Media’s “Trump Is A Monster” Narrative Dies In Houston

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • We should expect the fake journalists, fake anchors and fake editors at CNN, the NYTimes, the WaPo and the broadcast networks to shift their coverage away from Hurricane Harvey starting today.  The images and films from President Trump’s and First Lady Melania Trump’s visit to Houston on Saturday are simply too compelling and devastating to the media/Democrat concocted “Trump is a monster” narrative for them to continue airing them.  Thus, we can anticipate lots and lots of focus on things like DACA, the debt ceiling and the federal budget this week, even though disaster coverage is without question more lucrative and better for ratings at CNN.  Because this is what the fake news media does in its never-ending role as sad toadies for the Democrat Party.
  • If you want a great example of how the President’s humanizing visit to Houston and Louisiana is destroying the left’s world view, take a look as this piece, which discusses the shock an MSNBC reporter has felt as he’s been assaulted by the angry left  for tweeting a message acknowledging the reality of the President’s visit, and how Houstonians of all ages, colors and genders reacted to him.  Very educational about the true agenda of those on the angry left.
  • Here’s the reality that the fake news media has run smack-dab into over the last week, while covering the recovery efforts in Texas:  Most Americans are just really good, normal people.  They care about one another, they help one another, the rednecks and Cajuns in their fishing boats don’t pick and choose to rescue the people who look just like them first, leaving those with different-colored skin to wait in line.  They rush into harm’s way and start getting people out indiscriminately, take them to safety, and rush back in to do it all over again.
  • For the media people who live in their safe little bubbles in New York, Washington and Los Angeles, this is utterly shocking.  Because their own reporting has constantly informed them that everyone out there in “flyover country”, i.e., the other 98% of America, is a hateful racist, bigots who only want to harm people who aren’t just like they are.
  • I spent most of last week in Las Vegas, at a hotel that did not carry Fox News, and was thus forced to watch the coverage on CNN and, to a much lesser extent, MSNBC.  This turned out to be a very gratifying experience, as reporter after reporter found him- or herself utterly frustrated whenever they would ask any Texan a leading question designed to promote conflict, which is all they ever try to do.  Watching these elitist simpletons try to recover from their shock as Texan after Texan invariably responded with only caring and gratitude towards everyone who was working to help, and to the local, state and federal officials who were organizing shelter and recovery efforts, was a true heart-warming experience for me.
  • These fake news outlets, who have been coordinating with the Democrat Party for the last 10 months to try to create the “next Watergate” out of whole cloth, all went into their coverage of the Harvey catastrophe anticipating being able to create the “next Katrina”.  Now, they’re all down in the mouth be cause a) Houston isn’t New Orleans, b) Texas isn’t Louisiana and has a vastly more competent government, and c) it isn’t 2005 anymore, and FEMA and the rest of the federal government has learned a lot about how to respond to such events over the last dozen years.
  • But for all these left-wingers in the fake news media and the Democrats whose talking points they parrot each and every day, the worst learning out of all of this is that their efforts to portray the current POTUS as a deranged monster cannot survive when they run up against real video of him being himself among a group of struggling, displaced Americans of all colors, sizes, shapes, ages and creeds.
  • Donald Trump isn’t a monster at all.  He’s a real President, and a real American.  And that is a truth the fake news media simply cannot focus on for any length of time.  Thus, ratings and website hits be damned, these fake news sites will now move onto other topics that fit better with their narrative, because that is who they are, and what they do.

Just another day in fake news media America.

That is all.


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