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The Democrat Party Now Actively Supports Bigotry and Mob Rule

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

[Note:  The original text of this piece incorrectly identified Lexington as “suburb of Washington, DC.”  That’s what I get for relying on my memory for geographic accuracy.]

Leftists hate you and want to deprive you of your rights, Part 10,983. – The big news on Saturday came with the revelation that the owner of the Red Hen, a small, trendy restaurant located in the Northern Virginia town of Lexington, kicked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, her small children and five other members of her family out as they attempted to have dinner there on Friday evening.

The establishment’s owner, one Stephanie Wilkinson – who also apparently owns several other businesses in the small town – claims she received a call around 8:00 p.m. from her employees, notifying her that Sanders and her family were, gasp!, in the restaurant and expecting to plop down about $700 for dinner.  Noting that her employees were in a state of emergency snowflake triggering over having to serve a deputy of the President of the United States of America (because of course they were), Wilkinson donned her Birkenstocks, peasant dress and pussy hat (ok, just guessing there, but it seems likely) and rushed over to demand the paying, polite customers leave her greasy spoon immediately.

All parties present acknowledge that the Sanders party politely left.  Sanders even offered to pay for the privilege of being booted out of the place, but Wilkinson, being the raging nitwit she is, didn’t even want her money.  That would have been the end of it, but one of the spoiled, Millennial employees felt the need to post about it all on Facebook (because of course he did), which then produced an uproar on Twitter (because of course it did).

Sanders, in an effort to clear up all the lies being spread about the situation on social media, then decided to issue a tweet of her own about it:

This factual message set off another round of social media outrage, as leftist snowflakes became triggered all over again (because of course it did).

The fake news media is treating this situation as if it was just something that took place on the spur of the moment (because of course they are), that Wilkinson had no idea Sanders and her family were coming to dine in their restaurant and was just responding to the wishes of her triggered employees.

But let’s think about that:  The truth is that that Sanders had made the reservation well in advance.  The truth is that Ms. Wilkinson and her husband are leftist activists (because of course they are), as demonstrated conclusively in this photo:

This woman’s such a radical nitwit she even puts a pussy hat on her kid.  I’m sure he never gets bullied at school.

And then there’s this quote from her in the Washington Post:

“I’m not a huge fan of confrontation. I have a business, and I want the business to thrive. This feels like the moment in our democracy when people have to make uncomfortable actions and decisions to uphold their morals,” she told The Post.

Well, gosh, what better way to make someone feel uncomfortable than to see their name on your reservation list and hatch a plan to seat her party, get the drinks served and appetizer order taken, and then humiliate her, her young children and the five other people she’s with by kicking them out?

This of course comes just a few days after Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was run out of MXDC, a really lousy imitation Mexican food place in Washington, by a bunch of activists who had been alerted to Nielsen’s presence by the restaurant’s staff.

As with everything else the Democrat Party and fake news media do these days, this is all stuff that is straight out of the Saul Alinsky playbook:  You take an issue, personalize it by demonizing selected targets and make it increasingly difficult for them to do their jobs or live their lives.  Very predictably, fake news media personalities and Democrat politicians praised the discriminatory actions against both women on social media, CNN and MSNBC.

Again, as with everything else the Democrats and fake media do, none of this is organic.  None of it just happens on the spur of the moment.  This tactic of humiliating Trump Administration personnel in public is obviously part of a well-coordinated plan, and it will soon spread to efforts to discriminate against anyone who publicly identifies as a Trump supporter if there are no visible consequences for the Red Hen or MXDC.

Conservatives have always shied away from engaging in boycotts or public demonstrations that attempt to shut such bigoted businesses down for two reasons:  1) most conservatives actually work for a living and don’t have the free time to go hang out on a street corner chanting stupid slogans and holding cardboard signs, and 2) conservatives know that any public gathering of more than 10 people whose politics are to the right of Fidel Castro will be spun by the fake news media as a gathering of Nazis.

But in today’s digital, Internet world, there are many other ways to negatively impact a business, especially those in the service industries.  Already, Red Hen’s website was crashed yesterday by a flood of people making fake reservations, as were their pages on Yelp and OpenTable by floods of people trying to post fake reviews.  Some enterprising hacker even managed to hack the business’s online menu with a note that dining there causes erectile dysfunction.

