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The Week in Review: The Fake News Media’s Fakest Week Ever

This past week saw the fake news media have what probably was its fakest week ever – which is saying an awful lot – and here a few of the highlights:

The fake news media, lacking any other negative story on which to focus in order to avoid reporting on the massive, mushrooming scandal of corruption at DOJ and the FBI, spent the first several days of the week hammering the Rob Porter story.  While Porter’s likely a wife-abusing turd who needed to be fired and needs to be punished, that hardly compares to a scandal in which the top echelons of our country’s national law enforcement apparatus willingly turned themselves in to a bunch of partisan hack felons.  But this is what our fake news media has become in the 21st century – just the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

Speaking of our fake news media, it went completely gaga over the brutish sister of North Korea’s Crazy Little Fat Guy for two reasons:  1) it gave all the fake reporters and commentators an excuse to bash Mike Pence, and 2) she looked and acted for all the world like a fairly normal and sane human being.

Speaking of Mike Pence, he was blasted by one of the shrew hostesses of The View, Joy Behar – the shrewest of the shrews – for his habit of talking to Jesus Christ as a part of his Christian faith, a habit that is shared by 100 million or more Americans.  The saddest thing about this little episode is not that ABC did literally nothing to discipline its pet shrew for her remarks, but that millions of people actually watch stuff like The View as a part of their day.  Seriously, people, better ways to spend your time include cutting your arms up with sharp knives and egging your neighbor’s house.  Stop it.

CNN, as usual, won the Fakest Outrage Story of the Week Award.  The fake network got completely pantsed by Texas Senator Ted Cruz when vacuous frat boy fake host Chris Cuomo accused the Senator of being “afraid” to come on CNN to talk about the DACA and other issues.  A few minutes later, Cruz responded by posting photos of him being interviewed for 15 minutes by a CNN fake reporter, a report that CNN had in fact refused to air.  This…is CNN.

This was the week we discovered that former Obama designated Benghazi liar Susan Rice was so concerned about what Barack Obama told her, James Comey, Sally Yates and Joe Biden in a meeting on January 5, 2017, that she felt the need to write an email to herself 15 minutes after the Obama Administration had ended on January 20 pretending he had said something else.  Her obvious CYA effort was discovered by Chuck Grassley, and rather than keeping her former boss out of trouble, it only serves to make it much more likely we will eventually find out what President You-Can-Keep-Your-Plan really said in that meeting.  Can’t wait.

Speaking of Sally Yates, her starring role in the Rice memo, combined with Byron York’s great piece revealing the fact that James Comey told congress last March that the FBI agents who interviewed General Mike Flynn on January 24, 2017 thought he had not lied to them, place her right back in the thick of the effort by the DOJ/FBI Deep State cabal to take down President Trump.  That’s because the idea that Flynn did do something wrong originated with Ms. Yates while she was serving as acting Attorney General during the latter part of last January.  We’ll be hearing much more of Long Tall Sally’s name in the coming weeks.

The fake news media was able to shift some of its myopic focus away from Rob Porter on Wednesday when 17 Florida school children were tragically killed by a nutjob about whom we found out later the FBI had been warned at least twice in the months leading up to the incident.  Of course, all the fake reporters and fake talking heads did their best to avoid talking about yet another FBI failure in favor of their very favorite subject of disarming the American public.  But again, that’s what the fake news media does.

45 minutes after the latest revelation of FBI incompetence on Friday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller got his little toady Rod Rosenstein to call a hasty press conference to provide his old agency some cover.  Rosenstein announced that Mueller was indicting 13 ham sandwiches, er, Russian nationals on charges that they created a bunch of fake social media accounts during 2016 and had no impact at all on the November 2016 elections.  Mueller has the luxury of knowing that he will never have his hilarious charges tested in court since all the Russians are in, well, Russia and won’t be surrendering themselves to the FBI anytime soon.

The fake news media, of course, ignored the only real news in Rosenstein’s statement, which was that no American had any knowledge or “colluded” in any way with the Russian ham sandwiches.  Instead, the fake reporters and talking heads parroted the false talking point that President Trump had spent the last year calling allegations that Russians interfered in the 2016 elections a “hoax”, and Mueller proved the President wrong.  Of course, the truth is that the President has spent the last year correctly calling allegations that his campaign “colluded” with Russian efforts to interfere with the 2016 elections a “hoax”, and Mueller just proved him to be absolutely right.

Oh, and to top everything else off, the Democrats in the U.S. Senate tossed the so-called DACA “kids” (Average Age:  26) under the bus one more time, refusing to provide 9 votes for any of the various immigration reform plans considered by the Senate this week, not even for John McCain’s bill which represented a unilateral GOP surrender on the issue.

