Donald Trump Is The Best Unmasker Ever, Let Me Tell You

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

It occurs to me this morning that, in the midst of all the hoopla over the unmasking of Trump campaign participants by the evil Obama minions, Donald Trump, both as candidate and as President, has actually perpetrated the greatest unmasking campaign in American history. Bear with me here – this is going to take about 700 words to explain:

  • Hey, what if the NFL had a game and all the players stood for the national anthem?  I didn’t watch, but apparently that’s what happened on Thursday night, as the backlash from fans to all the idiotic kneeling nonsense has created a sudden wave of patriotic panic, er, fervor among NFL players and executives.
  • Sorry guys, but it’s really just too late.  You’ve allowed your social justice warrior players to dismiss about 20% of your fan base over the past two seasons, and most of them just aren’t coming back.  Your lame explanations for your unpatriotic actions fell on deaf ears for one simple reason:  The blue collar, middle class, very patriotic guys and gals who make up the biggest part of your fan base are becoming increasingly “woke”, as all the kids and SJWs like to put it, thanks mainly to the guy they put in the White House.  In other words, you’ve been unmasked by Donald Trump.
  • That public woke-ness means that the standard lines of BS propaganda aren’t going to work on your fans like they used to, and it will probably take you the rest of this season and maybe longer to figure that out.  By the time you do figure that out, your players’ antics, leftist commentators and boring, tedious games will probably have alienated another 10-15% of your previous audience, and your contract re-negotiations with the TV networks in 2020 will become a horrifying situation for you.  And that’s good, because you richly deserve the fate you have created for yourselves.  You’ve earned it.
  • Speaking of standard lines of BS not working on the average American, The Washington Post reports on a new study conducted by professors at Cal-Berkeley and Stanford that reveals what anyone who really watched Donald Trump’s campaign flogging of Hillary Clinton and her billion dollar ad machine already knows:  that “Advertising and campaign contacts have almost no measurable persuasive impact, at least in general elections.”  Go figure.
  • Throughout the 2015 and 2016 campaign, I repeatedly pointed out that the reason why we saw literally every political professional and advertising executive rooting for Hillary was due to the simple fact that Donald Trump was proving them to be a waste of time and money.  He wasn’t using these people, other than a revolving door of a handful of senior advisors, because he didn’t need them.
  • Trump’s whole campaign consisted of getting up at 4 in the morning, doing telephone interviews on Fox, CNN and MSNBC before Hillary’s alarm clock had gone off, then hopping on his jet and flying off for 2 or 3 raucus campaign rallies in different states every day.  By noon each day, Trump had personally touched more voters than Hillary’s pervasive, ubiquitous advertising budget could touch in a week.
  • So the DC political campaign and advertising class hated Trump – and still hates him – because he clearly demonstrated that they are pretty much all a waste of time and money.  He totally unmasked them.
  • This new study further reinforces what Trump already knew:  “The best estimate for the persuasive effects of campaign contact and advertising — such as mail, phone calls, and canvassing — on Americans’ candidate choices in general elections is zero,” Kalla and Broockman write. “Our best guess for online and television advertising is also zero, but there is less evidence” in these cases.
  • The GOP runoff election in Alabama this week provides further support for this conclusion.  Luther Strange was able to out-spend Roy Moore by about 6 to 1 on advertising, thanks to huge injections of money from the DC political class.  But he lost by 10% of the vote despite the supposed advantages of incumbency and influence and even the wrong-headed endorsement from President Trump for the simple reason that he was identified by the voters as being a tool of that same DC political class.  In other words, he had been unmasked.
  • The big takeaway here is this:  The main reason why President Trump is so viscerally hated by so many different classes of people is because he has systematically shown the public their true nature.  The NFL hates him because he’s called out their league’s utter lack of patriotism; the fake news media hates him because he’s called out its rampant dishonesty; the Democrats hate him because he’s called them out for their anti-American mendacity; the establishment Republicans hate him because he’s called out their laziness and ineffectiveness; and the DC political campaign and advertising class hates him because he’s revealed their irrelevance.
  • It’s the greatest unmasking in American political history.  Real Americans should be very thankful to the President for his willingness to take the time to do it.

Just another day in unmasked America.

That is all.

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Chuk Shumer

Best Article. of the year

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Great post!

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