But back to the point, which is that the Democrats and their activist supporters in and out of the fake news media are now actively supporting discrimination and mob rule.  If you think otherwise, you just need to pay closer attention to what’s really happening in our society.

Way back in the early 1990s I wrote a newspaper column in which I discussed the increasingly obvious reality that Democrats’ ultimate goal was to make it illegal to be a Republican.  Many readers back then scoffed at that notion.  Those who are still among the living are probably not scoffing this morning.

Just another day in leftists hate you and want to take your freedoms away America.

That is all.

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Melania Trump trolls the media, media too dumb to figure it out.  Film at 11.

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

It’s just like that trash compactor scene from Star Wars, only R2D2 won’t be saving him. – The walls of the justice system closed in a little more on FBI Super Duper Agent and Aspiring Latin Lover Peter Strzok, as Attorney General let slip during an interview that hey, his security clearance has been revoked.  Note for the faint of heart:  This film does not have a happy ending for the former Texting Titan of the FBI.

Gosh, why would that be?  So, so hard to understand.  Oh, wait…  – A new poll from finds that public favorable view of the Federal Bureau of (fake) Investigation has dropped by 11 percentage points since February, as the details of the agency’s massive wrongdoings throughout 2016 and 2017 have made their way to light despite the best efforts of our fake national news media to keep them hidden.  The most disgusting part of the poll is that the FBfI’s most favorable ratings come from Democrats, who spent the 100 years prior to the inauguration of Donald Trump bashing the agency.  But hey, now they know it was nothing more than a tool of the Democrat Party trying to fix the election for the Pantsuit Princess, they love it.  It would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad for the country.

Speaking of polls, this whole fake border crisis isn’t working out too well for the fake news media and their Democrat wards.   A new poll from Rasmussen finds that fully 54 percent of likely voters blame the parents of these children for their situation (imagine that) and only 35 percent blame the government.  No doubt heads were exploding all over the headquarters of the DNC, CNN, the NYTimes and the WaPo after that poll came out.  This is not how this was supposed to go for them.  Not at all – not even close.

Democrats in Action! – Democrats on Tuesday:  “End family separation! End family separation!”

[Trump ends family separation]

Democrats on Thursday: “End family reunification! End family reunification!”


Melania Trump trolls the media, media too dumb to figure it out.  Film at 11. – The First Lady traveled to McAllen on Thursday to visit one of the facilities that is at the center of the latest episode of fake liberal outrage.  As she boarded Air Force One, all the fake reporters gasped in unison as they noted she was sporting a $39 jacket, on the back of which was the slogan “I don’t really care, do U?”

As if it were all a coordinated effort (note: it is), the entirety of the nation’s fake news media went immediately into deflection mode, ignoring the First Lady’s long, detailed visit with the children in the McAllen facility and her discussions with those who care for them, focusing instead on her fashion choice.  What does it mean?  Is she making a statement towards these poor, poor children?  Maybe she’s mad a her evil husband – that must be it!

All the social justice warriors on Twitter also went into an immediate rage, because, well, of course they did.  When one asked me “can you imagine what would be happening if Michelle Obama wore that jacket?” I responded “no, because I can’t imagine Michelle Obama ever putting on a $39 jacket.”

Several hours after the First Lady returned to Washington, we of course found out it was all an effort to tweak the fake news media’s collective nose, as the President issued the following tweet:

Hilarious.  Obviously, the White House strategy on this fake border issue is not just to let the Democrats and their fake media guardians wail away and reveal they don’t really give a damn about any kids, but to help them along by trolling them as the First Lady did yesterday.  While some might characterize that as callous, it is in fact entirely appropriate to the situation.

Think about it:  The outrage is false.  Pretty much every allegation leveled at the Trump Administration has been shown to be false.  Most of the images and video shown by the fake news media has been revealed to be from the Obama years, during which the media/Democrats never uttered a peep.  Even the little girl on the cover of Time Magazine has been shown to be a fake – she was never at any time separated from her mother.

The obvious next tactic the media/Democrats will be deploying today will be allegations that the children are somehow being “abused” by those caring for them.  By Monday, those allegations will also be proved to have been false, because this is what our fake news media does.

Given all of that, why should the Administration do anything other than taunt their opposition, and troll them into revealing their true nature and goals?  When literally everything about the opposition is fake, the opposition does not deserve a serious response.

And hey, as I write this piece this morning, President Trump has issued the following tweets:

Ok, I can stop now.

