Tragedy In Las Vegas Bails Out Mayor Cruz And Her False Narrative

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

[Today’s Update is written with a very heavy heart as video of last night’s mass shooting in Las Vegas streams across my television screen.  With more than 50 people already dead at the hands of a mad man, let’s all pray for the recovery of the hundreds of wounded, dozens of whom are in critical condition at local Las Vegas hospitals.  What a tragedy.]

  • Is that a threat, or a promise? – Ohio Governor John Kasich, appearing on CNN on Sunday, told fake journalist Jake Tapper that he is considering leaving the Republican Party if it doesn’t change.  Republicans everywhere, upon hearing the terminally annoying son of a postman’s remarks, wondered how they could help speed along this process.  Democrats, meanwhile, cowered in fear at the prospect of having an aging Kasich wandering around their meetings and conventions, drinking cocktail glasses filled with sugared milk and asking them “have I ever told you my dad worked at the post office?
  • Mayor Cruz, your 15 minutes are up. – Democrats in Washington apparently got some bad polling data on the antics of the Crazy Little Marxist Mayor of San Juan late on Sunday, because the Mayor’s talking points related to the Trump Administration’s recovery and support efforts, and even towards the President himself, changed on Sunday evening.  After spending 90% of the weekend complaining that the thousands of first responders sent to her Island were providing no help at all, she told MSNBC a late Sunday interview that great progress was suddenly being made.  Also, after saying all sorts of nasty things about President Trump on Friday, Saturday and most of the day Sunday, she told the same interviewer that “I wasn’t saying anything nasty about the President.”
  • Any communications professional (I am one) can easily see that Mayor Cruz is a puppet being told what to say and how to say it by someone behind the scenes.  She has clearly been coached, provided talking points, given clothes to wear, staging advice, etc.  It is obvious that, on Friday, the Democrats and their fake journalist tools at CNN and MSNBC got together and decided they could do great harm to President Trump by pretending the federal aid and recovery effort that succeeded so massively in Texas, Louisiana and Florida was somehow failing in Puerto Rico.
  • It is equally obvious that, on Sunday, somebody among this Democrat/Media fake news complex got hold of some data that this was all backfiring on them, and changed the Marxist Mayor’s talking points and demeanor.  As I wrote in yesterday’s Update, Americans are not going to respond well to a clearly craven politician lying about the efforts of thousands of first responders who are sacrificing so much to try to save lives in Puerto Rico.  It’s quite obvious that that’s exactly what happened.
  • This same outcome could have come about related to Katrina if George W. Bush understood the value of hitting back twice as hard whenever the fake news media attacked him.  But President Bush was a captive of a set of terrible media advisers and had far too much of his patrician father in him to do that.  President Trump has neither problem, obviously.
  • The tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas will now give the fake journalists at CNN and MSNBC the opportunity to pivot away from their backfiring “Puerto Rico is Trump’s Katrina” narrative, and focus on a new “let’s blame the inanimate object for the horrific actions of a mad man” narrative that they will inevitably push, while also trying to blame it all on President Trump.  So the nation will now be treated to a week of vicious panel discussions and ignorant pontificators over gun control.  Isn’t that lovely.
  • The Crazy Little Marxist Mayor has had her 15 minutes of fame, and is fortunate that the fake news media will now drop her like a hot potato.  She allowed herself to become the willing tool of very bad people who did not have her own interests in mind, and had been placed in a no-win situation as a result.  Perhaps now that her 15 minutes are over, she will actually focus on working with the federal authorities who who have been sent to her island to help, and who really do have her – and her people’s – best interests at heart.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Just another day in very bad people America.

That is all.



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John Geddes

It’s very annoying when your “share” widget covers the left side of the page, it even follows the article down. I only read this, or tried to read it, because someone gave me the link. Good story though, from what I could see.

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