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The Evening Campaign Update: A Really Bad Week For The Deep State Cabal

The week began with release of the FISA Abuse Memo and the fake media/Democrat campaign to try to diminish the importance of that bombshell detailing of the organized corruption at the high levels of the Obama FBI and DOJ.  In the midst of a wide-ranging interview with Bret Baier, House Intel Committee Chairman Devin Nunes dropped the huge bomb that his next missive will detail how John Kerry’s State Department was also involved in all the corruption.  Kerry’s enormous jaw no doubt hit the floor when hearing of Nunes’ comment, and he apparently still hasn’t pried it back up since he’s been unusually quiet this week.  Then again, lawyering up probably doesn’t leave much time for public engagements or scheming with Middle Eastern terrorists.

Next day, some moron UT professor named Steve Vladek issued possibly the dumbest op-ed piece NBC has ever published (which is saying an awful lot, but there it is) in which he claimed that FBI Director Christopher Wray simply MUST resign over the issuance of the FISA Memo.  Yet, despite Vladek’s plaintive cries and CNN’s previous prediction that Wray would indeed resign, the FBI Director’s position remains filled.  Sorry, all you waiting candidates out there.

Also on Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl, and their fans immediately burned and looted half the city.  Nothing like a “victory” celebration in any major city run for decades by Democrats.

On Monday, cranky old John McCain, working with the execrable Delaware Democrat Chris Coons, introduced a budget compromise bill that would include a unilateral GOP surrender on the whole DACA issue.  His proposal was to grant the DACA “kids” (Average age:  26) legal status while getting absolutely no real concessions from the Democrats on other immigration-related issues.  That’s our John!

Bug-eyed California Congresscreep Adam Schiff lied a lot this week, even more than usual.  He lied shamelessly about what would be in the FISA Abuse Memo, lied about its contents after it was released, lied every time CNN interviewed him, lied in an op-ed he published, lied about the process the House Intel Committee was using to get his own fake memo released, and lied about what that fake memo contained.  He lied so much it was pretty much impossible to keep up with, and I gave up doing so at some point Wednesday afternoon.

Tuesday was even more hilarious for Schiff, with the release of an audio tape showing him getting caught in his own attempt to get dirt on President Trump from an agent of a foreign government.  Unfortunately for the over-eager Schiff, the guy at the other end of the phone turned out to be just a Russian comedian playing a prank on him.  Prank or not, if there was such a crime as “collusion” (there isn’t) Schiff would have to be lawyering up like John Kerry right now.

Wednesday was very eventful, beginning as it did with the release of a raft of new texts from the FBI love birds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, one of which pointed the finger of conspiracy straight at former President Barack Hussein Obama.  It was also the day President Trump told reporters he’d be glad to just shut down the government if the budget bill working its way through congress didn’t contain funding for his border wall, a DACA “fix” and other immigration reforms.  By Friday, he was signing a budget-busting compromise that contained none of those things.

Wednesday also saw the release of the unredacted Grassley/Graham criminal referral on British Agent Michael Steele – who, along with a bunch of Russians, made up most of the fake Trump Dossier for Hillary Clinton and the DNC – that was sent over to the DOJ a couple of weeks ago.  That letter completely confirms everything in the FISA Abuse Memo, and thus has been studiously ignored by the fake news media.  Because that’s what the fake news media does.

Finally, Wednesday was also the day when San Fran Nan spent 8 hours imagining she was a senator, as she put on a fake filibuster for all those DACA “kids” (Average age:  26) who she and her Party were about to throw under the bus.  By early Friday morning, the bus-throwing had been completed.

FBI informant Douglas Campbell, who has been singing to the FBI about his inside knowledge of the machinations behind the Uranium One scandal, sang before the staff of three congressional committees behind closed doors Wednesday afternoon.  His written testimony implicates the Pantsuit Princess and her fake foundation in a classic influence peddling scheme.

Senator Rand Paul put on a real filibuster Thursday night, pissing off a bunch of his colleagues who were hoping to bust the budget quickly and then go get a nice steak at the Capitol Grille.

