal ought to remind every thinking American out in the 98% of the country that lies outside of the major media centers that there is an organized, dedicated effort to have California secede from the United States, most commonly referred to as “CalExit”.  And lo and behold, the Sacramento Bee carried a story about this effort yesterday, in which backers of this secession effort say they believe they have an easier path to taking their state out of the union than the Catalonians have to separate their region from Spain.
  • While that’s not exactly a low bar, it gives the organizers hope:  “There are definitely similarities in the fiscal situation – we both give more than we get back,” said Dave Marin, director of research and policy for the California Freedom Coalition. “But there’s more flexibility in the U.S. Constitution for secession than there is in the Spanish one. California has more tools available to it.”  Honestly, it should give the rest of us a little hope as well that maybe, sometime in the near future, the cesspit of depravity that is Harvey Weinstein World will reside in a whole separate country.  Seems like a very reasonable solution, doesn’t it?
  • Incidentally, about that whole “we both give more than we get back” line of BS spouted by Mr. Marin:  I’m thinking this guy hasn’t considered what his state’s life would be like without all that water coming into LA from the Colorado River Basin.  And I’m thinking he hasn’t given a lot of thought to what it might cost his new country to recruit and maintain its own military forces, because if you think us “Normals” out here in flyover country are just going to smile and say “great!” when Californians come begging for water and our armed forces to protect them when things get real, you don’t really know us Normals, and you really don’t want to find out the answer to those questions the hard way.
  • But hey, go for it, Mr. Marin.  All I want to know about your effort really and truly is, how can I help make it happen?

Just another day in I have found the solution to the whole Weinstein problem America.

That is all.


Image credit:  The Federalist

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“there’s more flexibility in the U.S. Constitution for secession….”
Would that be the same U.S. Constitution that was in effect during the War for Southern Independence, when the northern states aggressively and with much malice crushed the southern states when they wished to secede in 1861.? Hmmm?


Exactly! We can finally get rid of all these liberal nincompoops in California.

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