The fake news media in unison blamed the Senate’s failure on President Trump, because, hey, that’s the narrative, and when you’re throwing in the towel on whatever shred of integrity you had remaining in order to protect your Democrat benefactors, the narrative is all that matters.

Just another fake news media week in Trump Derangement Syndrome America.

That is all.

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Donald Trump Just Keeps on Winning, and Pelosi and Schumer Have no Answer to it

Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part I – The Democrats are starting to have second thoughts about their “all Trump hate, all the time” fake strategy for prevailing in this year’s mid-term elections.   McClatchy News  reports that, as the Rasmussen survey has the President’s approval rating hovering near 50%, the Democrats’ own internal polling has his standing now at 44%, up from 40% in November.  Even worse for the Dems, their generic congressional polling has them now sitting with just a 46-42 advantage, less than half of their edge just a few months ago.  The memo accompanying the polling stated “While still on track for a successful November, the extent of Democratic gains will be blunted if Democrats do not reengage more aggressively in speaking to the economic and health care priorities of voters.”  Yeah, after 15 months of nothing but hating Trump, it’s doubtful most Democrats even know how to do that at this point.  Nothing makes my day like the smell of Democrat panic in the morning.  Smells like Winning.

Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part II – The National Federation of Independent Businesses reports that expansionist sentiment among small business owners hit an all-time high in January.  “One in five small companies said they plan to boost hiring…The new tax law “produced the most recent boost to small-business optimism,” NFIB’s William Dunkelberg and Holly Wade said in a report.”  Guess this is more of those crumbs San Fran Nan keeps whining about.

Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part III – Lunatic Marxist congressman Luis Gutierrez of Illinois told a rally of “dozens” of DACA advocates out in San Diego yesterday that he is planning on running for President!  Talk about a gift wrapped in gold for Republicans – a Guiterrez candidacy would put the perfect face on the Democrat Party:  snarling, unstable, hateful, incoherent and just not very bright in general.  Let’s all wish the congressman well in his pursuit of the Party’s nomination in 2020.

In case you missed it, the Susan Rice CYA email to Susan Rice is creating several ripple effects.  Last night’s Evening Campaign Update noted that one impact from the email is that it is raising the public profile of Sally Yates again, making her a central figure in the whole Deep State Cabal.  But another bit of fallout is that the email indicates that James Comey lied to congress yet again, this time when he told a congressional committee on June 8, 2017 that he had only met privately with President Obama twice, and named the dates.

The Rice to Rice email says that Comey actually met privately with President Obama after the general January 5 meeting her email describes, which included Yates and Joe Biden, among others.  January 5 was not one of the dates Comey rolled out to congress.  So, either Rice is lying or Comey lied, and goodness knows, neither option would come as any surprise to anyone at this point.

If you are worried about the Republicans and President Trump getting cold feet over the next couple of weeks and surrendering on the DACA issue without getting other immigration reforms in return, well, stop it.  It’s not going to happen.

The Democrats simply have zero political leverage in this situation – other than whatever leverage John McCain and Lindsey Graham surrender to them, of course – and really have no means of forcing a bad deal here.  They don’t have the votes to get anything done, public opinion has tilted to the President’s side, and even many of the DACA “kids” (Average age:  26) have taken to advocating that the Democrats agree to a border wall and other major reforms in order to get the DACA fix.

President Trump remains very clear on this:  He will veto any “clean” DACA bill that surrenders on the other immigration reforms he wants, which is what bills offered by McCain and Graham do.  We should have all figured out by now that Mr. Trump does not make these public statements just to hear himself talk, like our previous White House occupant was fond of doing.

The President has repeatedly informed Chuck Schumer and his fake news media slaves that DACA will expire on March 5 without a comprehensive deal on immigration.  Schumer, Pelosi and other Democrat “leaders,” such as they are, are in a panic over this, since they have never wanted to do a comprehensive immigration bill because they’ve always wanted to keep it alive as a campaign issue.

But that was in the days when public opinion was in their favor.  With even the heavily-biased polling organizations showing public opinion having now shifted to President Trump’s favor, they now have no means of convincing weak-kneed RINOs – other than McCain and Graham, of course – to surrender and give them the “clean” DACA-only bill they want.

So, stop worrying, folks.  The next couple of weeks will either deliver a package that includes a DACA fix, funding for a border wall and other enhanced security measures, heavy restrictions on chain migration and an end to the insane diversity lottery system, or there will be no bill at all, and DACA will indeed expire on March 5.

Because Donald Trump has shown even Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan that winning is better than unilateral surrender.

Just another day in Trump just keeps on winning America.

