Trump’s Response To Harvey: Fake News Media Narrative Is Already Set

Today’s Campaign Update 

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • If you’ve been wondering how the fake news media would treat the Trump Administration’s response to the disaster that Hurricane Harvey is about to produce along the Texas coast, wonder no more, because the shameless sleaze balls who run have already let the cat out of the bag.  There will be no honest reporting, there will be no honest analysis, there will be no real information conveyed by the fake news media to Texas residents for whom information will be crucial in the coming days.  The fake news media/Democrat Axis of Sedition narrative is set, and it will be one of ceaseless criticism of every action the President takes, every word out of his mouth, and yes, every tweet from his Twitter feed.
  • At 3:08 Thursday afternoon, well before the most outer band of Hurricane Harvey had thought about making landfall, a fake journalist named Sophia Tesfaye posted a piece at with a headline that would have never even been conceived during the Obama years, and would have waited until after Harvey had come and gone in any other presidential administration.  But this is the Trump Administration, after all, and the media/Democrats/establishment Republicans are smack in the middle of executing a slow-moving coup d’etat, so why wait?
  • “Trump Just Flunked His First Natural Disaster Test”, reads the blaring headline to Ms. Tesfaye’s piece.  Yes, the test hadn’t even arrived, FEMA hadn’t even had a chance to spring into action, but already Donald Trump had “flunked”.  Thank goodness I didn’t have to live up to Salon’s dictated fake timeline when I sat for the SAT back in 1974.
  • So why, a reasonable person – none of which exist in the fake news media anymore – might ask, has President Trump already flunked a test that was yet to make landfall?  Well, because, as Ms. Tesfay “reasons”, he issued a tweet that contained public service information on Thursday morning.
  •  The offending tweet reads as follows:  “As  intensifies – remember to .”.  Doesn’t seem too offensive, does it?  Given that tweets are limited to 140 characters, it also conveyed a good deal of useful information for people to follow up on.  It was also accompanied by a short film that provided further information, but which Ms. Tesfaye falsely calls a “campaign commercial.”
  • So how in the world do Ms. Tesfaye and her fellow seditionists at Salon reason that this single tweet means the Trump Administration has already utterly failed in its response to a hurricane that hadn’t yet made landfall?  Let’s let Ms. Tesfaye’s own idiotic words speak for themselves:  “According to the White House, Trump was briefed on the government’s hurricane preparation efforts earlier this month, but his campaign-style commercial — fitted with a dramatic soundtrack — failed to convey any of that information to worried residents in the storm’s path. His tweet did not include basic information, like who is in danger, how to be prepared or what the government is doing to prepare.”
  • For crying out loud, you insufferable moron, it’s a freaking TWEET.  You can’t convey everything everybody needs to know about how to prepare for a freaking hurricane in 140 freaking characters.  Ok, deep breathing…deeeeep breathing….
  • Ok, I’m back.  Look, I’m not going to go on about this particular steaming pile of horse manure from Salon any further – it doesn’t really deserve the 550 words I’ve already written about it here.  Just be aware that this piece is the canary in this particular coal mine.  This piece contains the tone and sort of specious reasoning we can all expect to emanate over the next several days from similar fake reporters at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, the WaPo, the NYTimes and probably most of the Texas news media as well.  The narrative is already set, actual performance by Texas government officials – all of whom are hated Republicans – and the Trump Administration won’t matter.
  • There will be no real, actual journalism going on here.  There will only be the narrative.  American journalism is a sick profession, and Ms. Tesfaye is merely a symptom.

Just another day in tiresome narratives America.

That is all.

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