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Pelosi, McConnell, Schumer and Ryan Just Raised the Mortgage on Your Kids’ and Grandkids’ Futures Again

Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part I – Food stamp enrollments dropped by more than 4 million from October to November of last year, the Labor Department announced yesterday.  That is the largest single-month decrease in such filings ever recorded.

Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part II – The Labor Department also reported that new claims for unemployment benefits last week dropped to 221,000, the lowest number of such claims recorded in 45 years.  So despite the ongoing correction in the stock markets, the economy just keeps winning.

I’ve always said that the best way to avoid shutting down 14% of the government was to throw $300 billion at it.  Doing that will always, without fail, get you 9 Democrat votes in the Senate, satisfy all the war hawks like Lindsey Graham and John McCain, and let all the Republican squishes like Mitch McConnell and Susan Collins go back to their states and brag about how well they are “governing.”  Oh, yay.

So, when you see your kids, grandkids and great grandkids today, give ’em a big hug and thank them for allowing us all to keep living so well on all their highly-mortgaged futures, because the bill for all of this is going to come due at some point on their watch.  Or, if you prefer, you can just say nothing and feel guilty about it, which is what most of us will do.  Either way, the bill will be the same.

On the positive side, the budget deal does include much-needed additional funding for the military, along with the long-promised-but-never-delivered emergency relief funding for the victims of all the major hurricanes that made landfall last year.  On the down side, the deal includes more than $130 billion in new social spending that will just raise the baseline budgets for an array of ineffective and often counterproductive social programs, and which will be used by Democrat politicians all over America to buy votes in November.

The bill contains nothing for the DACA “kids” (Average age: 26), and indeed, nothing on any other immigration-related matter.  So the next few weeks will be consumed by news of fake negotiations over all that stuff, as the Democrats, in their never-ending bad faith, put on a show for the DACA kids one more time, only to throw them under the bus yet again come March 5.  Because the Democrats are not going to agree to any significant immigration reforms, and the President is not going to agree to any DACA “fix” that does not included border security funding, severe limitations on chain migration, and the end to the insane visa lottery fiasco.

In other good news this morning, the LAPD has referred no less than three criminal cases to the District Attorney’s office in La-La-Land, meaning at least one of Hollywood’s many, many monsters might actually go to prison for serial sexual abuse and assault on pretty much every woman he ever came into contact with, except for Hillary, Meryl and Oprah.  Cool.

Speaking of woman abusers, how about this Rob Porter guy, huh?  If you hadn’t figured it out already, Mr. Porter is this week’s fake news media excuse for not covering all the incredibly scandalous developments involving a growing array of Democrats.  Not that that excuses Porter’s alleged bad behavior – if it is indeed true – but the amount of obsessive attention all the fake news outlets have given this story is scandalous in and of itself.

Yes, it is a damn shame – again, if the allegations made by his former wives are true – that a sleaze like this managed to get past those vaunted FBI background checks (maybe those checks were performed by Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, who would have been too tied up texting each other to actually do the work) and work in the White House for more than a year.  But let’s face it, hundreds of people work in and around the White House every day, and the sad odds are that any workplace involving that many people is going to be home to at least one such sleazeball, perhaps more.  Hell, from 1993 through 2000, that guy was in fact the president.  That’s the nature of our society today.

If this were the Obama Administration, the Porter story would have been completely hushed up by the fake news media.  Maybe Fox News might have spent a couple of minutes on it.  But this is the Trump Administration, where any excuse to ignore the latest developments in the biggest political scandal in American history is going to be amplified beyond all imagination by fake reporters and editors who are desperate to avoid doing their actual jobs.

Because that’s what the fake news media does.  No wonder the Newseum in Washington, DC, which is nothing more than a monument to a time long past when America actually once had a functioning profession we quaintly referred to as “journalism,” is about to go bankrupt.  A perfect metaphor for a dead profession.

Just another day in fake news media America.

That is all.

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John McCain Plays Neville Chamberlain to Trump’s Winston Churchill

The Philadelphia Eagles won the franchise’s first Super Bowl, denying the New England Patriots what would have been their 6th NFL championship.  Excited Eagles fans swarmed the streets of Philadelphia in celebration, setting fires, breaking windows and vandalizing businesses.  So, it was just like they would have done had the Eagles lost.