Just another day in now even Melania’s trolling the fake news media America.

That is all.

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Trump Tweets, OPEC Blinks

The Evening Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Tired of all this Winning yet? – If you’ve been irritated by how much it’s cost you lately to fill your car with gasoline, well, cheer up.  President Trump is on the case.

In fact, if you believe the folks at Bloomberg, he’s already caused the Saudis to blink and start working to get up to another 800,000 barrels of oil per day onto the global market in an effort to stabilize the price for crude oil at current or slightly lower levels.  Given that crude is the raw material from which gasoline is refined, a halt to the rapid rise in that commodity’s prices that has taken place in the last year will also stop the rise of the price at the pump.  Crude prices dropped more than $3.00/barrel (roughly 5%) on Friday in response to the Saudi/OPEC announcement of their intention.

So, how did President Trump accomplish all of this?  Optically at least, he did it with a single tweet.  On April 20, the POTUS took to his famous Twitter feed to slam OPEC for the rapidly rising price of gasoline as Americans headed into the summer driving season:

As Bloomberg reports, the Trump tweet produced an immediate reaction among the various OPEC ministers:

OPEC officials were in a meeting at the opulent Ritz-Carlton hotel in Jeddah on Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coast when Trump tweeted his views and they immediately saw it as a significant intervention.

“We were in the meeting in Jeddah, when we read the tweet,” OPEC Secretary General Mohammad Barkindo said on Friday. “I think I was prodded by his excellency Khalid Al-Falih that probably there was a need for us to respond,” he said. “We in OPEC always pride ourselves as friends of the United States.”

Given that, unlike his immediate four predecessors in office, President Trump does not hesitate to lever negotiations over seemingly unrelated matters into one another, using all of the influence of the United States to obtain positive results, these OPEC countries also have developed a new-found sense of respect – likely bordering on fear – for expressions of concern coming from the U.S., even when they come from a Presidential tweet.  Perhaps even especially when they come from a Presidential tweet, come to think of it.

Now, probably there was more to this new attitude suddenly being expressed by OPEC countries.  The Bloomberg story cites a recent congressional hearing covering proposed legislation that would attempt to make OPEC and other commodity cartels subject to the U.S. Sherman Anti-Trust Act, and there have likely been negotiations between U.S. and officials from Saudi Arabia and other OPEC nations taking place behind the scenes since April 20.   But there is no doubt at all the President’s tweet got this ball rolling.

So, when you next go to fill up your car and notice that the price of unleaded has dropped a dime a gallon in response to Friday’s 5% drop in the price for crude oil, you know who to thank.

Isn’t it nice to have a President who’s looking out for our interests instead of the interests of some nebulous “international community?”

That is all.

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Trump Dropped Some Twitter Bombs Sunday Morning

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

While so many Trump supporters have spent the last couple of days tossing tantrums about the President’s decision to sign the horrible Omnibus spending bill, some good things have been happening without getting much notice from the fake news media.

Tired of all this Winning yet? – Just a few days after the mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida, I wrote a piece that laid much of the blame at the feet of an insane Obama-era policy that rewarded school administrators and law enforcement officials for refusing to enforce the law against students who engage in criminal activity.  In the ensuing weeks since, more and more people in the news media have begun to report on the scam.  Better late than never.

This growing attention level has now led to a positive outcome:  The Trump Administration announced on Friday that it will eliminate the Obama policy.  Just one more element of the insane, un-American Obama legacy falls by the wayside.

The fake news media really hasn’t paid much attention to this reality yet – it’s been too busy trying to whip the public into a gun-grabbing frenzy and reporting on a porn startlet – but with his staff moves over the last month, President Donald Trump has basically purged his team of senior advisors of globalists.

  • Senior Economic Advisor Gary Cohn – gone.  Replaced with the Reaganite Larry Kudlow.
  • Secretary of State Rex Tillerson – gone.  Replaced – if he can be confirmed – by CIA Director Mike Pompeo.
  • National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster – gone.  Replaced by John Bolton.

Assuming Pompeo is ultimately confirmed, the Trump Cabinet and team of senior advisors will basically be devoid of the open borders/new world order internationalist influence.  While it is true that Bolton is an interventionist who favors aggressive U.S. military involvement in civil wars all around the world, he is very much on board with the Trump plan to dramatically increase border security.

