An America Beset By Immature Children Acting Out

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Ok, lessee here….what’s been going on in America over the weekend?

  • Oh, well, we had three nights of rioting in St. Louis because a St. Louis jury acquitted a St. Louis cop who was falsely accused of murdering a St. Louis drug dealer six years ago.  To hear the rioters tell it, this drug dealer was the second coming of Rosa Parks and just the best person who ever walked the sidewalks of St. Louis.  I hadn’t said anything about this because riots in the greater St. Louis area have become such a regular occurrence since Barack Obama’s Justice Department began encouraging them and George Soros began funding professional rioters to create them in 2014 that they barely make a blip on my screen anymore.  They have become tiresome displays of immature children acting out over false outrages, the audience and sympathy for which grow smaller by the day.
  • Speaking of tiresome displays of immature children acting out over false outrages, for which the audience and sympathy grow smaller by the day, the Emmy Awards were handed out Sunday night.  Hosted by the execrable, unfunny late night outrage show host Stephen Colbert, the program predictably became nothing but a 3-hour platform for spoiled children to act out over false outrages, all directed at the President of the United States.  The overnight Nielsons weren’t available as of this writing, but we can be sure the ratings for this star-studded group temper tantrum will be down from last year – when they hit a historic low – and will continue to fall through the duration of the Trump Presidency.  This is what happens when performers go out of their way to gratuitously offend half of their potential audience at every given opportunity.
  • Rumors were flying prior to showtime that Hillary Clinton would make a cameo appearance at the show, but it turned out she was too busy signing books on the toilet paper aisle of her local CostCo to make the gig.  But Kate McKinnon, who played The Most Corrupt Woman in America in Saturday Night Live skits, took her presenting role as an opportunity to thank Crooked Hillary for her “grace”.  Proving, of course, that Kate McKinnon doesn’t know the difference between graft and grace.
  • Never to be left out, the NFL continues to demonstrate it has its own sub-population of immature children acting out, as players like Seattle’s Michael Bennett have now decided that protesting the national anthem just isn’t enough attention-seeking, and have begun taking their “look at me!” stunts onto the field.  Bennett celebrated a sack on Sunday with a single raised fist, the old “black power” salute made famous in the 1960s.
  • In other news that should not be news, pollster John McLaughlin came out with new data over the weekend, warning establishment Republicans in congress that they need to start actually keeping their campaign promises or Trump voters won’t turn out to re-elect them in next year’s mid-term elections.  The great wonder with this news item is that establishment Republicans apparently need polling data confirmation of something that would be obvious to the average third grader.  But this is how dim-witted establishment Republicans are.
  • The McLaughlin survey also found that a large plurality of surveyed GOP voters believe that Republicans in congress are working in opposition to President Trump’s efforts to “drain the swamp”, and fully 63% of GOP voters believe it is time for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to be replaced.  If any of these results surprise you, you just haven’t been paying close enough attention.
  • If establishment Republicans were intelligent (hah-hah! I’m cracking myself up here!), they would be working feverishly to keep some of those grand promises they all made during their 2016 campaigns.  Instead, they are currently in the midst of an 11-day vacation following just a week of work that came after their month-long August recess.  When they come back next week, they only have five working days left in September before they take their next vacation.
  • What all this shiftlessness and mendacity reminds us of is that there was a very good reason why establishment Republicans in Washington were, just 12 months ago, the single most-hated subset of the DC swamp among the public at large.  Donald Trump’s resurgent presidential campaign bailed them out from what had been shaping up to be a disastrous election cycle in 2016, but that crutch won’t be available in 2018.
  • Unless these layabout GOP dilettantes get their collective act together and start sending promise-keeping legislation to the President’s desk for signing, it becomes more likely by the day that Trump voters will abandon their stinking, er, “sinking” ship in next year’s elections.  Whether that would result in the turning over of one or both houses of congress remains a good question, since the Democrats remain in a state of insoluble disarray, but it all could be avoided by the Republicans’ simply doing some of the things they promised to do.  But this seems to be a bridge too far for McConnell, Ryan and their hapless minions, who obviously view keeping their vacation schedule sacrosanct as their number one duty.

Just another day in immature children acting out America.

That is all.

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