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Gateway Pundit’s New Comey/Weiner Revelation Explains So Much

If you have been wondering for the last 15 months why it was that former bi-polar FBI Director James Comey, who had worked his butt off to help Hillary Clinton get elected in 2016, suddenly notified congress just 12 days before Election Day that the investigation into her illegal email server had been re-opened, The Gateway Pundit answers your question this morning.

Turns out, he did that because he was basically forced into action when a Justice Department national security prosecutor named George Toscas found out about all the thousands of Hillary emails that turned up on Anthony Weiner’s laptop in September.  Remember the story from last week about how Andrew McCabe was being investigated by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz for letting that “matter” sit on his desk for 4 weeks without taking any action?  Yeah, this morning’s revelation explains that, too.

Obviously, Comey had ordered McCabe to keep the Weiner Matter flaccid until after the election had come and gone, in the hopes Hillary would win and it could all just be permanently flushed down the can.   But Toscas’s intervention obviously forced Comey’s hand.

Finally, this new revelation derived from the new raft of Strzok/Page texts – which our fake news media will no doubt studiously ignore – also explains why Comey and his band of deep state cabal agents miraculously managed to rush through the 600,000 or so emails contained on the Carlos Danger laptop in record time, declaring the Pantsuit Princess free and clear after an “investigation” that didn’t even last a week.  Thus, this new revelation makes perfect sense of Comey’s seemingly bi-polar behavior during the two weeks leading up to Election Day 2016.

The more you know…

That is all.

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Kathy Griffin Really Stepped In The Covfefe This Time

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Nauseatingly disgusting bad comic Kathy Griffin found herself isolated late yesterday after her Tweet of a photo of herself holding President Trump’s bloodied, severed head attracted protests from people of all political persuasions.  Even Chelsea Clinton issued a tweet – no doubt written by someone else and focused grouped in advance – condemning the unfunny comic’s action.  Ms. Griffin held firm much of the day, trying to laugh it all off as just part of her normal un-funny business, but then, after the Drudge Report had reported that the Secret Service was opening an investigation, she suddenly had a change of heart and tweeted out a 30 second insincere apology.
  • My only question about this whole incident is not why Ms. Griffin felt posting such a disgusting image was a proper thing to do.  After all, she was just putting together an image everyone in the fake news media and the Democrat Party has been working to facilitate since Election Day by dehumanizing the President every day.  No, my question is why so many on the left are going after Ms. Griffin, when they completely let Snoop Dogg off the hook when he released a video showing him shooting a mocked up Donald Trump in clown face a couple of months ago.  Applying liberal logic, there can only be one answer:  rampant sexism among the American left.  No doubt about it.
  • President Trump caused fake journalists heads to start exploding earlier than usual this morning, issuing a Tweet from his account at around 3:00 that read, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”.  Fake reporters and fake editors everywhere rushed to figure out just what exactly the word “covfefe” means?  Did the President just nod off in the middle of 3 a.m. tweet?  Did he get distracted by some shiny object or re-runs of Tucker Carlson?  What could it be?  No word yet on exactly when we will see a fake news report out of the WaPo or NYTimes quoting a mythical “anonymous source” who claims that “covfefe” is actually a code word authorizing Jared Kushner to run over to the Russian Embassy, call the Kremlin, and authorize Vladimir Putin to invade North Korea.  All of which will come as a shock to California lunatic congresswoman Maxine Waters, who believes Russia already did that months ago.
  • Speaking of confused California congresswomen, San Fran Nan Pelosi yet again repeatedly referred to President Trump as “President Bush” in an interview earlier this week.  This latest senior moment comes just a few days after she told a press conference that she was upset with President Who’s-it because he didn’t visit foreign countries in alphabetical order.  I swear I don’t make this stuff up.
  • The New York Post is reporting that the consistently haughty Scott Pelley is out as anchor of the CBS evening news due to ongoing disagreements with CBS news president David Rhodes.  But no worries – CBS will just plug some other fake journalists into the job to read the fake news to the network’s brainwashed viewers each night.  They apparently have an assembly line going for turning out such creatures.
  • Finally, in news I know you’ve all been waiting to hear, pedophile pervert Anthony Weiner has been invited to move back into his former home with his fake wife, Huma Abedin.  Apparently, keeping up the facade of this fake marriage is for some reason so crucial to the interests of Hillary Clinton that Ms. Abedin finds it necessary to continue the co-habitation.  But hey, everything else in Clinton World is fake, so why should Huma be allowed to live a real life?

Just another day in Covfefe America.

That is all.

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Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 5.4.2017

  • Here, Director, have some Pepto Bismol.  Or Mylanta.  Or hey, how about this nice Abilify?:  Our bi-polar FBI Director, James Comey, gave testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday.  He gave one of the most tortured, twisted and improbable explanations imaginable about why he chose to insert himself into the presidential election campaign not once, not twice, but three times, at one point plaintively saying that he felt “mildly nauseous (sic)” that his actions might have influenced the outcome.  Well, boo-hoo, Director.  The truth is, Mr. Comey’s bout with nausea can be traced to his making the wrong decision back in July to let The Most Corrupt Woman in America off the hook for the myriad violations of law he himself described to the American public in the statement he made.  Everything that took place after that was simply an extension of his refusal to enforce the law against a high-profile member of the ruling class.  Self-inflicted wounds.
  • Seriously, how does this clown keep his job?:  Also during his testimony, our upset-stomached FBI Director admitted that The Most Corrupt Woman’s long-time companion, Huma Abedin, was freaking forwarding freaking classified freaking emails to her pedophile freaking pervert husband, Anthony freaking Weiner!  Not just a few freaking emails, mind you, but, according to Director Nausea, THOUSANDS OF FREAKING CLASSIFIED FREAKING EMAILS.  Naturally, upon finding out about this astonishing violation of the Espionage Act and no telling how many other federal statutes, our intrepid Bi-Polar, nauseated FBI Director decided to do….nothing.  Honest to God, nothing.
  • Knock me over with a feather.:  A study out of Germany indicates that fully 92% of so-called “anti-fascist”, i.e., FASCIST, protesters in that country are unemployed millennial “men”, i.e., CHILDREN, who still live with their mothers.  No, really,  I swear I did not make that up.  Here’s the link.  By the way, if this surprises you, and if you don’t think a study conducted in the U.S. would produce a very similar result, you are a moron.  No really, I swear, you are.
  • Watching “Key Largo” also upset her because there weren’t any large people in it.:  Rebecca Theodore, a fake film reviewer for the NY Times and Entertainment Weekly, issued a tweet yesterday in which she noted that her magazine’s cover photo of the cast of the new re-make of “Orient Express”, doesn’t include “any Asian people.”  Really, folks, I swear to you that I. Do. Not. Make. This. Stuff. Up.  I mean, who could?

Just another day in bi-polar, mildly nauseous (sic), no-Asians-on-the-Orient-Express America.

That is all.

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