J-Law Shows Us Why Actors Should Never Go Off-Script

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • From our Shut Up And Act files… – Brain-dead actress Jennifer Lawrence, touring the globe promoting her latest sure-to-be box office bomb, told an interviewer on BBC Channel 4 that Hurricanes Harvey and Irma were nature’s way of getting back at America for electing Donald Trump to the presidency.  No, really, she said this – I swear I don’t make this stuff up.  No word from Ms. Lawrence on why Mother Nature is currently intent upon punishing her home town of Los Angeles with the largest wildfires in its history.
  • Why not just give Rosie O’Donnell a prime time gig? – The leftward-tilting of Fox News by Ruppert Murcoch’s two simpleton sons continues, as the network’s 5:00 ET offering called “The Specialists” was unceremoniously cancelled on Friday and replaced by an hour-long news segment anchored by the very oh-so-progressive Shepherd Smith, who wears his political biases quite emotionally each day on the sleeves of his tightly-tailored suits.    But hey, this is just keeping with the program at Fox these days, as even the formerly balanced Bret Baier has lately taken to stacking his nightly panels with virulent anti-Trump talking heads like Guy Benson, A.B. Stoddard, Jonah Goldberg and the super-entertaining Stephen Hayes, who hasn’t been right about anything since the introduction of Apple’s first IPhone.
  • Ok, so, is this one of those “The End of Trump!” events, or one of those “This is Just the Beginning!” events?  It’s always so hard to tell… – Speaking of the #NeverTrump idiot lobby, the temper tantrums from that part of the DC establishment over the President’s deal with Pelosi and Schumer continued unabated through Friday.  Especially entertaining is a piece at RedState.com by Jay Caruso titled “Trump was wrong on the debt ceiling agreement, and he got owned.”   As with everything written about Mr. Trump by every #NeverTrump nitwit over the past 28 months, it is laughably wrong on every point because it was obviously written in a state of witless rage.
  • But the very best part of the whole thing is the closing:  “Don’t get mad that many of us were right about Trump. This is only the beginning.”  Seriously, Jay, if supporters of President Trump had a dollar for every time we have heard those two sentences from NeverTrumpians like you since 2015, we would all be fabulously wealthy people.
  • All that talk about free speech and balanced budgets is just bound to set people off, you know. – In preparation for an upcoming campus speech by conservative pundit Ben Shapiro, officials at Cal-Berkeley have posted notice that the school will be offering “support services” for any campus snowflake who might be upset by Shapiro’s remarks.  The school is silent, however, on whether or not it will offer any similar “support services” for students who will be assaulted and beaten by masked Antifa and other leftist thugs who will inevitably show up and try to cause a riot.
  • Roger Goodell’s solution is to now have TWO months of pink stuff on uniforms instead of just one. – Ratings for Thursday night’s kickoff of the NFL season were down by 13% when compared to last season’s opener, despite the fact that the game featured two of the league’s ten best teams, including the reigning Super Champion New England Patriots.  This of course continues a trend from 2016, as football fans continue to abandon the league in droves due to all the politically correct BS that now pervades its broadcasts and league policies.
  • Yes, because, you know, all Hispanics provide one another lavish vacations via private jets to lush Dominican resorts and appointments with high-end call girls.  It’s just part of the culture, your Honor! – The defense of Senator Robert Menedenez appears to be lurching off into an O.J. Simpson-type of strategy, in which the defense will try to make society the defendant rather than the accused.  This became apparent on Friday, as the Senator’s defense attorney began his defense by arguing that the charges against Sen. Menendez are in fact an attack on Hispanic culture.  The problem for this strategic approach is that the judge in this case appears to be anything but the sad, attention-seeking dupe that Judge Lance Ito turned out to be for O.J.  If this is the best Sen. Menendez’s lawyers have, he is well and truly screwed.

Just another day in Donald Trump’s America.

That is all.

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