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The Perils Of Pelosi

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Oh, noes!  Not Nancy! – San Fran Nan, defending herself from a rising movement to replace her as House Minority Leader in the wake of Tuesday’s humiliating loss in Georgia’s HD 6, held a bumbling, stumbling, mumbling press conference on Thursday.  During the presser, she repeated herself constantly, flailed about for words, and finally blurted out the following:  “I always, always, always quote Martin Luther King in so many ways. But in this score, he said, Dr. Mar— he said, the ballot, the ballot, the ballot, legislation, legislation, legislation, your life, your life, your life.”  Trouble is, Dr. King never said any such thing.  But then, she’s a Democrat, so she’ll be protected by Joe and Mika this morning.
  • The thing is, he’s right. – Noting the perils of Pelosi, President Trump hit Twitter with the following:  “I certainly hope the Democrats do not force Nancy P out. That would be very bad for the Republican Party – and please let Cryin’ Chuck stay!”  Of course, the President is right about Ms. Pelosi’s value to the GOP – she is the Republicans’ easiest and most toxic target for congressional candidates to run against in about 3/4ths of the country.  If the Ds were to replace her with someone with a more “moderate” image – though with the same radical leftist policy priorities – like Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan, they would take that easy target away from the Rs.  Then again, it would be a very simple thing to replace San Fran Nan’s mug with that of the equally repugnant and toxic Chuck Schumer in those GOP ads.  As he so often does, President Trump managed to sum up a fairly complex matter in a 140 character Tweet.
  • She’s about to start making people offers they can’t refuse. – In any event, taking down a sitting Majority Leader of either party in the midst of a congressional session is no easy thing.  San Fran Nan functions like a Mafia don, raising and distributing tons of money among her capo regimes, doling out favors, collecting chits, rewarding those who are loyal with powerful positions, punishing anyone who crosses her.  Martin Scorsese could make a bang-up movie about her rise to power and her decade as the party’s leader in the House.  Those Democrats who are now organizing an effort to overthrow her had better start checking under the covers for severed horse’s heads before they climb into bed.
  • Hey Jake Tapper, you’ve been TrumpTrolled! – In other news, President Trump ended his two month-long Twitter trolling of James Comey and the fake news media, issuing a Tweet in which he admitted he never taped any conversations with our bi-polar former FBI Director.  This naturally caused great outrage among all the fake journalists in the fake press corps, as they watched their dreams of another opportunity to claim “it’s Watergate all over again!” fly out the windows of their sad little cubicles.
  • And right on cue, now that he believes there are no recordings of his conversations with President Trump, Mr. Comey and his wife were spotted by the Daily Mail’s Jennifer Smith strolling into the NYTimes Building.  We should expect to see another “bombshell” scandal report out of the fake journalists at the fake newspaper of record, based entirely on some mysterious “anonymous source” within the next 48 hours.  As we now know, this is how Mr. Comey has always functioned.
  • Finally, here’s another reason to expect a new anonymously-sourced “bombshell” from either the NYTimes or the WaPo over the weekend:  After a couple of months in which the fakenews scandal-mongers at All-Russia-All-the-time MSNBC had led in the prime time ratings, Fox News has now re-taken the top spot that it had held continuously for more than a decade, as the public becomes increasingly aware that the whole Russia Collusion canard is just a Democrat fantasy.  These ratings are proof that the public has moved on, even if MSNBC and CNN haven’t.

Just another day in Scrambling Nancy Pelosi America.

That is all.

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Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 3.4.2017

  • Who could have ever predicted this? – Friday’s daily mailer from the Rasmussen survey group contained a header that says “Democrats See McCain As Better GOP Role Model Than Trump.”  You don’t say…
  • #FakeNews busted, yet again – You may have noticed that the fake news media has been implying that the recent spate of bomb threats being phoned into Jewish centers just has to be the work of nebulous, unidentified Trump supporters.  Yeah…that’s not happening.  Yesterday,  the FBI finally made its first arrest of a suspect in these cases.  He is one Juan Thompson, a former fake reporter for, of all places, NPR, who spent most of the election campaign comparing President Trump to Adolph Hitler, and bragged on Twitter about being a Bernie Sanders voter.  I swear I don’t make this stuff up.  Seriously.
  • As I write this, the President of the United States has just gone on a Tweet storm in which he is overtly accusing his predecessor, Barack Obama, of ordering the wiretapping of Trump Tower in the days leading up to the election.  I can’t imagine that President Trump would directly make this allegation if he did not have 100% certainty the information is true.  It had better be, because if there is any element of what the President says in his Tweets that is not absolutely verifiable, that aspect of the story will be the only thing the fake news media focuses on, not the scandal of a former president abusing his office in such a heinous, fascist manner.  In fact, already apologists for Mr. Obama are on Fox and CBS using coordinated talking points that claim “presidents don’t wiretap anyone”, as if Mr. Obama should not be held accountable for his administration’s actions.
  • If it is all true, this will be the signal that the Trump Administration, after a couple of weeks on defense against all the fake news media allegations pointed at it, is going on the offense, and is about to do what it absolutely needs to do to survive:  Go to all-out war against Mr. Obama and his evil minions that remain embedded in the various intel agencies, the State Department, the EPA and other agencies of the government.  This will make squeamish Republicans and fake Republicans like Senators Graham and McCain uncomfortable, but it is an absolute necessity if the Trump presidency is to be anything more than a 4-year do-nothing placeholder before the next Democrat or soft Republican presidency resumes the nation’s 28 year slouch towards European socialism.
  • BTW, we keep hearing soft Republicans like Lindsey Graham and Darrell Issa joining the likes of San Fran Nan and Cryin’ Chuckie Schumer in calls for an “independent prosecutor” to look into the fakenews allegations against Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  The fact is that there is no such thing as an “independent prosecutor” law in the U.S. government – that law was repealed during the Clinton Administration.  There is a provision in the law for a “special counsel”, but it can only be appointed by the Justice Department, not congress.  Given the revelations of Obama’s wiretapping of Trump Tower, I’m guessing the Justice Department, if it appoints a “special counsel”, will be appointing one to look into that real issue, not fake ones invented by the fake news media.
  • Hey, how about appointing a “special counsel” to perform a real investigation into the Clinton Crime Family Foundation? That would be a good start.

Just another day in Fake News America.  Buckle up, folks, things are about to get very intense.

That is all.

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