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Last Night’s Trump Derangement Twitter Meltdown was Glorious to Behold

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

President Trump nominates Supreme Court justice, left goes crazy, fake news media piles on.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  – So, Brett Kavanaugh will become the latest nominee for the Supreme Court by a GOP president to have his reputation trashed by the Democrat/fake news media propaganda complex.  Let’s all hope he can withstand it.

So predictable and staged was the leftists’ fake reaction to the nomination that one can only wonder how anyone remains dim enough to fall for this nonsense anymore.  A small army of Soros-funded professional protesters began gathering in front of the Supreme Court building hours before the announcement, armed with four versions of cardboard signs that alternatively had the names “Kavanaugh”, “Hardiman”, “Kethledge” and “Barrett” printed on them, so that the right version could be distributed as soon as the President made his announcement.

These protests and media reaction were in fact so fake, so un-spontaneous that ABC issued a promo hours before they knew who the nominee would be which already branded the as-yest unidentified person as being “controversial.” Hey, what if the President had done what Chuck Schumer suggested and nominated Merrick Garland, ABC?  Would that have been “controversial” in your collective hive mind?

Of course, the truth is that President Trump could have nominated Alyssa Milano or Bette Midler to fill this seat and the leftist nutbags would have still gone berserk.  Because Trump.

Meanwhile, The far-left “Women’s March” organization is run by such a bunch of lame-brains that they issued their own release via Twitter half an hour (check the time stamp) AFTER Kavanaugh had been named with the following text:

Uh, folks, filling in the actual name is kind of an important part of issuing a press statement.

The best prank President Trump could have pulled last night would have been to name someone not on the much-publicized short list – that would have really set the leftist creeps off, because nothing makes a “spontaneous” Soros-funded leftist protest group angrier than actual spontaneity.

But Mr. Trump stuck with his list and pulled Kavanaugh’s name out of his hat, and now the game is on.  The nominee has a lovely wife and family – we can hope the leftist creeps, fake journalists and slimy Democrat politicians will leave them out of it, but don’t count on it.  For those on the radical left – which today includes pretty much everyone in or associated with the Democrat Party and national news media – this is war.  Don’t kid yourselves otherwise.

Here are just a few more highlights from last night’s fun on Twitter:

Oh, thank you so much for bringing this up, Jeffrey Toobin.  Please, everyone, give me ten minutes while I bathe myself with this thought and luxuriate in it:

Ok, I’m back.  Man, that felt goooooood.

Here’s what the fake newsers at dying Newsweek chose to focus on last night:

Hey, in all fairness, who hasn’t done that?  Was that mean?  I don’t care.

Then there’s this from the dimwits at

Why, it’s almost as if they don’t understand that that is in fact the President’s goal with this pick.  Go figure.

Fake documentary maker and failed Broadway star Michael Moore unwittingly gives us even more reasons to be excited about Kavanaugh:

So many badges of honor for just one judge.  This Kavanaugh guy is awesome!

Before going out to the Supreme Court building to mingle with her Soros protest monkeys, Sen. HeapBigFakeIndian weighed in with this:

I love how she includes her now-dead personal piggy bank, the CFPB, in this, as if any real person should actually give a damn about that.  And isn’t it also cute how she felt the need to include “I’ll be voting no.” I mean, really, was there a single sentient being in the entire universe who didn’t already know that?

Finally, it’s not Twitter, but in case you still weren’t sure that President Trump made a great choice with Kavanaugh, this screen shot of the protest at the Supreme Court building tells you all you need to know:

Image may contain: 3 people, text

Pretty sure that gal on the right just spotted the Democrat Party’s retirement-home congressional leadership shuffling over towards the protest and is thinking she’s somehow wandered into a remake of “Night of the Living Dead.”  Again, that’s probably mean, but I just don’t care.

Enjoy the next couple of months, folks.  The Democrats and their guardians in the fake news media are going to throw their entire playbook at Brett Kavanaugh, and he is still going to be confirmed at the end of the day.  Because that’s how we know that, despite their best efforts to kill it, America still works – elections still matter in this wonderful land.