That is all.

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Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Sally Yates Now Becoming a Central Figure in the Deep State Cabal

Former Obama Deputy Attorney General and very brief Acting Attorney General in the first days of the Trump Administration, Sally Yates, is suddenly becoming a major person of interest in the study of the actions of the Deep State Cabal, that group of corrupt FBI and DOJ officials who apparently attempted to tilt the 2016 election to Hillary Clinton and since have worked to undermine the Trump presidency at every turn.

Ms. Yates had a brief moment in the spotlight back on January 30, 2017, when she was summarily fired by President Trump for refusing to enforce his initial travel ban order.  She then got another bit of sunshine on May 8, when she testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about the role she played in concocting the “Logan Act” violation scheme that ultimately trapped General Mike Flynn, and led to his guilty plea for lying to the FBI.  Notably, the sentencing for that plea is currently on hold until at least May at the request of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who finds his reason for being in his current role increasingly under political fire and public suspicion.

But back to the erstwhile Ms. Yates, who became such a cause celebre’ in leftwing circles for her defiant testimony last May.  Little had been heard from her since that time, but two new revelations this week place her right back in the middle of things.

First is the nutty email that Susan Rice sent to herself at 12:15 on January 20, 2017 – which I lampooned in this morning’s Campaign Update – that was uncovered this week by Senators Lindsey Graham and Charles Grassley.   In a very ham-handed CYA move, Ms. Rice claims that President Obama, in discussing his senior staff’s interactions with the Trump Transition team in a meeting on January 5, instructed everyone present to do it all “by the book.”  Obviously, something else took place in that meeting that had Ms. Rice extremely concerned – thus, the CYA email.  Notably, she lists other senior officials being present in that meeting, including Joe Biden, James Comey and – guess who? – Deputy AG Sally Yates.  Golly.

Then there’s yesterday’s piece from Byron York that discusses the fact that, in March 2017, James Comey testified to congress to the effect that the FBI agents whose interview with General Flynn in late January led to Flynn’s guilty plea told Comey that they did not believe Flynn had misled them during that interview.  Comey also told congress that those agents saw nothing wrong with the outreach conversations Flynn had conducted during December and early January with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

It was only after Ms. Yates concocted her absurd scenario that Flynn was somehow in violation of the 218 year-old Logan Act, a law that has never in U.S. history been enforced, mainly because it is very likely unconstitutional, that Flynn suddenly came under harsh criticism in the fake news media and was ultimately fired by the President.

As York Reports:

So Comey went to Capitol Hill in March to brief lawmakers privately. That is when he told them that the FBI agents who interviewed Flynn did not believe Flynn had lied, or that any inaccuracies in Flynn’s answers were intentional. And that is when some lawmakers got the impression that Flynn would not be charged with any crime pertaining to the Jan. 24 interview.

And yet, with the Mueller Special Counsel staff floundering around, desperate to pin something on somebody, Flynn ultimately ends up pleading guilty in November to lying to the FBI.  So, either Comey lied to congress last March – which, given the multiple such instances we’re already aware of, certainly would not be surprising – or FBI SuperAgent Peter Strzok and the other FBI agents present in that meeting with Flynn lied to Comey – which also would surprise no one.

Regardless, the timing of all these various events:

  • the January 5 meeting that Susan Rice was so worried about she felt the need to do some CYA for Obama 15 minutes after her job had ended;
  • the December/January calls between Flynn and Kislyak;
  • the January 24 meeting between the FBI agents and Flynn;
  • the January 30 firing of Yates; and
  • the furious efforts by Yates between January 5 and January 30 to pin something, anything on Flynn –

seem to indicate that Yates was right smack in the middle of the Cabal’s plotting, and that we will likely be seeing and hearing her name come up a lot more in the weeks to come.  So we got that going for us.

The more you know.

That is all.

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Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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The Full, Unredacted Susan Rice Email to Susan Rice

Note to self:  Hi, Susan Rice, this is Susan Rice, writing to you, myself, me, on the last day of the Presidential Administration of Barack Hussein Obama, the legend, the hero, the immaculate ONE.  Well, actually, he’s not President anymore, because it’s 12:15 on January 20, so that orange-faced bastard who we spent the last 8 months wiretap….er, opposing, is now technically the president.  For now.  We’ll see how long he lasts.