Virginia Senator Mark Warner was revealed to have been secretly exchanging texts for weeks with the lobbyists for a Russian oligarch in his desperate efforts to make contact with the aforementioned Christopher Steele.  This was all with the full knowledge of North Carolina Republican Richard Burr, who is the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, where Warner is the ranking Democrat.  If  you wonder why that committee hasn’t been involved in the real investigations into Democrat wrongdoing like the House Intel, Senate Judiciary and House Judiciary Committees have been, it’s because Burr and Warner are both deep state skunks, and the GOP chairmen of those other committees know it.

Finally, in case you missed it, Thursday also saw not one, but two resignations by senior officials at DOJ and the FBI who have been named repeatedly in the Strzok/Page texting frenzy:  Mike Kortan, FBI assistant director for public affairs, and the chief of the Justice Department’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section, David Laufman.  Laufman’s resignation is effective immediately, and Kortan’s is effective next week.  If you think these are just normal course of business resignations, you need to play closer attention.

These two hasty resignations now bring the number to 9 senior officials at DOJ or the FBI who have either been fired, reassigned to menial positions or allowed to “resign” in the last 9 weeks.  Toss in disgraced former bi-polar FBI Director James Comey, whose firing last May kicked off this systematic housecleaning of deep state bad actors, and it’s an even 10.

In the age of Trump, this is what is known as Winning.  Bigly.

Just another crazy week in America.

That is all.

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Fake Journalist Heads Explode Over Simple Military Tactic, Film At 11

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Heads exploded all over the fake news media last night over a Reuters report that, in a conversation with the President (i.e., Dictator) of the Phillipines, President Trump “revealed” the fact that the U.S. has two nuclear submarines somewhere in the general vicinity of North Korea:  “We have a lot of fire power over there. We have two nuclear submarines, not that we want to use them.”  The fake journalists who are trying to brainwash you want you to believe that this is the revelation of some deep, dark secret, right?  Right.  Trouble is, these two subs made a very, very well-advertised port of call in the general vicinity of North Korea just a few weeks ago.
  • As a friend who knows about such things reminded me last night, this is called “projection of power”, a tactic designed to let the Crazy Little Fat Guy who rules North Korea know that we’re keeping a very close eye on him.  It’s been pretty effective, too, since we haven’t heard much out of the Crazy Little Fat Guy – who just a few weeks ago was widely reported to be about to lead the world into WWIII – recently, have we?  We should not expect the abject ignoramuses who infest our fake news media to understand any of this, of course, but that doesn’t mean we should let our heads to explode, too.
  • He’s got my vote.:  Montana Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte was accused of body-slamming a fake reporter with the U.K Guardian who barged uninvited into an event yesterday, on the eve of the vote to fill the seat vacated by new Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.  Americans all over the nation found themselves wishing they lived in Montana just so they could help Mr. Gianforte win.
  • Today’s Required Reading.:  There Remains No Evidence Of Trump-Russia Collusion.  Seriously, just read it.  It will make you smarter and better-informed than you were before.  Promise.
  • But doggone it, people like him!:  Ed Morrissey reports that Minnesota Senator Al Franken has ruled out running for the presidency in 2020.  He has apparently decided he isn’t good enough or smart enough.
  • Writing in the NY Post, Maureen Callahan describes the problem MSNBC has on its hands with notorious serial fabricator Brian Williams:  “Pre-election, the left-leaning MSNBC had been planning to pivot to hard news. Post-Trump, they’ve doubled down on punditry, to their great advantage.  It’s hard to believe that not one executive is mulling their greatest contradiction: How can they employ an anchor known for pomposity, grandiosity and lies while decrying these very traits in the American president?”  Well, hey, this is after all the same cable channel that has employed the likes of Al Sharpton, Keith Olberman, Larry O’Donnell and Andrea Mitchell.  So, no problem at all.
  • If her name was Trump lefties everywhere would be screaming about obstruction of justice.  And they’d have a point.:  The terminally vapid Debbie Wasserman Schulz was caught on camera threatening a police chief for collecting evidence related to her IT staffer’s alleged crimes.  Oddly, none of the fake journalists in the fake news media accused the former DNC chair of any sort of misbehavior at all.  Funny how that works.
  • Whew!  That was close.:  Speaking to graduates of the Harvard Kennedy School, former Secretary of State Lurch, er, John Kerry, the architect of the very worst international agreement in American history with the Mullahs in Iran, told the audience that “this is not a normal time” for America.  Well, color me relieved then.

Just another day in projection of power America.

That is all.



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