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America Enters Its First “Shithole Countries” News Cycle

[Warning:  This is the first PG-13 version of Today’s Campaign Update.  Today’s Campaign Update will return to its traditional PG format tomorrow.]

  • Me and Rush, tight as ticks. – I caught Rush Limbaugh’s opening segment the last two days, and I’m beginning to think he’s reading my Daily Campaign Updates during his daily show prep. If you listen to the first 8 minutes of his show the last two days and compare that to what I wrote, there’s a lot of not just the same points, but a lot of exact wording being used.  I’m cool with that, Rush.  But give me a shout out sometime, ok?  Thanks.
  • You just cannot make this stuff up. – USA Today reported on Thursday that many radical “women’s” advocates are ditching their pink pussyhats.  Why?  Oh, you’ll never guess why.  Go ahead, guess.  Nope, try again.  Nope.  Ok, here’s the answer:  They’re ditching their pussy hats because, and I’m quoting here, “the pink pussyhat excludes and is offensive to transgender women and gender non-binary people who don’t have typical female genitalia and to women of color because their genitals are more likely to be brown than pink.”  There are a million things – literally – I could say about this, but in the interest of decorum, I will just leave it at that.
  • Terminally un-funny comic and notorious drunk Chelsea Handler demonstrated yet again what a perfect spokeswoman she is for the progressive left on Wednesday by accusing – in the most graphic language possible – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham of being a closeted homosexual on her Twitter account.  Senator Graham, a lifelong bachelor, has steadfastly denied this claim repeatedly during his political career.  Remember when  progressives were the tolerant ones?  Or at least put up the pretense of being so?  Yeah, good times…
  • Ok, so, we are well in to the “shithole countries” news cycle, in which everyone in the fake news media goes berserk over a comment made in what was supposed to be a closed meeting by the President of the United States.  I won’t defend that language, which is completely inappropriate for any U.S. president to use about other countries.  Nor will I defend the President’s timing, which steps all over his message on immigration and destroyed the narrative of what was otherwise an extremely positive day for his immigration policies.  But I will defend the sentiment:  We simply need a smarter immigration policy for our country.
  • We should be – as our country has done throughout most of its history – focused on bringing in people who can actually contribute to our society in meaningful ways, and who wish to assimilate into our society.  We have spent the last 50 years under an immigration policy designed to favor immigrants who have no interest in assimilating into U.S. society, simply because such immigrants are more likely to vote Democrat.  The Democrat Party wants a Balkanized country, a divided America, because a divided country favors its electoral politics.  Simple as that.
  • But even Democrats weren’t always as interested in dividing America along racial and ethnic lines.  In pushing his 1965 immigration bill, Ted Kennedy said , “[the bill] will not inundate America with immigrants from any one country or area, or the most populated and deprived nations of Africa and Asia.”  That’s 52 years ago, of course, but YouTube is full of videos of Democrat luminaries like Chuck Schumer, the Pantsuit Princess and Harry Reid expounding on the need to protect our borders, send “illegal aliens” (yes, as recently as 9 years ago, Schumer used that term in the well of the Senate) back to their home countries, and promote policies that encourage new legal immigrants to learn English and assimilate into American society.  Yeah, good times…good times…
  • All the “shithole countries” talk aside, all of you Trump supporters who spend too much time listening to professional rabble rousers like Ann Coulter and #nevertrumpists who were warning you that the President was about to sell the country out by agreeing to amnesty with no border protections should have been breathing sighs of relief at day’s end on Thursday.  President Trump’s frustrated remark came in a meeting with several pro-amnesty senators who believed they had just the deal for him:  a deal that would provide the DREAMers a 10-15 year path to citizenship, modify (but not eliminate) chain migration, provide a down payment on border security measures without full funding, and modify (but not eliminate) the immigration lottery system, the continuation of which was what led to Mr. Trump becoming so irritated.
  • That was a classic Washington DC compromise deal, a conglomeration of counterproductive half-measures in which everyone involved would get part, but not all of what they wanted, and could have all declared “victory”.  President Trump turned it down flat, because it was a lousy deal for the country, and because it would have violated his campaign promises on immigration.  Make no mistake:  there is a deal to be made here, and it is obvious.  That deal is that the DREAMers get immediate legal status with a path to citizenship; the border wall/enhanced security gets fully funded; chain migration ends; and the immigration lottery goes away over time.  That’s the deal the President will accept, and it is completely consistent with his campaign promises.
  • Honestly, folks, how many of those campaign promises must this man keep to you before you all start showing a little faith in him?

Just another day in “shithole countries” America.

That is all.

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Ben Shapiro Speaks, Everyone Lives To Tell The Story. Film At 11.