Bolton also promises to “clean house” once ensconced in the job, eliminating dozens of Obama holdovers and other internationalists who are not loyal to President Trump, according to a report at Foreign Policy on Saturday.  Taking this action will almost certainly eliminate many, if not most of the leaks coming from the White House, some of which have been criminal in nature.

Bottom line, 14 months into his first term, Trump is finally putting together the team of leaders he should have had in the first place.  Again, better late than never.


Early this morning, President Trump issued the following two tweets:

These tweets are potentially very important, particularly the last sentence in the first one:  “Build wall through M!”, the “M” standing for “Military.”

The federal budgeting process is very complex and arcane, and one thing to remember in this current situation is that this “Omnibus” spending bill is just that:  A spending bill, not a formal budget.  It is a compilation of suggested spending levels for each executive branch department and the military, along with an array of restrictions that dictate how some, but not all of that money can be spent.

It’s important to also remember in this context that, on December 21, the President took the step of declaring a national human rights emergency related to child-trafficking, a declaration that would allow Mr. Trump broad discretion in taking action to crack down on those who participate in such human rights abuses.  It’s key to note that much such child trafficking involves moving kidnapped children in and out of the United States of America.

A second point to note is that, on Friday, the President notified congress that, in signing the Omnibus, he is accepting the funds under the provisions of the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985.  This law also gives the President broad discretion in making decisions to refuse to spend funds that have been authorized by congress, as well as allowing him to reallocate spending priorities within the budgets of individual executive branch departments.

Finally, lets also note that, last October, the President declared a national emergency related to opioid abuse.

Now, read the text of that first tweet again, in the context of what is laid out above.  “Building a great border wall, with drugs (poison) and enemy combatants pouring into our Country, is all about National Defense.”  Combine that with “”Build wall through M!” and, it’s not unreasonable to think that Mr. Trump is at least considering the possibility of reallocating some portion of the beefed-up military budget to pay for building the wall along the southern border.

Doing that would of course create a media firestorm, but hell, what else is new?  And such a decision would also inevitably lead to a raft of lawsuits filed by leftwing activist groups before carefully-selected Obama-appointed federal judges, and possibly even a lawsuit from congress challenging the action.  But at the end of the day, such cases would have to go before the Supreme Court, where the President would most likely prevail, given the constitutional separation of powers.

As I’ve repeatedly pointed out, contrary to what the fake news media wants you to think, President Trump doesn’t just belch stuff out onto his twitter feed at random.  His tweets almost always have a purpose.  Often that purpose is to elicit a specific reaction from the fake news media.  Sometimes the purpose is to send up a trial balloon to gauge how the public would respond if he took a specific action.

I think Mr. Trump was doing both with those two tweets:  elicit a specific response from the media, and then gauge the public reaction to the media firestorm before deciding whether to move ahead.


Just another day in there really is good news out there if you look for it America.

That is all.

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Media Outraged By Big Tech Data Scam – But Only Because One Finally Benefitted a Republican

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

But they’d all happily vote for Bill Clinton again tomorrow. – A new poll indicates that 53% of Democrats now think it’s wrong to vote for a candidate who has done immoral things in his private life.  *sigh*

This will happen as soon as all those Flying J’s truck stops start selling decaf halfcaf skinny mocha soy lattes with two honeys and a twist of lemon. – has a piece this morning titled “Why Millenials Should Start Considering Truck Driving.”  Ok, it’s actually good advice, but, well, it’s not exactly the vision Obama filled these young peoples’ heads with for eight long years, is it?  But it turns out our country is now overwhelmed with unemployable social workers, dog groomers, computer coders and Russian feminist literature studies majors, and we’re a little short on people who want to keep our economy moving by driving long-haul trucks for a living.  Go figure.  No one could have possibly seen that coming.

The fake news media finally catches onto the Big Tech data scam – Of course, this only happened when the “improper” use of 50 million Facebook users’ information ended up benefiting a Republican, i.e., the Trump Campaign in 2016.  No one in the fake media gave a rat’s behind when Google set up a satellite office in the Obama White House and Facebook and Twitter eagerly shared all the data there was to share with the Obama campaign during the 2012 election cycle.  But now that some firm that Trump didn’t even use during the general election had access to Facebook’s data that might have benefited the media’s enemy, well, that’s crossing the fake news media’s fake red line.  Because that’s what the fake news media does.

