Las Vegas: Americans Deserve Better Than Yet Another False Narrative

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • The big news out of the National Football League this morning is that every player on both teams stood for the moment of silence honoring the memories of the victims of the Las Vegas massacre.  Imagine that:  106 millionaire prima donas and not a one of them picked that for their personal “look at me” moment.  Even better, all 53 Washington Redskins actually stood for the national anthem, although 2 Chiefs felt the need to sit and look stupid.  Nobody really knew why they were sitting, and probably they really didn’t, either.
  • In other, less important and less media-covered NFL news, the Chiefs won the game.
  • Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, authorities continue to search for a motive for the mass shooting.  Even though ISIS took credit for the assault, claiming the man was a recent convert to Islam, the LVPD and other investigating agencies claim to have found no evidence yet to support any terrorist affiliation.  ISIS also took credit for a casino attack earlier this year which authorities believe was actually a botched robbery, so there is reason to be at least skeptical of the group’s claim in this case.
  • Already, an official narrative is becoming clear in this case.  Such narratives always follow a familiar line in these mass murder cases and assassinations:  the guy was a “loner”, he “kept to himself”, he was “just a regular guy”, and no one in his family, none of his friends, nor anyone in his neighborhood had any idea at all that he was a raging psychopath.  Yep, this guy had somehow accumulated an arsenal roughly equivalent to that of the Bulgarian Army, was carrying what he needed to make a huge fertilizer bomb in his car, and spent four days carting firearms and ammunition into his comped suite at the Mandalay Bay, and nobody had any idea at all that he was up to something.
  • Folks, I can’t take a walk without 15 people in my neighborhood knowing about it.  This guy lived in a closely-packed retirement community filled with nosy senior citizens.  But we are supposed to believe that he was able to build a stockpile of firearms and explosives that would fill your local National Guard Armory and nobody had any idea.
  • 59 Americans are dead as I write this.  Many more remain in critical condition at Las Vegas hospitals.  More than 500 were wounded in the assault.  These victims, their families and other loved ones, the people of Las Vegas and everyone else in America deserve to learn the truth about what happened.
  • It would be a real benefit to our society if the local officials – who seem to be doing a fantastic job – could be allowed a few days to accumulate and examine the evidence available, interview the man’s friends, family and neighbors, and conduct a full investigation without the creeps at CNN and the major TV networks pushing out a cookie-cutter narrative that may or may not have any real basis in reality.
  • Americans deserve better than this.
  • Speaking of Americans deserving better, it took Hillary Clinton and her fellow Democrats about 15 minutes to start politicizing the Las Vegas tragedy into yet another assault on the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.  The Most Corrupt Woman In America was on her Twitter account before noon on Monday (she got up early), tweeting out ignorant nonsense (what else is new?) designed to stir up her followers for another push for blaming the inanimate objects for the actions of another mad man.
  • Ms. Clinton has obviously watched too many episodes of Hawaii 5-0, since she obviously believes that “silencers” actually make guns emit no sound.  This rank ignorance led her to tweet, “The crowd fled at the sound of gunshots.  Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make easier to get.”  As one expert pointed out a little later, putting suppressors on the guns this guy used would have still emitted a noise level roughly equal to that of a jackhammer.  Also, it probably would have been a blessing had the guy tried to use suppressors, since they would have likely made his guns overheat and fail before they finished firing their first clip.
  • But Democrats never let facts get in the way of a good narrative.  Thus,within a few hours, pretty much every “leader” of the national Democrat Party weighed in with their own personal brands of ignorance and demagoguery.  All in keeping with the Democrat motto, “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” even when there are 59 dead bodies involved.

Just another day in Americans deserve better than this America.

That is all.




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Larry Folds

When Scalise was nearly murdered the press went out of their way NOT to take politics to the madman who tried to kill ONLY republicans. Well, attacking a country music venue seems like another attack on republicans also. Why isn’t the press mentioning that? The CBS lawyer mentioned it and said she had no sympathies for the families or the dead. The press and celebrities who always remain silent when a Muslim does the killing or a liberal does the killing can’t seem to help themselves when it involves guns and the guns are used by a white man. Where is the story from last week when a black man invaded a church and killed and wounded parishoners.

D. Moore

I don’t have any issues with having conversations about gun control. As a lifelong hunter and proud concealed carry license holder, the 2nd amendment is very important to me. That being said, I find no use for assault rifles or silencers and believe we should have some conversations and be open to reform.

While the killer also had bomb-making materials in his car or could have also used his car to kill people, I can’t find a good reason for anyone to have assault rifles, fully automatic or not.


Anyone who claims they are blah, blah, blah before counter acting their claim is liar and a deceiver. Your are neither a believer of the 2nd Amendment, nor a hunter or a CCW holder. For one you said, “I can’t find a good reason for anyone to have assault rifles, fully automatic or not.”. An assault rifle is fully automatic and they are highly regulated, you don’t seem to know the difference. You can’t acquire a fully automatic that didn’t exist prior to 1986 and they are very costly, also it will take almost a year for background check and approval to get through. By the way semi automatic rifle are also used for hunting but then again the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution has nothing to do with hunting, it’s more about protection from government tyranny.

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