The President Was Right To Tell The Full Truth About Charlottesville

Today’s Campaign Update 

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Let’s start by stipulating this:  Everything President Trump said in his press conference yesterday about Saturday’s events in Charlottesville was 100% true.  That, of course, is why he was so viciously assailed by every fake reporter in the fake national news media following that press conference.
  • Wait, what? – Yes, that’s how it works with the fake news media these days.  Hell, it’s always how it’s worked with the fake news media.  You have a 100% dishonest class of people – fake journalists and editors at the nation’s major media outlets – who are coordinating with another 100% dishonest class of people – progressive Democrats – to brainwash the public into believing a false narrative, a narrative that demands that every public official who comments on Charlottesville claim that all the violence that happened there was committed by the racist dimwits and thugs of the “Alt-right”.  The racist, leftwing, violent thugs who hundreds of video streams show instigated most of the violence are to be portrayed as “peaceful, well-meaning counter-protesters.”
  • Toe that line and you’ll be fine. – As long as politicians stick to that false narrative, they know they won’t be savaged by the press.  And so, the usual fake Republicans like John McCain and Mitt Romney do their virtue signaling by issuing tweets like Romney’s from last night, which reads “No, not the same. One side is racist, bigoted, Nazi. The other opposes racism and bigotry. Morally different universes.”  So, he’ll be fine, in keeping with his hopes of challenging President Trump in 2020, and winnning the GOP nomination so he can hand another presidency to the Democrat candidate on a silver platter, as he did for a very beatable Barack Obama in 2012.  That’s Mitt Romney’s role in life.
  • But here’s the thing:  Everybody involved knows the narrative is false.  Everyone involved – Republicans, Democrats and the fake journalists – knows that those Antifa and Black Lives Matter racist, violent thugs were bused into the city by groups funded by George Soros.  Everyone involved knows they showed up specifically to turn what had to that point been a violence-free protest into a riot.  Everyone involved knows they came armed with baseball bats, pepper spray, rocks, bags of urine and other weapons with which to assault both the right-wing bigots and the police.  Everyone involved knows that that’s exactly what they did.  It’s undeniable.  It’s all on video, captured forever for anyone who wants to view it.
  • For Donald Trump, his choice was to follow the advice of his talking points monkeys and toe the media/Democrat narrative in an attempt to avoid being attacked, or follow his instincts and be honest about the situation:  That both sides were violent, that both sides were guilty, that thuggery and racism and bigotry emanated from both sides in Charlottesville on Saturday.  He even tried to toe the media/Democrat narrative line, reading a very strong statement on Monday, and was savaged by the media anyway.  That taught him a lesson, and that lesson is that there’s no reason to throw the fake news media those bones – they’re going to attack him regardless of what he says.  So, on Tuesday, he decided to simply go with his instincts, and fight back.
  • So he told the truth:  There is plenty of blame to go around. There was bigotry on both sides.  There was violence on both sides.  The leftist protesters did not have a proper permit, the right-wingers, as repugnant as their views are, did have a proper permit.  The same Antifa and BLM thugs who have committed violence and staged riots in dozens of other Democrat-run cities around the country since January showed up en masse in Charlottesville and almost immediately assaulted the right-wingers.  It was after all of that had taken place that the Nazi scumbag rammed his car into a group of the leftwingers, tragically killing one woman.  That’s the truth, it’s how it happened, it’s all captured on video.
  • The fake news media basically asks you “Hey, who you gonna believe?  Us, or your lyin’ eyes?”  This is not a hard choice for any well-intentioned, thinking person.  Sadly, such people are incredibly rare on the left side of the political spectrum these days.
  • American voters do have a choice:  We can have a President who is going to do his best to deal with the reality of situations such as Charlottesville, or we can, in 2020, go back to previous form and elect yet another timid politician who is happy to parrot scripts written for him by talking points monkeys that carefully conform to whatever false narrative the media/Democrat ministry of disinformation is putting out on any given day.
  • We have to remember that Donald Trump won the 2016 election precisely because he is NOT like our last four globalist, talking points-reading presidents in any way. The media hates it, the Democrats hate it even more, and the squish Republicans like McCain and Romney and Lindsey Graham may hate it most of all.  And that’s why he won: because most Americans detest all of those three segments of our nation’s ruling class.
  • President Trump was right to go with his instincts on Tuesday, and right to tell the full truth about what happened in Charlottesville.  Fake media firestorms come and go, but the truth persists.

Just another day in fake news media America.

That is all.

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