Here’s our reality when dealing with Facebook, Twitter, Google and the other Big Tech websites:  All they really are is data accumulators who are in business to sell their data.  If you provide data to, say, Facebook, Facebook is ultimately going to sell that data to make a profit.  Despite their periodic protests to the contrary, there have been so many examples of Facebook and Twitter doing this that you have to be a hopeless simpleton to actually believe anything you do on any of these platforms will somehow remain private and confidential.

The fake media is treating this latest in a long line of examples as some sort of major event, but the truth is that, had the firm in question here, Cambridge Analytica, been working on behalf of the Clinton Campaign, this would not be a story at all – you’d have never heard of these people.  Facebook and Twitter have been shadow-banning conservative news outlets and users for years with no objection from anyone at CNN or the NYTimes.  Google has almost since its’ first day of existence been biasing its search results in favor of Democrats, and no one at Yahoo News or the Washington Post has uttered a peep about it.

The hilarious part of all of this fake media attention is that it is giving momentum to the efforts in Washington to find some way to heavily regulate these big tech platforms in the future.  While any effort by the federal government to regulate these big tech companies would no doubt end up being a slow-rolling train wreck – because that’s the core competency of federal government regulators – it would be a certain form of justice to see the Facebooks and Googles of the world end up being hoisted up on their own petards.

Hey, at least we got some great Twitter memes out of it (see below) – The Washington Free Beacon reports that U.S. taxpayers are having to foot the bill to the tune of $22 grand for the Pantsuit Princess’s book tour trip to India.  That total amount is the combined cost of Secret Service protection for the Fainting Felon, along with administrative costs incurred by the State Department.  But hey,  why wouldn’t the millions of deplorables who the Coughing Crook insulted during the trip be glad to pay for a trip in which she broke her wrist climbing into a million dollar bathtub and humiliated herself by not being able to even come down a flight of stairs without major assistance?  Good times…good times…


Just another day in big tech data scamming America.

That is all.

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How To Keep Up With Trump Change, i.e., Why Whatfinger > Drudge

Today’s Campaign Update 

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • I get a lot of questions from readers and friends, but here’s one I get frequently:  How do you keep up with everything that’s going on these days?  That question is almost inevitably followed with, How do you decide what to write about each day?
  • These are great questions, because there is no doubt that the news – both real news being generated by public policy, world events and the incredible pace of radical change being implemented by the Trump Presidency, and fake news being generated by myriad false narratives coming from the Democrats and their agents in the fake news media – moves at a rapid pace, a far faster pace than we have ever experienced before.  I think some readers think there is some sort of magic involved here, but in reality, it’s just a matter of getting up early and using the right tools.
  • I get up at 5:00 every weekday morning – I try to sleep in until 6:00 on weekends – and start my process of scanning the news.  I turn on the TV, and keep it mainly on “Fox and Friends,” not necessarily because I enjoy it all that much, but mainly because I find the morning programs on CNN and MSNBC to be pretty much unwatchable at this point.  Joe and Mika are just a couple of TMZ wannabes these days, and the hosts on CNN are two of the most singularly dimwitted people I’ve ever seen in my entire life.  Expecting to obtain any real, honest information out of any of these people is the errand of a fool, and I’m too old to spend any time running that kind of errand anymore.  Sorry.
  • But in reality, I’m a reader, and I get most of my news input online, and the vast majority of that is initiated from just a couple of places:  Twitter, and my favorite news aggregation site,
  • I started using Twitter back in 2011 after a very smart person who I highly respect told me she that was where gets pretty much all of her news.  Prior to that, I had considered Twitter to be a toy and a waste of time, but I figured hey, if she’s using it maybe I need to give it a shot, too.  So I established an account and was immediately hooked.  Twitter has a lot of drawbacks, not least of which is that people tend to lose their social filters on social media, but when managed correctly through the use of lists and muting and/or blocking of annoying riff-raff, becomes a valuable tool for quickly getting up to speed.
  • Where news aggregation is concerned, most people immediately default to the Drudge Report, and I did that too, until about a year ago.  I can’t remember how or why I first became aware of, but I imagine I just stumbled across it during one of my morning news feeding frenzies.  I know it was in the final days prior to the election because I remember how glad I felt to come across it at such an intense time.
  • Don’t get me wrong here:  Drudge is still great, and everyone should be eternally grateful to Matt Drudge, because in the mid-90s he, along with Fox News, permanently destroyed the ability of the Democrats and their agents in the fake news media to completely control the narrative, tenor and slant on the news we all consume each day.
  • But in our new world, where the big story changes multiple times almost every day, Whatfinger is just better.  The first reason for this is just the volume of the content.  I’m a guy who never, never ever goes beyond the landing page of any aggregation site or Google search.  Don’t have time for it, seldom find anything useful or current beyond Page 1.  On its landing page, Whatfinger always links to at least three times as many current, relevant stories as you will find on the Drudge Report, and they appear to be updated on pretty much an hourly basis.
  • The second reason is organization.  The Drudge model is just to throw links to about a hundred stories or so up onto his landing page in a pretty much random order.  Whatfinger groups its stories into a series of specific categories.  If you want opinion columns, here’s the section.  If you want videos, they’re over here.  Breaking news is at the top.  Fake news from CNN and MSNBC is even organized into its own convenient grouping for all the gluttons for punishment who access Whatfinger.  A real time-saver.
  • The third reason is curation.  Again, Drudge is almost purely a collection of links described with the story’s headline.  Whatfinger not only gives you the headline, on its breaking news and many other current stories, its editors also provide a brief description of the story’s content, including its hilarious “Barf Alert” warning on stories that are particularly idiotic and/or slanted.  Again, this saves time, and time is extremely valuable when you’re trying to put out a relevant 800-word piece by 7:00 each weekday morning, a little later on weekends.
  • Keeping up with this incredibly rapid pace of change requires identifying and using the best tools.  I use several, but if you’re a reader like me, there is no better, more useful tool out there right now than  Trust me.

