Steve Bannon Did Not Make Donald Trump

Ok, so, as I write this, it’s been about 3 hours since the announcement came that White House Chief Leaker…er…Strategy Advisor Steve Bannon has been allowed to resign instead of being fired.

As was inevitable, we are already beginning to see both the #NeverTrump fake conservative media and the mainstream fake news media generate a steady stream of pieces which contend either:

  • This is a disaster for conservatives, because Bannon was Trump’s brain and now Trump will become a liberal (#NeverTrump fake conservative media); or
  • This is a disaster for Trump because Bannon was Trump’s only friend in the White House and he was the person who developed Trump’s entire agenda (Fake mainstream media).

Both contentions are rank, smelly piles of fresh steaming horse shit. (Pardon the PG-13 language, but I’ve just had too much of this nonsense.)

Let me remind everyone of a few salient facts about Mr. Bannon and his time with Donald Trump:

  • Steve Bannon did not “make” Donald Trump.  Indeed, he did not even at any point in time manage the Trump Campaign;
  • Steve Bannon joined the Trump presidential campaign last August 16, at the same time KellyAnne Conway came on board.  It was Conway, not Bannon, who was the driving force in the campaign from that point forward;
  • By the time Bannon came on board, Donald J. Trump had already defeated a field of 16 GOP opponents to win the Republican presidential nomination, dispatching them with the same ease and seeming frequency with which he fired contestants on any given season of The Apprentice;
  • It was Conway, not Bannon, who convinced Trump to exercise Twitter discipline and stay on message through rest of the campaign;  Conway, not Bannon, who played the main role in prepping Trump for the debates;  Conway, not Bannon, who put herself on the line every damn day doing an exhausting series of live TV interviews;
  • Long before Steve Bannon even sniffed the possibility of becoming involved in the Trump campaign, Donald J. Trump had firmly established his full, very conservative agenda that he would pursue as President.  Every position paper, every policy plan, every foreign policy white paper that was a part of the Trump presidential agenda had already been agreed-upon, written and published before Bannon became a part of the campaign;
  • There is a very strong argument to be made that, since coming on board, Steve Bannon has in fact been much more of a distraction and a hindrance to the Trump campaign and Trump presidency than anything else.  Indeed, I have yet to see any writer or pundit of any political persuasion lay out a single positive impact Mr. Bannon has had on any aspect of this Administration’s policy achievements;
  • On the other hand, we have seen all sorts of speculation that Steve Bannon was was an even bigger leak problem than even Reince Priebus was, and that’s saying an awful lot;
  • There is no question at all that Steve Bannon has been a huge distraction and constant lightning rod bringing criticism into the White House.

As far as I’m concerned, getting rid of Bannon is a red letter day for this Administration.  As far as anyone can really tell, he has contributed little to this administration other than confusion and conflict – not to mention hair-brained schemes like a 60% income tax rate on millionaires – and little, if anything of a positive nature.

Steve Bannon didn’t ‘make’ Donald Trump, he came in late, tagged along for the ride, took credit he did not in any way deserve, and contributed nothing that anyone can point to of a positive nature.  Somehow, I think the Republic – and the Trump Presidency – will survive just fine without him.

Good riddance.

That.  Is.  All.

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