How Trump Can Win, Win, Win The Bump Stock Issue

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • If I were Donald Trump, I think that right this very minute I would be instructing my staff to find a way I could reverse the legalization of bump stocks administratively, either via an executive order or by instructing the ATF to reverse its 2010 decision approving them.
  • This would have all sorts of benefits:
    • Trump gets the credit, denying any Democrat that pleasure;
    • Trump drives the news media absolutely insane, as they desperately search for a way to condemn him for doing exactly what they want done;
    • Trump demonstrates to the public yet again that he can get things done outside of the normal morass of the DC Swamp;
    • Trump shuts down any further debate on restricting firearms for the time being.
  • You’ll certainly get sued by angry AR-15 owners, but even if you ultimately get overruled by the Supreme Court 5-6 years from now, who cares?  You’ve taken action, done the right thing in the eyes of most Americans, and driven every progressive idiot in the entire country stark, raving mad while doing so.
  • It’s a win, win, win for everybody but the Democrats, the news media and a handful of semi-automatic gun owners who think they just have to have a machine gun.
  • I’m not for gun control, and completely against negotiating with Democrats on the subject, but bump stocks aren’t guns, and this approach would involve no Democrat input at all.

    Just sayin’.

Go for it, Mr. President.  There is no downside here.

That is all.

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D. Moore


Backwoods Engineer

No downside?
No downside?
You destroy American gun accessories companies, and for WHAT? The Democrats will come back tomorrow, and they will come after Glock and Daniel Defense and Springfield and Smith & Wesson.

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