The NFL Needs to Re-Focus on Football Before It’s Too Late

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • In an appearance on News One’s Roland Martin program earlier in the week, Houston Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee – who once told an interviewer that American astronauts had planted our flag on Mars – declared that the City of Houston is 50 feet below sea level.  This came as real news to every one who has ever lived in Houston, given that the city, while it does sit on low-lying coastal prairie land, is still well above sea level.  Democrats – if they didn’t exist, we’d have to make them up.  But I swear I don’t make this stuff up.
  • The National Football League, whose ratings were down significantly last year, is about to start bleeding an even larger part of its audience thanks to left wing political demonstrations by its players, and left wing political statements by the commentators who cover its games.  With the career mediocrity Collin Kaepernick no longer in the league to stage his National Anthem weekly sit-downs, more than a dozen players for the worst franchise in professional sports – the Cleveland Browns – have taken up the charge.
  • As was the case with Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers management, management for the Browns has collectively chosen to do nothing as the players make asses of themselves and their franchise on national television.  Because of this, on Friday Cleveland’s first responders announced that they will refuse to provide a representative group to hold Old Glory during a planned pre-game celebration this weekend.
  • This is becoming a growing problem for the NFL, as players from several other teams have chosen in recent weeks to turn this stage for a team game into a stage for them to exercise personal political grievances.  Making matters even worse for the league, management at ESPN and the other networks that televise the sport have given their announcers and analysts free rein to weigh in with their own political opinions on all manner of subjects during the game telecasts.  There is no question that this bringing of leftist political expression into the game in such a high-profile, bordering on pervasive manner has already impacted the NFL’s audience in a highly negative way, and will continue to do so if the league does not force teams to begin penalizing players who choose to use this team event as their own personal political platform.
  • If league leaders want to know what their league’s ultimate fate will be if they  fail to act to stop this mess, they only need to look to the film industry for their example.  Hollywood has just experienced its worst summer box office season in modern times, mainly because half of America’s citizens have grown weary of paying absurd admission and concessions prices to support an industry whose “stars” insult them at every given public opportunity.  It is as if these dim-witted actors and actresses simply don’t understand that these very people are the ones who have made them so fabulously wealthy and famous.
  • By the same token, refusing to stand for the national anthem and honor the flag is an insult to the people and the country that has given these football players their own opportunity to become fabulously wealthy and famous.  Millions of Americans have already responded by tuning NFL games out.  If the league fails to end this nonsense, and fails to instruct the announcers to focus on football instead of politics, many millions more will make the same decision in the years to come.
  • There has been much speculation in recent years that the NFL’s ongoing concussion issue will ultimately mean the end of the game of football as we have known it.  If the NFL doesn’t put an end to this ongoing effort by its players and broadcasters to fill its games with leftist politics, there soon won’t be anyone left who gives a damn.

Just another day Sheila Jackson Lee’s America, where Houston is below sea level, and we’ve already landed men on Mars.

That is all.

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