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Trump Enrages The Atlantic Simply By Eating. Now, That is Winning!

  • Why are fake news media outlets such cesspits of abuse and bigotry?  Part 3,152 – Eternally belligerent MSNBC fake news host Joy Reid issued an apology yesterday for the revelation of a heinously bigoted, homophobia-filled blog she maintained about a decade ago, but not, of course, before she had attempted to delete the blog entirely.   “At no time have I intentionally sought to demean or harm the LGBT community, which includes people whom I deeply love,” Reid said, though, in her blog, she obviously did do that on many, many occasions.  Guess the devil made her do it.
  • Hey, c’mon, it was an innocent 3-year long mistake.  Could’ve happened to anybody. – MSNBC, which, as a part of NBC, has been embroiled in dealing with the recent sex abuse scandals swirling around its own Mark Halperin and NBC’s Matt Lauer, was mute on the Reid controversy.  But after all, MSNBC is the network that kept the likes of Keith Olbermann and Al Sharpton employed for years, so expecting this particular fake news outlet to punish Joy Reid in any meaningful way is like expecting ABC to do so with, say, Brian Ross.
  • Hey, when something’s inevitable, you might as well enjoy it. – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who was among the first political figure to jump out and try to force Judge Roy Moore out of the Alabama Senate race when he became accused of weird sexual behavior back in the early ’80s, has had a sudden change of heart.  On Sunday, McConnell told a fake interviewer on ABC’s This Week that “I’m going to let the people of Alabama make the call.”  Well, that’s mighty big of you, Mitch, given that you have absolutely no say in the matter at all.
  • Someone really should remind the WaPo about the definition of insanity. – The Majority Leader was most likely just responding to a raft of new polls that almost uniformly show Judge Moore with a fairly strong lead of 6-8 points among likely voters in the race.  I say “almost” because the reliable hacks at the Washington Post poll made a last-ditch effort to influence the race, tossing in a faked-up poll pretending to show Democrat Doug Jones with a 3 point lead.  Everyone should remember that it was the Washington Post/ABC poll that showed Hillary Clinton with a 13-point lead less than two weeks before Election Day 2016.  We saw how that worked out for them.
  • Having apparently exhausted all other avenues of irrationally slamming President Donald Trump (I never tire of typing those three words), the fake journalists who infest The Atlantic have now decided to go after him for his…wait for it…EATING HABITS!  I kid you not, some guy named James Hamblin issued a piece on Saturday that condemns Trump for liking – gasp! – McDonald’s and – horrors! – Oreos, for regularly consuming more that elite society deems appropriate in one sitting, and for snarfing down his food too quickly.  Why, the nerve!
  • Here’s a typical paragraph:  “There is no question that this diet is dangerous and is very likely to shorten a person’s life. His dietary pattern adds to the picture of a 70-year-old man who has long been living against all health advice—who does not exercise, who barely sleeps, who has tumultuous relationships, who is frequently enraged.” The author even goes on to claim that the President’s eating habits might well get us all killed, speculating that “Decisions to live this way would seem to offer insight into Trump’s ability to assess risk. In light of a nuclear standoff with North Korea, rapidly warming oceans, and a looming tax bill that would leave millions more Americans without health insurance, his approach to self-maintenance is not reassuring.”
  • It takes a special kind man to be able to enrage leftist Manhattan elitists by the simple act of consuming food, and it is oddly reassuring to so many millions of us out here in flyover country that our current POTUS is exactly that kind of man.  Now I think I’ll run out to McDonald’s and get three bacon, eggs and cheese biscuits and a large Diet Coke for breakfast.

Just another day in Donald Trump is Winning Through Eating America.

That is all.