Just another day in thank God for Donald J. Trump America.

That is all.

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Girl Wearing Maga Hat Chews Gum, Causes Fake Media Meltdown

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • President Trump held a rally in Iowa and said all sorts of great and hilarious stuff, but all the fake reporters in the fake news media could focus on in their social media rantings was the the three teenage girls right behind Trump.  Seems they were all in the TV picture through the duration of the speech, and they all – gasp! – were chewing gum.  Why, the nerve of teenage girls to chew gum!  Of course, one of the girls was wearing a red “Make America Great Again” cap, which naturally triggered the snowflake fake journalists into their daily uncontrollable rage.  These fake journalists are so far out of touch with normal Americans at this point that they are completely irredeemable.
  • Best Trump line of the night:  “They spent $30 million on this guy, and he forgot to live in the community.”  Hilarious.
  • Speaking of Trump obsessions, a woman in Cypress, Texas has undergone 8 plastic surgeries in order to make herself look like First Lady Melania Trump.  It didn’t work.
  • Oh, noes!!!!  San Fran Nan Pelosi is now coming under fire from the rank and file Democrats in congress, who have sat by like the good little fascist foot soldiers they are for a decade, goose-stepping in unison to every Pelosi command, and witnessed as a result pretty much the complete destruction of what used to be a majority national political party.  We saw grumblings all over the fake news media on Tuesday from members like Tim Ryan of Ohio, who told the New York Post that “We had good candidates but they just couldn’t overcome our national brand, which is toxic and damaged.”  Well, yeah, it is, and it’s fabulously hilarious that you are just now figuring that out, Tim.  Good luck getting rid of San Fran Nan, by they way – she’ll call in so many favors in your direction that you’ll look like a 10 year-old pub dart board within a week.
  • The glittery low-IQ crowd in the Hollywood Left is also getting tired of throwing good money after bad, and it seems that San Fran Nan has even lost the support of…oh, on, say it ain’t so!…Cher!  The washed up singer from the ’60s got so darn mad after seeing a bunch of her own money washed down the sewer in GA HD 6 that she got on Twitter and said – in ALL CAPS, mind you, so you know she was mad – “CONGRESSIONAL RACE IS NOT OLYMPICS,THERES NO MEDAL FOR 2nd PLACE!!  I ADMIRE & RESPECT NANCY PELOSI,BUT IN“EVERY”RACE,GOP RUNS AGAINST HER!”  Man, when San Fran Nan has lost the low IQ celebrity has-been crowd, you know she’s in deep doo-doo.
  • Oh, but it gets even better.  How could it get even better than Cher, you ask?  Well, let me tell you:  disgusting, slovenly, fake filmmaker Michael Moore also went on a Twitter rant, and it was epic:
    • “If u think the party who’s won the vote in 6 o last 7 Prez votes but holds ZERO power &is now 0-4 in 2017 votes is going to win next year…” (End of Tweet 1 – but wait, there’s more!)
    • “…get a friggin’ clue. The DNC&DCCC has NO idea how 2 win cause they have no message, no plan, no leaders, won’t fight &hate the resistance” (end of Tweet 2 – but there is still more!)
    • “I say this to my 7.5 million ppl on social media & the millions who watch my movies & read my books: Are we going 2 sit by &let this happen?”
  • No word on what Chubs thinks he and his followers – mostly pajama boys sitting in their mom’s basements – are going to do about it, but it’s a safe bet it likely involves Twitter.  Lots and lots of Twitter.  And milkshakes.  And Doritos.
  • The funniest part of all of this is that Democrats are now convincing themselves that if they can just get rid of San Fran Nan, and replace her with some “moderate” looking guy from the Midwest with the very same ideas and strategies, like Tim Ryan, then they will magically start winning again.  The best thing the rest of us can do is get out of the way and let them keep living in that fantasy world.

Just another day in Democrat fantasy America.

That is all.


Screenshot:  Fox News Channel

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