Just another day in Keeping Up With The News in Trump’s Rapidly Changing America.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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CNN Airs The Hillary And Harvey Show – Rampant Prevarication Ensues

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Exactly how misplaced are our Attorney General’s priorities?  Let me show you. – The Justice Department announced on Wednesday that the FBI was opening an investigation into the possibly illegal activities of…wait for it…wait for it…Harvey Weinstein!  I swear I don’t make this stuff up.  So, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is perfectly capable of having the FBI investigate the sexual proclivities of a film producer, but he appears to be utterly incapable of investigating the possible illegal activities of Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, John Brennan or anyone else who served in the Obama Administration.  This guy is worthless.  What a waste.
  • In Other Harvey Weinstein news… – Hillary Clinton, in a predictably softball interview on CNN Wednesday, told fake journalist Fareed Zakaria that she was “sick” and “appalled” to hear about her “friend” Harvey Weinstein’s behavior towards women.  This is truly hard to believe.  The Clintons have been paling around with the big Hollywood muckety-muck for more than 20 years.  He’s held fundraisers for both of them, personally given to their campaigns, bundled hundreds of thousands of dollars to their campaigns, and given as much as a quarter million dollars to the Clinton Crime Family fake Foundation.
  • The thought that the Clintons had no idea about the true nature of their “friend” strains all credibility to the breaking point.  Mrs. Clinton, after all, is supposed to be just the smartest woman on earth according to her brain-dead sycophants.  Her claim to have known nothing is too ridiculous to even contemplate.  But of course, Zakaria just nodded his silly little head at his heroine’s answers and moved on to his next silly question, because he’s such a silly little man.
  • Hillary assured the audience that she would be donating Weinstein’s campaign “contributions” to various women’s charities, which is great.  She did not specify whether that means just the funds Weinstein personally contributed specifically to her various campaigns, or would include all the money he bundled together and raised for her at the various fundraisers he hosted for her.  Nor did she say anything about the big sum he tossed into her family’s fake foundation.  Unless some third party keeps pressure on her – which we know the fake news media will not do – it’s a safe bet she will donate the smallest sum possible, and whatever she does donate will go to various “causes” like Planned Parenthood and Emily’s List, which will just funnel the money right on over to the Democrat Party.  No one does money laundering like the Clintons.
  • At one point, Mrs. Clinton chuckled and claimed “I give 10% of my income to charity every year, after all…”.  As the National Review pointed out last year, the great bulk of Mrs. Clinton’s “charitable giving” goes to… wait for it…The Clinton Foundation and events associated with it!  Of course it does.
  • And if you think any of this Weinstein scandal is just Tiddly-Winks, know that the goons who run Twitter suspended actress Rose McGowan’s account Wednesday night.  This action was taken at the behest of someone, because the Twitter goons don’t just go around suspending accounts absent a complaint.  McGowan had been using her account to “out” people, like Ben Affleck, who she believes (most likely knows) have been lying in their public statements about what they knew about Weinstein before the NYTimes published its story about him last week.  In taking this action, which she began before Weinstein lost his power, she has distinguished herself as pretty much the only admirable character in this particular Hollywood production.  So naturally, the Twitter goons went after her.  Somebody with a lot of influence is very, very worried about what Ms. McGowan might say about them.  You seriously can’t make this stuff up.
  • “America’s conscience” has got some ‘splainin’ to do – Some enterprising person unearthed a video of talk show host and bad comic Jimmy Kimmel – who one idiot opinion writer dubbed “America’s conscience” early this week – doing a ‘man on the street’ routine in which he has something stuffed in the crotch of his pants and asks girls passing by to alternately grab it or “put your mouth on it” to see if they can tell what it is.  For those who do not know, Mr. Kimmel was years ago a host of something called “The Man Show”, a program in which the humiliation of young women was a nightly occurrence.  I’m not sure America really needs that as its “conscience.”
  • Meanwhile, Napa and Sonoma Valleys are burning up, 21 people are dead, and everybody – including me, sadly – is talking about the wretched Harvey Weinstein.  God bless the souls of those who have perished, and those brave first responders who are working around the clock to contain the fires, and God help the hundreds who are still missing.  What a terrible tragedy this is.

