The Recused AG’s Days Are Numbered, And So Are Mueller’s

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions is most likely going to be fired in the coming days, as President Trump has had enough of his reluctance to focus the Justice Department’s efforts towards the prosecution of crimes into the abuses of Obama-era officials, and due to his decision, shortly after taking the oath of office, to recuse himself from anything to do with the media/Democrat Russia collusion fantasy play.  AG Sessions is a good man, but his decision to focus on things like asset forfeiture for drug dealers and prosecuting violators of marijuana laws rather than the far more pressing issues facing the Trump Administration and, frankly, the American people have indeed reached the point of absurdity.
  • But it is Sessions’ recusal decision that is especially vexing and inexcusable.  Sessions viewed it as his legal duty, but The President obviously considers the decision to have been an effort by Sessions to insulate himself from controversy.  Though it may have technically been a proper move, no Democrat Attorney General in recent history would have even remotely considered doing such a thing, and there is no good reason why, if Sessions’ testimony before congressional committees is true, he should have done so either.  That recusal enabled Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein to appoint his buddy Bob Mueller to mount his limitless witch hunt as Special Counsel.  I like Jeff Sessions, but his priorities are not the priorities of the boss, who referred to him in a tweet yesterday as “beleaguered.”  This morning, he added this:  “Attorney General Jeff Sessions has taken a VERY weak position on Hillary Clinton crimes (where are E-mails & DNC server) & Intel leakers!”  That’s frankly an inexcusable way for the President to treat a man who has been one of his loyal supporters from the start, but it’s a pretty strong hint of what’s coming, Jeff.  A smart man would take that hint and resign with dignity.
  • Of course, replacing Sessions with a new AG who would not recuse himself from the Administration’s most pressing matter would set the stage for the next firing:  That of Jim Comey’s best buddy, Special Counsel Bob Mueller.  Shortly after his appointment, I wrote that the President would eventually fire Mueller, and still believe that will be the case.  Mueller is hopelessly conflicted, should not have ever been allowed to investigate anything having to do with Comey – who, by the way, is still the only person in the entire collusion fantasy play who we know beyond any doubt committed actual crimes – and has gone about hiring a staff filled with Hillary Clinton donors, removing any question as to the witch hunt nature of his investigation.  So that firing will eventually come, but the President needs an AG willing to overrule Rosenstein in order to achieve it.
  • If you’re sitting there thinking, dang, won’t that create a media firestorm?  Well, yeah, it will.  So it will be just like most every other day of this Administration thus far, and every new day to come as long as Trump is in office.  The President is facing a slow-motion coup d’etat, folks.  He is facing a highly organized effort by the fake news media and DC political establishment to force his removal from office.  This is happening because his very election to office threatens the traditional power centers that the ruling class/media complex has enjoyed for decades. So every day he is in office is going to be a day during which there will be a media firestorm.
  • A report commissioned by Amazon tells us that it is likely that we will, within the next 10 years, have technology available to us that will allow us to have actual conversations with our pet dogs.  I’m betting the first conversation goes something like this:

    “Oh, Bowsie Wowsie, I wuv you so vewy vewy much.”
    “Lady, why are you trying to talk to a dog?  You do realize I’m a dog and not a person, right?  I mean, if I was a person, would I eat my own vomit?  If I was a person, would you shave my full body, leaving only these white tufts of hair on my legs and neck?  You have already stolen every other bit of dignity from me, and now you want to force me to let you know what I’m really thinking, too?  Grrrrrrrrrrrrr….”

  • In other news, the President spoke to the Boy Scouts yesterday and received a rousing, extremely enthusiastic reception.  Can’t wait to see the NYTimes story quoting an anonymous Boy Scout who will claim that Trump held a private meeting with one Scout leader whose grandfather immigrated to the U.S. from Russia.

Just another day in slow-motion coup d’etat America.

That is all.


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Doug Sterling

Doesn’t it make more sense to just fire Rosenstein?

D. Moore

Meanwhile, ABCNEWS reported on GMA this morning that wine exposed to music while aging in the barrel tastes much better than wine barrels not exposed to music.

The reporting has come to this.

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