Anywayyyyyys, I’ve never done this before, but I just thought today, my last day on the job, would be a very neat time to start writing notes to myself like this one.  You know, to memorialize my thoughts, just random thoughts about, oh, whatever random thing happens to randomly come into my mind.  You, know, just the silliest little random things, like  that time Valerie Jarrett and I helped load that 1.6 billion in cash on board that big jet headed for Iran.  Hee-hee, was that fun or what?  Wait, erase that.  We’re not supposed to talk about it.  And anyway, The ONE never had anything to do with that – no knowledge whatsoever.  Well, he did tell us that one time that, if we were ever going to secretly happen to accidentally, for no reason at all, send 1.6 billion dollars in various foreign currencies to the Mullahs in Iran, that we were supposed to do it “by the book.”  His exact words.  From The ONE, I’m sayin’.

Anywayyyyyyys, so many silly little things come to mind, you know, like that Lois Lerner weaponizing the IRS against those nasty Tea Party people.  She’s such a pill, that Lois.  Oh, and The ONE never knew anything at all about that one, if anybody’s reading this.  No way, nope, uh-uh.  Not a chance.  He always told Lois to do everything “by the book.”  Exact words.  For posterity.  He didn’t even know her name – would just say “hey, there goes ol’ By The Book” whenever he happened to see her on the 350 times or so she just stumbled into the Oval Office accidentally for no reason at all.  Yep.

Anywayyyyyyys…Oh, and that Eric Holder and his little ‘Fast and Furious’ gun running thing.  Pfffft.  That was peanuts compared to some of the other stuff, but it got all the news just because a couple dozen people or so just happened to get killed.  But Eric, oh, he did everything by the book.  Because Barack told him so.  “Do it by the book, Eric,” that’s what The ONE always told Eric whenever he had civil unrest to foment anywhere in the country.  “By the book.”  Exact words.  You should’ve seen the look Eric gave him when he told him that right before he took off for Ferguson to get things really stirred up out there.  Eric was all like, “Which book, Barack?” and The ONE was all like, “Whichever book you think works best out there – I hear Farrakhan has written a couple of good ones.”  Oh, that Barack – he could be a riot (literally and figuratively) when he really wanted to.

Anywayyyyyys, another thing that just happens to come to mind for no reason at all that anyone could ever think of is Hillary.  Oh, that Hillary.  What a Secretary of State she was!   You know that secret email server of hers?  Barack didn’t know anything about that one, no sir.  Why, I was there, in the Oval Office, when he looked Hillary directly in the eye and said, “Hillary, if you have plans to set up an illegal email server in the bathroom of some random contractor’s home in Denver and use it to illegally transmit classified information in your emails so that Huma Abedin can forward them to her pervert husband Carlos Danger to print out copies of them and give them to Huma so she can bring them to you because you think you just gotta have paper copies of every damn thing, you do it by the book, you hear?”  Yep, uh-huh, that’s what The ONE said.  His exact words:  “By the book.”  I think he even put an exclamation point on that one.  The man was serious, I’m sayin’.

Anywayyyyyys, Hillary was always getting into some kind of trouble or other.  Like that whole Uranium One thing?  Barack didn’t know anything about that one, no sir.  But he did tell her – I was right there, in the Oval Office when he said it – he said, “Hillary, if you’re planning to make, oh, I don’t know, $150 million or so secretly selling 20% of our country’s uranium reserves to those damn Russians, you do it by the book, understand?”  Yep, that’s what he told her:  “By the book.”  No exclamation point on that one, because I don’t think he really expected her to actually do that one.  Sort of a surprise there, even for The ONE.

Anywayyyyyys, I’m running out of time here, Susan, me, my own self, the Secret Service guys are pounding on my locked office door, so what else might randomly come to mind for no reason at all whatsoever?  Oh, gosh, you know what else just randomly comes to mind for no reason at all whatsoever?  That meeting on January 5.  Yep, that one where The One, Barack Obama his own self sat right there in that meeting room with me and Comey and Sally Yates and Joe Biden and he told us, he said, “Look, when you’re dealing with that Orange bastard and his transition team, you do it by the book.”  That’s right, uh-huh, that’s exactly what he told us, and nothing else.  Not one word else.  The One had nothing at all else to day in that specific meeting on January 5 other than that.  He was strangely quiet, uh-huh.  ‘Cuz you know, Barack’s a talker most of the time.  But in that specific meeting on January 5, with me and Comey and Yates and Biden, why, that was all he had to say:  “By the book.”

I have absolutely no idea why that specific meeting that took place 15 days ago just happened to come into my mind.  Isn’t that funny?  I’m always doing random and funny things for no reason at all.

Anywayyyyyys, this was fun.  I wish I’d have thought to start doing it before the administration had technically ended.  If I had, I could have told myself all about what Barack was really doing when Benghazi happened.  Oh, well…

Best Regards to you, Susan Rice,

Signed, Susan Rice.


Just another day in fake news media America.

That is all.

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Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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