Employee Claims Google Is A Religious Cult; In Other News, Water Is Wet

Today’s Campaign Update 

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • A current employee of Google told a reporter for Breitbart that the tech giant is “run like a religious cult.”  Well, welcome to the world of progressivism, in which everything is treated like a religious cult, complete with texts filled with dogmatic nonsense (such as gender is not determined by biological factors), forced, non-natural behaviors that, if violated result in group shunning and ridicule (“climate deniers”), and forced denial of truth (hey, maybe that deal with Iran wasn’t so great after all).
  • The latest allegation comes fresh on the heels of the controversy over Google, Inc’s having fired an employee who wrote a 10-page memo lambasting this employer for its failure to address its epidemic diversity issues.  True to religious cult form, the employee wasn’t fired for what he actually wrote in the memo, but for what fake news media outlets falsely alleged he had said in the memo.  This classic hive behavior is a hallmark of American progressive behavior, and Google, Inc. is just a small part of that hive.
  • For those unfamiliar with the term “hive behavior”, it’s really pretty simple:  whenever a bee becomes injured and infirm, its fellow bees make no effort at rehabilitation – that would, after all, require sentient thought or at least an instinct for caring – but rather systematically and rapidly force the debilitated bee from the hive.  It also describes the manner in which a hive filled with thousands of bees all react exactly the same way in unison to outside stimuli.
  • We see these behaviors in progressives all the time.  If you’re not willing to simply parrot everything Al Gore claims about the environment, even though literally nothing he claimed in his first film has turned out to be true, you are shunned as a “climate denier”.  If you criticize Maxine Waters for the obvious fact that she is a mean-spirited, raging dimwit, you are shunned as a “racist”.  If you voted for Donald Trump because Hillary Clinton is an obvious career criminal, you are shunned as a “sexist”.  If you try to engage any progressive in a fact-based discussion on any issue, all you will invariably get in return is a rote recitation of whatever Rachel Maddow had to say about it on her TV show the night before.  Oh, and name-calling, lots and lots of name-calling.
  • In other words, if you aren’t willing to suspend simple acknowledgement of the reality all around us in your daily life, and if you base your views on key issues on that reality, logic and facts, you are, to the progressive hive, literally a heretic who is to be shunned and demonized.
  • So, yes, Google is run like a religious cult because the management at Google is uniformly made up of progressives.  The same is no doubt true at other tech giants like Facebook and Twitter.  If you accept a job at one of these firms, and you find yourself unwilling to simply recite the dogma and act in unison with the hive, you will soon be identified as “damaged”, as the writer of the 10-page memo was, and very quickly removed.  The hive made no effort to defend its employee, or to rehabilitate him – doing those things, after all, would require adherence to the truth and actual caring about his well-being.  Regardless of what his memo did or did not say, the employee violated Google’s religious dogma, the first tenet of which is obviously that “Google is unfailingly good”.  Once he did that, he was damaged goods.  Plus, he’s apparently a white male, an unprotected class, which made his swift removal laudable among the company’s army of mindless, hive-dwelling Social Justice Warriors.
  • Progressivism is a religious cult.  Once you accept that basic reality, it all begins to make sense.

Just another day in religious cult-ridden America.

That is all.


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