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We Can Count on Bob Mueller to Recuse, But Only When the Time is Right

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • In an absurdly hostile interview with Fox News’s trending-left host Chris Wallace on Sunday morning, Trump Attorney Jay Sekulow emphatically stated that the President is “not under investigation” by special counsel Bob Mueller.  This runs contrary, of course, to the fake Washington Post report from last Wednesday, which cited five anonymous “sources” who assured the Post’s fake reporters that President Trump is indeed the subject of the investigation.  Wallace was incredulous, since he apparently still believes the Post is a real news source, and others in the fake news media spent much of the day tut-tutting about Mr. Sekulow’s contention.  But then, late in the day, ABC and the Washington Examiner both reported that wait, the President really isn’t under investigation after all.  Seems Mr. Mueller has not made any decision whether or not to launch an investigation targeting Mr. Trump, which, if the WaPo’s fake editors had given the question any thought before just belching out their fake story last week, makes perfect sense since Mr. Mueller is still in the process of hiring staff and securing office space.  But then, expecting fake journalists to think rationally is like expecting an un-neutered tom cat to stop peeing on the furniture.
  • Here’s the thing to understand about Mr. Mueller and any possible investigation into President Trump:  If he does indeed decide to go down that path, then he has a legal duty to recuse himself from that part of the Special Counsel’s activities, due to his well-known best-buddy status with James Comey, who would obviously become a key witness in any such pursuit.  The governing statute of the Special Counsel process is very clear about this.  So, if we are to believe that Mr. Mueller is indeed the paragon of ethical virtue that Democrats and the fake news media have held him out to be, then we will know when any investigation of President Trump has begun because there will be a public announcement of Mr. Mueller’s recusal.  Should Mr. Mueller pursue such any investigation himself, in clear and unambiguous violation of the Special Counsel law, then any finding he delivers from such an investigation would be hopelessly tainted and worthless.  Everyone calling for Mr. Mueller’s recusal now should take a step back and wait until we have reliable information – obviously from some source NOT named the Washington Post or NY Times – that he has indeed opened an investigation targeting President Trump.  If such a day comes and Mr. Mueller fails to recuse, then he will deserve to have hell rained down upon him.  But only then.
  • Remember this immutable truth:  If Democrats are accusing Republicans of something they deem to be bad behavior, there is a 99.9% chance the Democrats have either committed the behavior, or are in the process of doing so. – Congressional Democrats are currently trying to gin up public outrage about what they deem to be the “secret” Senate plan to repeal and replace the failed Obamacare system that is being developed by a group of a half-dozen or so Republican senators.  Mind you, these are the very same Democrats who in 2010 voted on and passed a 2200 page monstrosity Obamacare bill that none of them had read, and whose leader, Nancy Pelosi, told an audience that “we have to pass the bill in order to see what is in it.”  Yes, those Democrats. Naturally, the Democrat agents who pose as fake journalists in the fake news media are doing everything they can to support the cause.  If any of this surprises you, you just haven’t been paying attention.
  • What must it be like to wake up every morning with the knowledge that you are Joy Reid? – MSNBC fake host Joy Reid labelled House Majority Whip Steve Scalise a “white supremacist” even has Mr. Scalise was fighting for his life in a hospital after being shot by a Bernie Sanders campaign worker last week.  In case you’re wondering, the sole basis for liberals leveling that heinous claim against Mr. Scalise is that he once accepted an invitation to speak to a group in his home state of Louisiana that he found out later happened to be a white supremacist organization.  In the literally thousands of campaign stops during the course of Mr. Scalise’s political career, this is the single example that leftwing slanderers like Ms. Reid have to point to when they assert their scurrilous claim.  Meanwhile, Mr. Scalise is known to be well-liked by his Democrat congressional colleagues, and the two capitol police officers who saved his life last week both happen to be African American, and both have served on his security detail for more than two years.  Either could have easily asked for reassignment had they believed the Majority Whip is in fact some sort of racist monster.  Instead, both are reported to have wonderful personal relationships with Mr. Scalise and his wife.  There is a special place in hell for people like Joy Reid.

Just another day in fake news media America.

That is all.

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