San Juan’s Crazy Little Marxist Lady Gets Her 15 Minutes Of Fame

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • If I’m going to call Kim Jong Un the Crazy Little Fat Guy, I suppose I should start referring to San Juan, Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz Soto as the Crazy Little Marxist Lady, since the nickname totally fits and I suspect we’re going be hearing lots more from this prime example of public ineptitude in the coming days and weeks.
  • After trying and utterly failing to find a public figure – any old public figure would have done – willing to lie about the incredibly well-organized and effective responses by FEMA and the rest of the Trump Administration to the epic disasters created by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, a very frustrated fake news media had spent the first five days after Hurricane Maria’s devastation of Puerto Rico similarly searching in vain, as the Island’s public officials all told a familiar tale:  Everything we ask the Administration for, we receive in spades.
  • But then folks at the national Democrat Party obviously got to the Crazy Little Marxist Lady, fed her some talking points, and suddenly on Friday the fake news media had found their poster child for their unending efforts to make this Donald Trump’s Katrina.  Despite the fact that the Island’s governor and 77 of 78 mayors continue to praise the response efforts, CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the nation’s fake news media spent the entire weekend focusing solely on Ms. Soto and her obviously irrational claims.
  • Here’s a hint to Ms. Soto:  If you’re going to hold a presser in which you claim your people are starving, and that it’s all President Trump’s fault, you probably shouldn’t do it while standing in front of literal mountains of foodstuffs and other supplies that were mostly pre-positioned on your island by President Trump’s people, but which haven’t been delivered because the trucker’s union that you fervently support decided this would be a great time to go on strike.
  • Hint #2 to the Crazy Little Marxist Lady:  If you’re going to claim your island is devastated and that nothing is working there, you might want to avoid wearing an obviously custom-made t-shirt that says “Help us, We are dying,” while conducting a nationally televised interview with Anderson Cooper.  Obviously, the “T-Shirts R Us” outlet has electric power.  Either that, or the t-shirt was brought to you by Mr. Cooper, which wouldn’t surprise me come to think of it.
  • Hint #3 to the Crazy Little Marxist Lady and the Democrat Party and the Fake News Media:  Donald Trump is not George W. Bush, and Puerto Rico is not Louisiana, circa 2005.  Katrina became Bush’s albatross because he was too dimwitted to fight back and defend himself.  He stupidly thought the truth would ultimately prevail, and the results of his government’s recovery efforts would redeem him.  He was wrong, obviously.  Donald Trump won’t make that mistake, as you have already discovered, and he has the means to go over your mendacious heads to get the truth out to the public when you refuse to do so.
  • Also, unlike Louisiana in 2005, Puerto Rico has, other than the Crazy Little Marxist Lady, competent public officials who really are trying to help their people by working with FEMA, the National Guard, and other first responders, rather than slamming them on national television.  Hell, Ms. Soto is even making New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin look less disgusting by comparison.  2017 is a different world in the realm of communications than was 2005, and the fake news media won’t be able to contain and ignore the truth here.
  • Hint #4 to the Crazy Little Marxist Lady:  If you’re going to slam the efforts of first responders, you might want to at least put up the pretense of learning what those efforts are.  We found out late Saturday that Ms. Soto has refused to attend a single one of the FEMA-led joint operations meetings, despite the fact that they are held in her own city.  The Island’s other 77 mayors and its governor have managed to attend all of them, either in person or via satellite phone, because those 77 mayors and the governor are honestly trying to help their people.
  • Hint #5 to the Crazy Little Marxist Lady:  Americans do not respond well to public officials who lie about and condemn the efforts of tens of thousands of first responders who are trying to save lives.  Ms. Soto obviously got this particular memo late Saturday night, as her talking points suddenly changed related to the first responders.
  • Finally, Hint #6 to the Crazy Little Marxist Lady:  You probably don’t realize it yet, but you are in the same position vis a vis President Trump as the Commissioner and owners of the National Football League were in with him last weekend.  That confrontation did not work out well for the NFL, which has spent this entire week scrambling to prove it really, really loves the American flag and doesn’t hate America.
  • You are about to find yourself doing an awful lot of personal damage control in the coming days and weeks. This is a bed you made for yourself.  Please enjoy sleeping in it.

Just another weekend in lying Marxists America.

That is all.

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Marxists find their God in government and when they cannot make hurricanes go away by decree there must be a racist capitalist in their midst. Maybe Venezuela will offer some Communist insight?

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