Just another day in scandal-plagued America.

That is all.

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Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 3.21.2017

  • He obviously believes in the old saying, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of narrow minds.”:  Our bi-polar FBI Director, James Comey, offered testimony yesterday before the House Intelligence Committee.  In his testimony, he offered the following very carefully worded statement:  “With respect to the president’s tweets about alleged wiretapping directed at him by the prior administration, I have no information that supports those tweets.”  That statement, of course, has been reported loud and long by every fake outlet of the fake news media.  But, true to his bi-polar nature, Mr. Comey went on to say that his initial statement does not preclude the possibility that “other surveillance methods” were used against Trump and his staff, both before and after the election.  That statement, of course, has been roundly ignored by pretty much every fake outlet of the fake news media.  Mr. Comey may have bi-polar issues, but the fake news media is purely single-minded.
  • Wait…what?:  The most hilarious part of Mr. Comey’s entire five hours on the stand came when he accused the Russians of attempting to “sow chaos…and instability” in the U.S. electoral process.  Given his own multiple gratuitous interventions into the U.S. election process during 2016, one can only wonder what it is that Mr. Comey sees when he peers into his no-doubt bi-focal bathroom mirror each morning.
  • Another poster child for term limits on display.:  On the other end of Capitol Hill, the confirmation hearing for Judge Neil Gorsuch began before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which includes luminaries like Democrat Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy, who has been on the Committee for so long he actually helped organize the “high tech lynching” of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.  In his opening remarks, Sen. Leahy said “Senate Republicans made a big show last year about respecting the voice of the American people in this process.  Now they’re arguing that the Senate should rubber-stamp their nominees selected by extreme interest groups and nominated by a president who lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes.”  Sen. Leahy and his fellow senate Ds were so appalled by Judge Gorsuch’s “extremism” that the unanimously voted to confirm him the U.S. Court of Appeals when he was nominated by President George W. Bush.
  • This is the only possible explanation for their silence on the matter.:  In his own opening statement, Judge Gorsuch remarked that “ours is a judiciary of honest black polyester.”  Perpetually-aggrieved snowflakes everywhere no doubt puzzled over this remark, confused about whether to attack the Judge for being a racist, or a supporter of evil big oil companies, since polyester is derived from petroleum products.
  • Meanwhile, out there in the Twitterverse…:  Social Justice Warriors went crazy on Twitter when KitchenAid introduced a new line of small kitchen appliances that were painted a bright magenta color.  SJWs immediately went on the attack, within minutes coming up with the hashtag “#EverydaySexism” as their moniker for their assault on the manufacturer.  What these perpetually-aggrieved nincompoops failed to notice is that KitchenAid introduced these appliances as their means of raising awareness about breast cancer, and is donating a portion of every sale to Breast Cancer Haven, a non-profit organization in the UK.  D’oh!

Just another day in bi-polar America.

That is all.

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