The NFL Can Never Go Back After Kneel-Down Sunday

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • The NFL commits Hari-kari – So, President Trump went off on the NFL coddling its players who refuse to stand for the national anthem on Saturday, and in return got an entire weekend filled with progressives and fake journalists defending players who disrespect our nation’s flag.  As a bonus, he got incompetent NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and numerous NFL team owners stupidly doing the same thing, as the number of players showing their unpatriotic feelings multiplied prior to Sunday’s games.
  • Have fun with that. – One can only wonder when Goodell and these owners will suddenly wake up and realize that they have made their league, whose fan base is made up mostly of patriotic, middle class, blue collar Americans, the center of the universe for disrespecting the American flag and our national anthem?  Will they ever come to understand that, now that they have sanctioned this “kneel-down weekend”, they can never go back?  The NFL is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the unpatriotic American political left.
  • Maybe he can fill his stands by offering Ellen’s fans gift bags from L’Oreal and Chelsea’s fans bottles of Stolichnaya – But hey, Ellen Degeneres and Chelsea Handler tweeted that they were watching the NFL games yesterday, so Goodell’s got that going for him.
  • Call it Baiting With the Progressives – I’m thinking next the President should go off on Josef Stalin, so we can have a full week of progressives and fake journalists defending Stalin.  Then he could do Mao, then Hitler, then Che Guevara, make it a weekly thing, sort of like Dancing With The Stars.  The President could then finish it all off by issuing some negative tweets about Satan, so we can have a week of progressive/fake journalist Satan defending.
  • Hey, there’s an idea! – Honestly, if President Trump went off on carbon monoxide, progressives and fake journalists would hook a hose up to their car exhaust and breathe it for a week.
  • Four years from now they’ll be electing an Imam, not a Chancellor – German voters continued their nation’s march down the path of cultural suicide, re-electing open borders lunatic Angela Merkel to a fourth term as the country’s chancellor.  Merkel’s party only received 33% over the overall vote, but in Germany’s parliamentary system, that is enough to get her another four years during which she can continue turning her country over to Islam.  From the outside looking in, it is easy to see the German frog is being boiled by Ms. Merkel and her globalist regime, but the frog never realizes it is being boiled until it is too late.
  • Time to kill this story – The shooter in a Sunday morning attack on a church in Antioch, Tennessee has been identified as a 25 year-old immigrant from the Sudan named Emanuel Kidega Samson.  You will never see another report about this incident, in which one innocent person was murdered and seven others injured, in the fake news media, because it doesn’t fit their narrative.
  • Keeping up with the 2020 competition – Sen. Ted Cruz told an audience at Austin’s Texas Tribune Festival on Sunday that he can’t support the Graham/Cassidy Obamacare reform bill “right now”.  Hey, you didn’t really think Sen. Cruz was going to let Sen. Rand Paul take all the spotlight from the “muh principles” sector of the Republican base, did you?
  • Perhaps in response to specific concerns expressed by Cruz and Paul, Senators Cassidy and Graham announced they will introduce a revised version of their bill on Monday.  Yeah, that should work out.
  • Back to the NFL:  Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin attempted to remove his players from the whole controversy, having them remain in the locker room until after the anthem was through being played.  This was a perfectly respectable approach the matter, since it has never been unusual at football games at any level for the anthem to be played before the teams take the field.  But Tomlin failed to account for the feelings of one of his players.  Alejandro Villenueva, a former Army Ranger, separated from the team so he could show his respect for the anthem and the flag he had fought to preserve during his three tours in Afghanistan.  Tomlin and several of his coaches, to their undying credit, stood at attention on the sidelines while the anthem was being played.  This is an intelligent and respectable approach to the issue that should have been emulated throughout the league.
  • Too late now.

Just another weekend in Roger Goodell is a moron who is destroying his game America.

That is all.

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Ips Prez

You really thought that idiot Tomlin did a commendable thing? WTF!!! What he did was as bad or worse than Jerry Jones. Hiding his team so they wouldn’t have to commit to either honoring America or dishonoring America then going off on the one player who he should have honored. What an ASS!!!


Yes. He threw Villanueva under the bus. Villanueva had nothing to apologize for; Tomlin is the one who should’ve apologized.

Glenn Thomas

Flintstone, I’ll buy some crepe for that coffin. OOPS, I misspelled that, should have been CRAP!


The national felon league has just ordered their coffin

Mike Hawkslarge

Regardless of whether the NFL suffers a permanent loss of fans, or just a short period of fan loss, the fact is they were absolutely stupid in their response as it has resulted in them losing a TON of money.


It’s easy to tune out and stay home when you know you been played or your love and respect of USA is insulted.

James Fenimore

Not standing for the FLAG, why don’t they just burn one, I guess they wouldn’t stop someone from burning the FLAG.



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