Dear NFL: Please Quit Acting Out So We Can Talk About Something Important

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Oh, my, where to begin?  I really wanted to talk about something other than the NFL’s increasingly tiresome “take a knee” follies, but they remain inescapable for one more day.

  • Let’s start with Cleveland basketball star Lebron James, who told reporters yesterday that the reason his current home state voted for Donald Trump in 2016 was that “I don’t think a lot of the voters was (sic) educated.”  For the record, Lebron James went straight from high school to the NBA and never looked back.
  • Longtime race-baiter Hillary Clinton is back to her race-baiting ways, accusing President Donald Trump (who else?) of being a racist for his comments against NFL players disrespecting the American flag.  “He doesn’t criticize Vladimir Putin, but he criticizes black athletes,” the disciple of racist senators J. William Fulbright and Robert Byrd commented at one stop on her book tour.
  • Most leading Democrats are wishing these days that Ms. Clinton would just shut up and go away, but she at least understands that the Democrat Party as it is currently constituted was built on shameless race-baiting and cannot survive going forward without this sort of constant effort to divide the country along racial lines.  The Democrats are already little more than a regional party whose base is overwhelmingly focused in America’s large inner cities, where the African American population tends to make up a much higher percentage of the overall total.  Ms. Clinton understands that the day the Democrats start getting less than 90% of the black vote is the day it basically disappears entirely.  Thus, her comments yesterday were actually directed, for once, at helping the party in her own demented way rather than her normal shameless self-aggrandizement at everyone else’s expense.  Go figure.
  • Speaking of the NFL, there was actually a game last night in between all the league’s and ESPN’s political activities, and the Dallas Cowboys – America’s Team – put a new twist on the whole “take a knee” deal.  Feeling a burning need to engage in some sort of “unity demonstration” (because after all, everybody else was doing it), the team, along with the coaches and owner Jerry Jones, lined up on the field prior to the national anthem, and, when they were certain the cameras were all focused on them, took a knee for about three seconds as the boos from the Arizona Cardinals’ crowd rained down upon them.  *sigh*
  • To their credit, the team, owner and coaches then backed their silly butts off to the sideline and actually all stood at attention while a field-size American flag was unfurled and the national anthem was sung in a quite inspired way by pop singer Jordin Sparks.  Good for them, and for her.
  • The one positive out of all of this is that, after about a 20 year hiatus, the leftwing networks who cover the game have started televising the national anthem again.  God bless America.
  • The President had his own Twitter take on this deal – because, of course he did – tweeting first that “The booing at the NFL football game last night, when the entire Dallas team dropped to its knees, was loudest I have ever heard. Great anger”.  Well…yep.
  • In his next 140 character comment, the President had basically the same reaction to it all that I did:  “But while Dallas dropped to its knees as a team, they all stood up for our National Anthem. Big progress being made-we all love our country!”
  • Sadly, given the disgusting way most other teams had allowed their players to disrespect the flag, the anthem, the veterans’ honor guards and the country without negative consequence, the way in which the Cowboys handled the whole thing in a unified way, with the entire organization participating, actually was “Big progress”, as President Trump said.
  • We can hope that, now that all these players and teams have had their 15 minutes of attention and various forms of “unity demonstrations”, they might now get back to just shutting up and playing football.  But that is probably too much to ask, which more than anything else shows exactly what is really at the base of all of this:  the players’ desperation for attention.
  • I have no use for Colin Kaepernick, but at least he was protesting against something specific and real when he was doing his one-man “look at me” act last season.  He made it clear that he was protesting ongoing police brutality issues in U.S. society.  But that has now been lost.  What exactly are all these players, coaches and owners demonstrating against now?  That they were insulted by President Trump’s comments last Friday?  Really?
  • Let’s be honest, if that’s what they’re doing out there, then the President’s remarks, which basically boiled down to the NFL commissioner and owners are allowing the inmates to run the asylum, obviously hit very, very close to home.  Otherwise, all this acting out wouldn’t be happening, now, would it?

Just another day in dying NFL America.

That is all.

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Yes. I LIVE football and the NFL, but I can no longer stomach watching these tools or listening to them hating on America.

D. Moore

NFL = Not For Long


As for me and my house, screw the NFL and their sponsors.

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