In a last-ditch effort to finally completely destroy the Republican Party – something he tried but failed to do in his 2008 run for the presidency – RINO John McCain is planning to introduce a budget bill in the Senate that would include a fix for the DACA “kids” (average age:  26) but omit any funding for border security or other revisions to the nation’s open borders immigration system.  Unsurprisingly, McCain’s co-sponsor is a (fellow?) Democrat, the execrable Senator Chris Coons of Delaware.  Were the GOP to agree to pass such a bill in order to avoid letting the Democrats shut the government down at the end of this week, talk of a “blue wave” blowout in the midterm elections, which has gone away in recent weeks, would be revived, and for good reason.

Don’t kid yourselves: doing an amnesty for the DACA people while getting nothing real in return – which is what Sen. McCain refers to as “negotiating” – would kill the Republican Party dead.  The GOP base vote would abandon the party just as it did in 2008, when all the RINOism led by McCain and Lindsey Graham led to the birth of the Tea Party movement.

Doing such a bill would be a classic case of unilateral surrender in the face of impending victory, something McCain has specialized in throughout his political career.  The Republicans literally have Chuck Schumer and the Democrats completely over a barrel on this issue.  The Democrats are just three weeks removed from being blamed for shutting down 14% of the federal government for the first time in history over the DACA issue, having suffered severe political damage with everyone except their most radical leftwing base for doing so.  Threats coming from Schumer and San Fran Nan to repeat the same political hari kari at the end of this week are the very definition of political suicide.

Any thinking Republican would be doing his best Clint Eastwood impression and telling Schumer to “Go ahead, punk, make my day.”  Instead, John McCain is doing his best Neville Chamberlain, swearing to his Republican colleagues that Schumer really is a great guy, and that unilateral surrender on their strongest issue will buy them full funding for the U.S. armed forces budget they want, and peace in our time.  What a dope.

You never know what Senate Republicans might agree to do in situations like this – they regularly display all the intestinal fortitude of the Vichy French – but a horrible deal like this would have a very tough time getting through the House of Representatives, where real Republicans tend to dwell in large enough numbers to save the party from McCain’s worst impulses.

The intelligent strategy here is so obvious that even a trained monkey could grasp it:  Submit a clean budget bill to fund the government through the end of the year and dare the Democrats to shut down the government again over the DACA issue, which does not really come to a head for another month.  Let the Democrats shut it down for a week or so, and then offer the compromise President Trump offered in his State of the Union Address last week. When the Democrats reject that, change the Senate rules to finally end the filibuster rule, something the Democrats are going to do next time they have a senate majority anyway.

In other words, finally, at long last, take responsibility for governing the country.  Stop letting the Democrats run up gigantic federal budget deficits by forcing the government to run on continuing resolutions rather than passing real budget bills, something they have done almost continuously for the last 12 years now.

McCain complains that all this “partisan gridlock” in congress is preventing full funding for the U.S. military, which is true, but his bill does nothing real to solve the problem.  The only real way to end the gridlock in congress is to stop letting the minority in the U.S. Senate control the process.  The unilateral surrender he proposes on immigration would only serve to embolden them.

McCain clearly relishes his role as the party’s Neville Chamberlain.  Donald Trump, by showing the GOP how to win these government shutdown wars they’d never been able to win before, has become the party’s version of Winston Churchill, offering a clear path to ultimate victory if only they will hold firm and follow through.

Can they make themselves do it?  Can they turn this week into their party’s finest hour?  There’s no real reason to be optimistic on that score, but hey, stranger things have happened.

Just another day in Trump as Churchill America.
That is all.

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The Great 14% Shutdown of 2018, Day 3: Schumer Submits, Snowflakes Toss Fits. (This is What Winning Looks Like.)

  • Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part I – Late last week, as it became increasingly apparent that the Democrats in the Senate were going to cause a shutdown of 14% of the federal government, various fake news media outlets carried reports predicting the stock market would tank on Monday if that were to happen.  One clown on CNN or MSNBC, I forget which, predicted the Dow Jones would fall 1,300 points.  He was apparently channeling Paul Krugman with that bit of hilarity.  Of course, that did not happen.  The Dow was up more than 140 points on Monday, while the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ rose to set new closing record highs.  Just more Winning in Donald Trump’s America.
  • Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part II – Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced he is opening an investigation of his investigators, looking into the FBI’s claim to have “lost” 5 months of texts between deep state FBI Agent Peter Strzok and deep state FBI attorney Lisa Page.  For those keeping count, in just the last month, AG Sessions has announced investigations into Uranium One, the Clinton Crime Family Fake Foundation, the Clinton email scandal, and the Project Cassandra scandal, in which the Obama Administration facilitated the activities of the terrorist organization Hezbollah in the United States.  Mr. Sessions, who appeared to mostly sleep through 2017, has awakened with a vengeance these past few weeks.  It’s going to be a very busy year for him.
  • And speaking of WINNING, literally every snowflake, social justice warrior and Antifa terrorist on the radical political left went berserk on Monday when Cryin’ Chuckie Schumer caved and agreed to end the Great 14% Government Shutdown of 2018.  One leftist clown named Murshed Zaheed, who heads some group of lunatics that calls itself CREDO, told an interviewer, “Call it the #SchumerSellout, Hashtagged.”  Oooooooh, burn!  Man, when a Democrat politician has been negatively ‘hashtagged” by some leftist nitwit who heads up a group no one has ever heard of, you know he’s in a real political mess.
  • Then again, the clown has a point:  Chuckie did indeed sell out on Monday, folding up like that $9 tent at Wal Mart when he received new polling data showing conclusively that he was losing the PR battle in this ill-conceived shutdown to the Republicans and Donald Trump, who had out-flanked him at every turn.  Oh, the Democrats’ slavish agents in the fake news media did everything they could to try to prop their benefactors up throughout the day, but there is no doubt who the big loser here really is in a political sense.
  • The simple fact of the matter is that Schumer and his fellow disgraceful, anti-American Democrats got literally nothing in the “deal” that was struck to end the shutdown.  Schumer bragged about getting a commitment from Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the President for a full debate and floor vote on the DACA question by February 8, but the President and congressional Republicans have been committed to doing that since last summer.
  • Even worse for Schumer and his Democrat senate caucus, they’re going to find themselves right back in the same pickle in just three weeks.  What’s the plan then, Chuckie?  If Schumer can’t somehow convince Republicans in both the House and the Senate to award amnesty to 3.6 million illegal aliens who are somehow subject to this DREAMer status, then what?  Is he going to order his compliant fellow Ds to shut 14% of the government down again, place the interests of illegals ahead of those of 330 million American citizens again, and make those horrible polling numbers in the new Harris Harvard Poll move even more in the favor of the Republicans?
  • It is equally valid to ask what are the Republicans going to do in three weeks?  Have they actually learned the clear lesson from this shutdown, which is that they have a clear advantage with the voting public on these immigration-related issues, and if they hold firm and don’t panic in the face of a barrage of negative media coverage, they finally have a guy in the White House who will turn them into winners?
  • There is a clear deal to be struck here.  It is completely transparent and unambiguous, and has been for several months now:  The DREAMers get some form of legal status and a long and difficult “path to citizenship” that forces them to adhere to the normal, legal immigration requirements that everyone else who wishes to immigrate to the United States must follow.  In exchange for that, chain migration is ended, the lunatic “diversity lottery” system is ended, and the border wall and other enhanced border security measures are fully and immediately funded.
  • Harris Harvard and other polls show that strong majorities of Americans support every of those provisions.  All the GOP members of congress have to do is stand firm on them and they will win again in February.  If the Democrats want to fall on their collective sword over maintaining open borders, let them do it, and let President Trump tweet them to death from now through election day.
  • Congressional Republicans have never had a more clear path to electoral victory than they do this very morning.  Whether they like it or not, they have President Donald J. Trump (I still never get tired of typing those words) to thank for that happy circumstance.
Just another day in Trump just keeps on #Winning America.
That is all.

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Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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The Government Shutdown is Here! The First Round is on Me!

