Trump’s Deal With Pelosi/Schumer Is A Huge Win For The GOP

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Just two and a half months ago, on June 20, Republican Karen Handel defeated Democrat Pajama Boy, er, Jon Ossoff, in the Georgia congressional District 6 special election.  This was to fill the seat left vacant by Trump Appointee and new Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price.  The fake news media naturally characterized the win by a Republican candidate in a marginally Republican district as an “upset”, based mainly on wishful thinking, thinking that was based on the fake polls their own media outlets paid to create.
  • Georgia District 6 was the fourth such special election held around the country to fill seats left vacant by Trump appointees, and all of the races were won by Republicans.  The narratives in the fake media coverage leading up to every one of those races said that they were not races to fill congressional seats, but rather referenda on Donald Trump, whom the media has portrayed as being historically unpopular, based mainly on…wait for it….you guessed it, based mainly on the fake polls their own media outlets paid to create.  See how this works?  The false narratives practically write themselves.
  • The fake media did wake to an actual truth in the days that followed their Georgia District 6 fiasco, and that is the reality that, in all of those special elections, the GOP candidates ran less against their actual opponents than they did against the ugly, deranged face of the national Democrat Party’s leadership.  More specifically, they ran against San Fran Nan Pelosi, the Democrats’ doddering House Minority Leader.
  • This bitter June 21 piece in New York Magazine is a fine example:  “The clear and consistent focus of the GOP message in GA-06 was to remind the district’s dominant Republicans that Jon Ossoff is a Democrat, and to convince them his mild, centrist persona disguised a monstrous radical leftist who is “not one of us”…again and again Ossoff was depicted as a puppet of Nancy Pelosi and her godless San Francisco hippie allies.”
  • The next couple of weeks were very difficult for Ms. Pelosi, who is barely able these days to put two sentences together in a coherent fashion, as pundits from all locations on the political spectrum came to the sudden realization that her political party really has little chance of regaining power in either house of congress so long as she is available for GOP candidates to run against.  Tim Ryun, a no-account congressman from one of those rust belt states, started making waves about mounting a formal effort to force a vote among the Democrat caucus to replace her, as he has tried in the past.
  • Republicans everywhere held their breath at the prospect that San Fran Nan might actually be replaced by Ryan.  Ryan is every bit the leftist, anti-American lunatic that Pelosi is, but he has a face that looks like a combination of powdered milk and Lumpy Rutherford, and a keen grasp of the English language, so he’d be a lot more difficult to demonize on the campaign trail.
  • But Pelosi persevered, at least for now, staving off her challengers and critics by reminding them that she is a…wait for it…”master legislator” in an interview with one of those Democrat-friendly Sunday Morning show host, which of course means it could have been any of them.  Anyway, that claim is a laughable lie, but if Pelosi knows one thing, it is that Democrats love, love, love being lied to, which of course is why she rose to power in the first place.  So things calmed down for her, but she was far from out of the woods, and many observers have remained concerned there could be more moves to oust her as next year’s mid-term elections approach.
  • So, by now you’re wondering why I am writing about all of this today, and if I actually have a point to make, right?  Right.
  • Well, yes, there is a point.  It’s one I meant to raise in yesterday’s piece about the budget/debt ceiling/emergency relief deal President Trump made with Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, but the drugs I’m taking trying to get over the flu have left me so drowsy I forgot to do so.  And it’s a point pretty much everyone seems to be missing in all of this, especially Republicans, most of whom spent all day Thursday whining about the President making a deal with the devil.
  • The point here is that, by making this deal with Pelosi and Schumer, President  Trump gave them a success story to brag about, propped them up as their Party’s de facto leaders, and thus basically ensured that San Fran Nan and Cryin’ Chuckie Schumer will remain the ugly, deranged face of the Democrat Party through the 2018 midterm elections.  In other words, the best possible outcome for the GOP.
  • When you see people like me talk about Trump playing 4D Chess while everyone else is playing checkers, this is exactly what we mean.

Just another day in Donald Trump’s America.

That is all.

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