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • If you’re looking for Hollywood’s next big box office stink bomb, look no further than Jennifer Lawrence’s latest vehicle, titled “mother”.  Thought by advance critics to be a dramatic character study of modern life, the film is being released with very little marketing or promotion, possibly because the advance critics were wrong.  Turns out, according to its director, the same clown who gave us the leftist climate change lecture, “Noah”, the movie is actually yet another Hollywood leftist lecture on overpopulation and climate change:  “As a species our footprint is perilously unsustainable yet we live in a state of denial about the outlook for our planet and our place on it. From this primordial soup of angst and helplessness I woke up one morning and this movie poured out of me.”  Oh, lovely, can’t wait to go out and pay a princely sum of money to see this train wreck.  Yeah, you betcha, sure.  Holy cow.
  • The Dean of Harvard’s Kennedy School of government rescinded his offer of a “visiting fellowship” to traitorous trans-gender Chelsea Manning on Thursday, as controversy about the invitation had continued to grow.  “I now think that designating Chelsea Manning as a Visiting Fellow was a mistake,” Douglas W. Elmendorf, the school’s dean, wrote in a message released around midnight.  Gee, you think?  I mean, how does such an invitation get extended in the first place?  Is there no process for review above the Dean in Harvard’s management?  Wouldn’t one logically think that extending such an invitation to anyone who actively conspired with our nation’s enemies during time of war would be sort of an automatic “no”?
  • This will no doubt end the matter, since no one in the fake news media will want to ask these tough questions of one of their favored left-wing institutions of higher brainwashing, but that’s a damn shame.  The mere fact that this invitation was extended to one of the grand traitors in our nation’s history ought to be cause for heads to roll, and not just the Dean’s.  But this the world of higher education, where accountability is a concept as buried within the culture as is the concept of free speech.
  • Conservative writer Ben Shapiro, who manages the “DailyWire” blog site, made his scheduled appearance at Cal Berkeley on Thursday, and amazingly, no riots broke out, though two Antifa morons were arrested even before the event began.  To watch the University’s preparations for the event, one would have thought an army of black-masked thugs or something was coming to destroy the campus and its easily-triggered student body, but no, it was just little Ben Shapiro, who sounds exactly like a 30 year-old Richard Dreyfuss, and is about the same size.
  • Boy, what an imposing figure he makes, armed with his speaker notes and wearing his Yarmuke.  Berkeley officials were so concerned about the impact of his words – you know, all that horrible talk about the need to address the federal budget deficit and stop getting involved in wars all over the Middle East, terrible stuff like that – that they had special counseling rooms set up for triggered students and – get this – faculty!  Good lord, even the freaking faculty at Berkeley is now a bunch of pathetic snowflakes.
  • Despite Shapiro’s mild demeanor and not-exactly-imposing presence, Berkeley prepared as if its campus was being invaded by Godzilla, spending more than $600,000 on police presence, and even erecting a concrete barrier around the site of Mr. Shapiro’s lecture – ironic for a school run by opponents of President Trump’s border wall – all on the pretense that Mr. Shapiro’s words, not Antifa thugs, might somehow cause a riot to break out.  The University carried that security charade so far as to actually bill Shapiro $15,000 as a “security fee” to come give a speech on its campus, an event to which he was invited by a student group.
  • This “security fee” tricked worked with Ann Coulter early this year, when she was invited to speak.  In response to receiving that billing, Ms. Coulter pulled out of the event rather than pay the fee.  No doubt, Berkeley officials expected – hoped for – the same response from Shapiro.  But Ben called their bluff, paid the fee, and gave his speech.
  • And guess what happened?  Not much, really, other than the two Antifa nitwits getting themselves tossed in jail.  The speech was extremely well-attended and, other than being interrupted a few times by agitators that University officials infiltrated into the crowd intentionally, came off pretty seamlessly.  About 1,000 protesters gathered outside the hall and chanted dumb chants and carried signs containing idiotic slogans, but that’s what these people do for a living, so no biggie as long as no one gets hurt.
  • Nobody died – indeed, campus police reported that no one was really even harmed – and actual ideas in conflict with the prevailing leftist/communist thought being washed into the students’ brains by the faculty every day were aired in a mostly peaceful atmosphere.  Questions were asked from the audience, and answered by the speaker, and no one passed out or became overly verklempt.  All of that exchanging of ideas took place on a left-wing university campus.  What a concept.
  • Hey, I’m old enough to remember when that sort of exchange of ideas and exercising of free speech on a left-wing college campus wasn’t headline news.  Things change.

Just another day in campus leftism is destroying America America.

That is all.


Photo credit:  The Patriot Post

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