  • Tired of all this Winning yet? – Yesterday’s Campaign Update told you that shutting down the government would be the best outcome for the Republicans.  Lo and behold, we have our government shutdown, as the Republicans completely out-maneuvered the Democrats on one of these things for like the first time ever.  They have President Trump and Chuck Schumer, who completely over-played a terribly weak hand to thank for that.
  • With polls showing that 70% or more of the public wanting to do “something” to “protect” the poor DACA “kids” – many of whom are in their 30s – Schumer and every other Democrat spent the entire week claiming they would not do a deal to extend government funding without including some sort of amnesty for these folks who are in our country illegally.
  • When President Trump called Schumer over to the White House early Friday afternoon, Chuckie boy rushed over with a list of demands in-hand, no doubt expecting Trump to cave, like any of his Republican predecessors would have done in this same situation.  But Trump is not a Bush, and no caving was to be had, so poor Chuckie left the White House in a huff, so obviously angry that he actually passed up a chance to talk to the assembled reporters outside, the first time Mr. Schumer has passed up a chance to have his face on TV since he was in grade school.  At that moment, he no doubt fully intended to get back over the Capitol and hold a presser announcing his caucus was going to shut down the government.
  • But a couple of funny things happened while he was on his way back to the office.  First, he was no doubt told by his staff that the hashtag #SchumerShutdown had been trending on Twitter since Sarah Huckabee Sanders had used the term in her White House press briefing earlier in the day.  Second, CNN released a poll while Schumer was in the Oval Office showing that, by a margin of 56 to 34, people thought it was more important to keep the government open and protect Americans than it is to shut it down over an issue related to 800,000 illegal immigrants.
  • Why was that CNN poll such a big deal?  Well, you have to think like the Democrats think.  While there are still good people in the Democrat Party – no, really, there truly still are a handful of well-intentioned Americans still willing to associate with this band of miscreants – the party itself has no soul.  The party itself really believes in nothing, unless believing in something helps it to obtain and maintain political power.  That’s it.  They don’t really give a damn about these DACA “kids”, unless caring about them helps them in that over-arching goal.  Thus, that CNN poll told them clearly that standing firm on a DACA fix at this time was a horrible political loser for them, bigly.
  • Thus, Schumer and his entire caucus then went into panic mode, and spent the next several hours trying to concoct talking points that would make giving in look like some sort of “victory”, and throwing out an array of alternative plans that would have allowed them to keep the government open while saving a little face.  But Mitch McConnell and his Senate Republicans for once held firm and rejected each and every one of them, even as little Lindsey Graham was conducting shuttle diplomacy between Schumer’s and McConnell’s offices, begging them all to give in one more time.
  • So, we wake up this morning, on the anniversary of Donald Trump’s being sworn into office, with 14% of the federal government technically shut down.  As the Campaign Update said on Friday, this is literally the perfect coda to Trump’s first year in office.  If you want to clean out the swamp, one of the things you simply must do is stop giving in to the Democrats in these idiotic games of political brinksmanship.
  • The real glory in all of this is that President Trump for once does not get all the credit for the GOP finally, at long last, doing the right thing.  The happy fact is that every leader in the congressional GOP played his role perfectly.  Speaker Paul Ryan had his congressional chamber pass the bill that set the tone – with bi-partisan support – on Thursday, and then promptly adjourned the House and sent everyone home so they would not be around to gum up the works any further.  Perfect.
  • McConnell and Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn then played their hand perfectly all day long on Friday, putting out a steady drumbeat of consistent messaging about how the Democrats were ignoring the interests of the millions of American citizens in the name of making a special deal for a relative handful of illegal immigrants, a message that Ryan stayed in town to help push as well.
  • It was all perfect.  Everyone played their roles just right.  They’ll still get blamed for the shutdown by the fake news media, but the panic on the Democrat side clearly demonstrated which party will gain strength from this shutdown come election day.
  • At long last, Donald Trump appears to be rubbing off on members of his own party.  They’re slow learners, but it does seem that these old dogs are capable of learning new tricks.  Tricks like #Winning in situations where they had always lost in the past.  This is a day to celebrate if you really care about this country.
Just another day in President Trump just keeps on #Winning America.
That is all.

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Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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