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When Leftists Become Self-Aware, We’ll Be All Out of Leftists

  • Daily Wire reports that a young lady named Maria Ana Carrola Flores, a student at UC San Diego, is suing the school for allowing her to do stupid things.  No, I didn’t make that up.  It seems Ms. Flores participated in an anti-Trump rally the day after Election Day 2016 (because she and her fellow snowflake students didn’t get their way and mommy wasn’t around for them to whine to), and was hit by a car when several of them tried to block a nearby freeway.  We should all hope she actually wins this lawsuit.
  • No, really, stay with me here.  See, the grounds for Ms. Flores’ lawsuit are that the school knew about the protest, approved of it, and did not provide proper security to the situation, or appropriate instructions to the functional moron students that the school has been brainwashing.  Seems no one in a position of authority told these losers in life that it’s sort of dangerous to go up on the freeway and block traffic.
  • So, why do we hope Ms. Flores prevails?  Because of that first part – the school knew about this protest and supported it.  If a school is going to know about and support stupid protest actions like this by its students, then it needs to be liable for their consequences.  A big payout might help to bring a real sense of self-awareness to the school’s leadership.  So, you go, you little dimwitted snowflake, you.
  • Speaking of lack of self-awareness, Oprah Winfrey, of whom there are literally hundreds of photos paling around with Harvey Weinstein floating around the Internet, has now become the face of the dying #Metoo movement against sexual assault.  So much so, that all the fake sympathizers against Hollywood’s systematic abuse of women want her to run for president in 2020.  Ms. Winfrey’s stirring speech at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards ceremony took TinselTown’s slow learners by storm, but now she must find a way to deal with the reality that she undoubtedly knew what Harvey was up to all these years, during which she was one of his closest buddies.
  • Winfrey claims to be “considering” actually making a presidential run, but that bold statement may be more due to a typical leftist lack of self-awareness than anything else.  The facade of politics is a completely different false reality than the facade of Hollywood that Oprah has always been a part of. You have to wonder how many days of her reputation being dragged through the lens of her reality she will really be willing to endure.  Breathless liberals spent all day Monday saying that “if Trump did it, Oprah can do it,” but Trump doesn’t give a damn what the media and his opponents say about him.  Oprah cares about that, a really, really lot.
  • Personally, I hope she does run, just so we can all see the looks on the faces of Senators Fauxcahontas, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and former VP Joe Biden the first time they have to face her on a debate stage.  That would be priceless.  And let’s face it, the Democrats are going to run some leftist hypocrite for the presidency in 2020;  there is no more perfect face for the Democrat Party than a leftist hypocrite who was best pals with the monster Harvey Weinstein for going on 20 years.
  • The NAACP, apparently upset that Donald Trump’s unleashing of the U.S. economy has resulted in the lowest Black unemployment rate in history, issued a statement on Monday urging all African-Americans attending Monday night’s College Football National Championship Game to protest the attendance of President Donald Trump (I never tire of typing those three words) by waving white towels at him.  Apparently, no one told the folks at the NAACP that waving a white towel or flag is the traditional sign of surrender.  In any event, no white towels could be seen as the President made his way onto the field for the pre-game ceremonies.  Probably because any African Americans who could afford to attend that game have jobs, no thanks to anyone at the NAACP.
  • The President in fact received a rousing standing ovation as he entered Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz Stadium prior to the game.  Leftists everywhere today will condemn Mr. Trump for failing to kneel as the National Anthem was played, as has become the left’s new tradition.  CNN is no doubt searching for a cardiologist who will claim that Trump’s holding his hand over his heart is a sure sign of impending heart failure, and thus, the 25th Amendment must be invoked to save the country, or something.  You probably think that’s ridiculous, but this is CNN we’re talking about here.  It would be far from the most absurd thing they’ve put on the air about Donald Trump.  Amirite?
  • When you think about it, it’s really kind of extraordinary that the NCAA and ESPN folks approved a pre-game role for President Trump that was such an obvious, direct shot at the National Football League and its ongoing player protests of the National Anthem.  No idea who made that call, but whomever it is, you da man!
  • When the people at ESPN asked President Trump to visit the broadcast booth for an interview with the game announcers, the President declined.  Because, why would President Trump to grant an interview with the “sports” network whose on-air personalities have been bashing him with impunity for the last two years?  ESPN displayed an extraordinary lack of self-awareness for even asking, but then, that’s what progressive idiots do.

Just another day in unself-aware leftists America.

That is all.

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