A Florida Tragedy Overshadows Schiff and Fauxcahontas

Tired of all this Winning yet? – The new Morning Consult Poll is out, and guess what?  It now has the Republicans leading the Democrats in the generic congressional ballot for the first time in more than a year.  The Ds led the Rs by 10 as recently as December 18.   Meanwhile, President Trump’s job approval rating shot up in this poll, to 47% approve vs. 47% disapprove.  Hey, remember all those breathless predictions in the fake news media of a Democrat tidal wave election coming in the November mid-terms?  Yeah, we’re not seeing those anymore.

Guessing this wasn’t part of the approved Democrat/Fake news media talking points. – Bug-eyed CA congressman Adam Schiff, speaking at a media-sponsored breakfast Wednesday morning, confirmed the White House’s position about his 10-page rebuttal memo to the House Intel Committee’s FISA Abuse Memo.  Schiff told the audience in attendance that “We need to go through that and identify that which remains classified and would implicate sources and methods or investigative interests.”

Wait, what???  Haven’t we just gone through five days of Schiff whining that the White House had no legitimate reason to send his booby-trap-filled tome back to the Committee for cleaning?  Before yesterday morning, Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and all their fake journalist friends had simply ignored the fact that the FBI and DOJ had identified numerous areas in which the Democrat memo would reveal classified information and betray sources and methods.  Now suddenly, Mr. Bug Eyes has spilled the beans.  That was obviously not a part of the plan, since the Daily Caller was one of only a handful of media outlets to report on Schiff’s obviously unintentional moment of honesty.  Somewhere, San Fran Nan is fuming.

Senator Elizabeth Fauxcahontas Warren, speaking at a gathering of real, actual, legitimate Native Americans, told the gathering that although she has absolutely no evidence whatsoever of any kind that her mother came from any sort of native American heritage, “no one — not even the president of the United States — will ever take that part of me away.”  Wait, what “part” of you would that be – the pathological liar part?  The cultural appropriation part?  The part where you invented the false claim of native American heritage so you could get a job at Harvard?  It’s all so confusing.  And pathetic.  And shameful.  And hilarious.

So, let’s see here…yet another troubled young man from a broken home who had a history of torturing animals and was a “loner” and who his classmates and teachers did everything they could to stay away from because he was so threatening to them and who had actually been kicked out of school for violent and threatening behavior and who had been in therapy but quit going a year ago and who we will most likely find out soon was taking some form of anti-depression or anti-psychotic medications shot and killed 17 people at his former high school yesterday.  Man, nobody could have possibly seen that coming.  Well, except for those surviving students who told reporters that “we all knew this was coming.”

Of course, immediately the fake news media and all the perpetually outraged social justice warriors took to their Twitter feeds and CNN/MSNBC discussion panels to assign full blame for this tragedy on…the inanimate object.  Thus ends any hope that our society might, just this once, take a step back and look at the real causes that led to this tragedy and maybe even try to do something effective to prevent future such atrocities.  You know, things like taking potentially violent mental illness more seriously, like employing some intelligent profiling and threat assessment procedures, like forcing every public school to employ armed security personnel so that potential bad actors will know they are going to be met by a good guy with a gun.

Instead, we will today be treated to the exact same fruitless politicized finger-pointing we have seen after every tragic school mass shooting since Columbine, ending quickly all hope that anything effective might take place.  So, some months down the road, another mass school shooting will take place, and the perpetrator will inevitably have the exact same profile described above, after which the same exact fruitless finger-pointing will ensue, and shocked students who thankfully weren’t harmed will once again say “we all knew this was coming.”

Everyone, that is, except the people who could have done something to prevent it.

Just another day in our country is certifiably insane America.

That is all.

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2 thoughts on “A Florida Tragedy Overshadows Schiff and Fauxcahontas

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    Yo! - February 15, 2018

    “Like forcing every public school to employ armed security personnel so that potential bad actors will know they are going to be met by a good guy with a gun.”

    Crazy people are crazy, they aren’t stupid. This would be the most logical solution but the problem is makes a)a vocal minority of parents uncomfortable and b)a vocal group of the teachers/administrators uncomfortable because they’re living in Pretend Land. I’d much prefer to turning schools into prisons (although in some places that has to happen, too).

    Anyway in Pretend Land, if we don’t have guns, the bad guys will refuse to show up with guns, because that’s how it works with bad guys. It will make a technology now hundreds of years old and can be constructed out of plumbing parts just disappear. It’s a nice place, Pretend Land. I hear you can get Starbucks and Telsa cars for free there, too.

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    Yo! - February 15, 2018

    “the gathering that although she has absolutely no evidence whatsoever of any kind that her mother came from any sort of native American heritage”

    In fairness, people with a long heritage in New England quite often have one or two distant ancestors from the Iroquois tribes that used to live there. It turns out I’m 1/64 native American. My Dad and Grandfather actually had some very strong coloring suggesting that lineage. Some key differences between me and Fauxcahontas:

    A)We have an actual marriage record between one of my French Canadian relatives and an an Iroquois woman

    B)I have as much knowledge and attachment to that heritage as might be found in a Cowboy and Indian movie. 95% of my ancestors were European of some form.

    C) Considering that my own Mother called her mother “Mummy”, it never even once crossed my mind to check the “Native American” box. Not once.

    Fauxcahontas reminds me of my own Mother, who I’m afraid had a great of bad history and impressions about her own heritage in her head . I think was genuinely ashamed of being English, which was too bad, because there was no balance in the history she understood. Yes, the English have oppressed and been terrible to others at times. They’ve also done amazing things and just of given those ideas and inventions to all sorts of other societies, and if they called another group of people “savage”, more often they were right than they were wrong.

    Anyway, until the very end, my Mom called herself “Irish” because my Grandmother was supposedly Irish, from a family from northern Vermont. Lots of fascination with that culture. I never had the heart to correct her that her Mother was Scot-Irish – people who colonized Northern Ireland from Scotland, who would then go onto initially colonize New England and parts of the South. In other words, her Mom was a lot more English than she was Irish. Oh, well. May they both RIP.

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