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Comey the Corrupt Drama Queen Gets His Media-fed Moment [Updated]

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Tired of all this Winning yet?  – Congressional Budget Office (CBO) economists now admit that the Trump tax cuts will more than pay for themselves.  In a report released yesterday – and studiously ignored by the fake news media, mainly because none of the CBO economists look like a porn star – the CBO now admits it vastly underestimated the tax cuts’ impact on economic growth, estimating that they will raise such growth by a full percentage point.

None of this is surprising, given that the CBO’s method requires them to use a “static” analysis, which does not allow them to take the economy-stimulating impacts of tax cuts into account.  The reality is that even CBO’s new analysis is likely to be extremely conservative due to that fact.

So all those Democrat/fake news media talking points about how the tax cuts are going to explode the deficit?  Just more lies.  But you already knew that.

Democrats in Action. – Mike Pompeo’s senate confirmation hearing to become our next Secretary of State began on Thursday, and lunatic New Jersey Senator Corey Booker zeroed in like a laser on the crucial foreign policy issue of the day:  During his allotted 5 minutes of time, Booker asked Pompeo not once, not twice, but three times about his views on…wait for it…oh, you gotta wait for this one…gay sex!  Yes, the very ambitious Mr. Booker, who plans to pursue the Democrat nomination for the presidency in 2020, thinks the most important thing he and the American people need to know about the guy who will likely become the nation’s chief diplomat is what he thinks about what gay people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms.

Somehow, I don’t think that particular issue is likely to come up during the upcoming negotiations with the Crazy Little Fat Guy in North Korea.  Just a guess.

Can’t they just secede from the union instead?  That would be much better. – The London Telegraph reports that activists in California have now moved a step closer to carving the Golden State up into three smaller states, thanks to the efforts of Hotmail founder Tim Draper.  Draper’s funding helped ensure that a petition effort was able to collect 600,000 signatures from California residents in favor of holding a referendum on the matter, far more than the needed 364,000, which represents approximately 1% of California’s current population.

Those of you who are worried about the prospect of adding 4 additional Californians along the lines of San Fran Nan, Maxine Waters, Dianne Feinstein or Kamala Harris to the U.S. senate can breathe easy, since, even if this referendum should succeed, it would require super-majority approval in both houses of congress to go into effect, and that isn’t going to happen.  It’s still fun to watch, though.

James Comey’s long-anticipated book hit the shelves on Thursday, and boy is it a doozy.  In the book, the bi-polar drama queen former ex-FBI Director and current Twitter savant says that President Trump is “untethered to the truth,” and acts like a mob boss.

It is fair to point out that this is the very same James Comey whose leadership turned the FBI into a rogue, outlaw organization, an organization that ignored its mandated duties in order to coordinate an effort to steal an election and, having failed at that, reverse its outcome.  This is the same James Comey who led a completely phony “investigation” into the Clinton email scandal, the same James Comey who wrote a memo exonerating the Pantsuit Princess of all charges four months before he had bothered to even interview her or any of her chief assistants.

This is the same James Comey who has committed perjury multiple times before congressional committees, the same James Comey who most likely ordered Andrew McCabe to forge his notes from his interview of General James Flynn, the same James Comey who we know leaked classified information to the New York Times and stole government property on his way out the door when he was fired.

In other words, were James Comey a witness to a murder, the prosecution’s lawyers would never call him to the stand to testify, because the defense lawyers would rip him to shreds and leave him crying like a little, 6’8″ tall girl.

I’ve often pointed out that the Clintons’ favorite political tactic is projection, i.e., whenever they’re guilty of some bad act, they deflect attention by accusing their opponents of exactly the same bad behavior.  Mr. Comey’s book demonstrates that he learned a lot from the Clintons while conducting his sham investigation.

Naturally, the first televised interview this deluded paragon of virtue will conduct about the book is with ABC’s fake host George Stephanopolous, who spent a decade serving as a toady for Bill and Hillary Clinton.  ABC’s promo ad for the interview shows Georgie tossing out a series of predictably softball questions to an apparently mute Comey.  If you play a drinking game during the interview in which you take a shot of tequila every time Comey is asked a tough question, you will end the night completely sober.  Because that’s what the fake news media does.

Just another day in fake news media and demented Democrats America.

That is all.

Update:  Just to prove that he reads the Campaign Update each and every morning, President Trump issued the following two tweets within 30 minutes of this piece going live:


So.  Damn.  Awesome.  Never, never, never, ever stop tweeting, Mr. President.  Please, never stop.


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Open post

America’s Left Is Extremely Religious, Emphasis On “Extreme”

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Some Seattle-based social justice warrior named Frances S. Lee woke up over the weekend and realized his political ideology is no different than your basic religious cult, complete with sacred texts, religious dogma, church elders and strictures on speech and behavior that must not be violated.  Mr. Lee is asking to be excommunicated from this amazingly destructive, anti-American church.  Good for him.  The trouble is, for every awakened SJW like Mr. Lee, there are a hundred mind-numbed nitwits waiting to take his place.
  • By the way, as you read Mr. Lee’s piece, try substituting the words “Climate Change” every time you read “Social Justice”, and you will see that his piece could have otherwise been written word-for-word about the global Church of Climate Alarm.
  • Speaking of cults, John Sexton had an excellent piece at on Saturday, reminding us that the fake news media also functions in the very same way.  His piece, a remembrance of the 2008 “Journolist” scandal, in which dozens of leftwing activists posing as journalists were revealed to be coordinating daily talking points, narratives, strategies and targets for demonization, all in support of their fake God, Barack Obama, needs to be read by all, because though the “Journolist” daily email chains might have disappeared, all these leftist seditionists are still dominating the fake news media and the cultish behavior still dominates the fake news coverage.
  • All The Fake News That Fits, Part 86,452:  As if on cue, the NYTimes provides a wonderful example of how this religious cult operates, as it ran a story titled “Iran Dominates In Iraq After U.S. Hands The Country Over”.  Obviously the piece masquerades as an expose’ of the 15 year failed U.S. policy vis a vis Iraq following 911.  Amazingly, the writers of this piece managed somehow to roll out its 1,000-plus words without mentioning the name “Barack Obama” – who inherited a fairly stable situation and intentionally destroyed it in keeping with his leftist ideology – one single time.  If you want to know why I consistently point to the NYTimes as one of the fakest of all fake news outlets, this story is a prime example.
  • And A New False God Rises In The West To Fill The Obama Void:  Again, as if on cue, the NYPost reports that the Democrat Party, desperate to find someone who doesn’t require assisted living services to become their great new presidential hope, have now turned to  – guess who? – yet another freshman senator from a heavily blue state.  With Corey Booker having gone down in flames as simply unappealing to the masses, the Coastal Democrats now turn their eyes to a new annointee, Senator Kamala Harris of California.  In the estimation of Party leaders and their fake news media propaganda agents, Sen. Harris has literally got it all:  outspoken, good-looking, young-ish, a minority background, a woman, an excellent public speaker, and a person who can lie on cue without missing a beat.
  • It will piss off the Fake Indian From Massachusets and The Most Corrupt Woman In America to no end, but Senator Harris is obviously the new Chosen One for the Coastal Democrats.  In the coming months, expect to an undending series of newspaper and magazine articles praising Sen. Harris for her smarts, her toughness, her political skills, and yes, even laughingly for her “moderate”, “inclusive” political outlook, as the fake news media begins to condition the public at large to believe she is just the person to “bring the country together”, just as they began doing with Barack Obama starting in 2007.  This is what the Democrats and the fake news media do.

Just another weekend in leftwing religious cult America.

That is all.

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