All Fake News, All The Time: This Is CNN

Today’s Campaign Update 

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Jim Acosta voids his bladder at yet another White House Press Briefing, hilarity ensues. –  The Fake News Network’s petulant and preening Jim Acosta provided yet another prime example of why he and CNN should be banned from future White House press briefings yesterday.  As Senior Policy Adviser Stephen Miller was discussing the details of the Raise Act, a piece of legislation that would modify the terms of legal immigration into the U.S., Acosta, without being called upon, constantly interrupted the speaker and engaged him in a debate in which he implied that the poem on the Statue of Liberty is the law of the land, and claimed that implementing a preference for English-speaking immigrants would limit legal immigration to “those from Britain and Australia.”  Acosta wasn’t even fazed when Miller correctly point out that English is the main language spoken in more than 60 nations around the world, and that the poem has no legal gravitas.  Naturally, Acosta appeared on CNN after the press conference and declared victory.  No one else gave him that credit.
  • Their next study will prove Donald Trump has poopy pants. – The Center For American Progress (CAP) announced on Wednesday that it will issue a report today that proves – PROVES, I say – that the Trump Campaign “colluded” with the Russians to interfere with the U.S. election process in 2016.  Fake news outlets Buzzfeed and The Hill reported on the announcement, identifying CAP only as “a progressive think tank.”  What neither of those two fake outlets tell their readers is that CAP was in fact founded by… wait for it…JOHN PODESTA, the goat-sacrificing campaign manager for Hillary Clinton, and that Mr. Podesta remains active in the group’s leadership today.  Fake News at its finest.
  • That make perfect sense, since he’s a been Democrat in practice since at least 2001. – Qunnipiac released a poll on Wednesday that finds that the public approval rating for Senator From the News Media John McCain is 35% higher among his natural Democrat base than it is among Republicans.  What else is there to say about that?
  • Speaking of the title of Senator From the News Media, the junior Senator from Arizona, Jeff Flake, is obviously seeking to succeed his fellow Arizonan in that role.  Flake, a fervent adherent to the idiotic #NeverTrump crowd, has been all over the fake news media this week, shamelessly hawking his new anti-Trump book titled “Conscience of a Conservative.”  Given the book’s copy-cat title, it was perhaps inevitable that Brent Bozell, Jr., the son of the man who was Barry Goldwater’s ghost writer of the huge 1964 best-seller of the same name, would strenuously object to the use of that same title for a book written by a Senator who has a very mixed record of conservatism at best.  “Jeff Flake is not a conservative, nor does he have a conscience,” Mr. Bozell told anyone who would listen.  All of which leads to the inevitable question:  What do the voters in Arizona think about when they go to the polls?  Really, are these two guys the best the state has to offer?  Sad!
  • Hey, it’s not just the media that’s fake – the temperature record is fake, too. – The great James Delingpole reports that Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology has been caught red-handed faking that country’s temperature records in an effort to “prove” the existence of global warming.  The BOM has been systematically erasing record low temperatures, or simply entering them into the record at higher readings than their thermometers actually showed.  The BOM has good company in this endeavor:  Here in the U.S., NASA and NOAA have been systematically “revising” the global temperature records they keep upwards since at least 2010, in an effort to justify the Obama regime’s heavy-handed regulatory actions.  The difference between the two countries is that the Australian news media has actually shamed the people at BOM into going about correcting their defrauded records, while the U.S. fake news media has studiously ignored the scandal.  Because that’s what progressive Democrats with press passes do.

Just another day in Fake News Media America.

That is all.

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