ThinkProgress Achieves Peak Progressive Dementia With Its Pence/Kim Tweet


Mark your calendars, folks:  At 3:30 p.m. Central Standard Time, we reached peak progressive lunacy when the nitwits who run the Twitter feed for the far leftwing Soros mob that calls itself “ThinkProgress” tweeted the following:

Despite Mike Pence’s sabotage, North Korea’s ‘charm offensive’ appears to be working

Yes, my fellow Americans, after a weekend of our fake news media engaging in one of the most shameful coordinated exercises in it history, glamorizing the monstrous sister of the Crazy Little Fat Guy in North Korea in its ongoing efforts to delegitimize the Trump presidency, ThinkProgress has taken the campaign to its logical extreme.  Vice President Mike Pence didn’t just refuse to shake hands with or otherwise legitimize the monster Kim Yo Jong, in the eyes of the progressive left, what he did was “sabotage” her otherwise wonderfully effective “charm offensive.”  You seriously cannot make this stuff up.

Note:  The tweet links to an article which now titled “Pence and South Korea pursue widely different strategies during Olympic Games”, but which also ends with the following disclaimer:

“CLARIFICATION: The headline of this piece was updated after publication to better convey the content of the article.”

So, the original title of the piece was most likely the text of the tweet quoted above.  Amazing.

The behavior of the U.S. fake news media the past three days is conclusive proof – as if any more proof was really needed – that our major media outlets are overwhelmingly staffed with anti-American moral degenerates.

In other news, here is the painting of Barack Hussein Obama that was unveiled at the National Potrait Gallery today:

So, there America’s Biggest Mistake is, in all his glory:  Seated, man-spreading, looking arrogant, accomplishing nothing, with vines growing in around his feet and ankles.  Perfect.


That is all.

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3 thoughts on “ThinkProgress Achieves Peak Progressive Dementia With Its Pence/Kim Tweet

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    Yo! - February 12, 2018

    At least that portrait looked like him. Michelle Obama’s looked like a generic woman. To my untrained eye they both look like substandard quality (Michelle’s was obvious, though.) But that’s what you get when you select a painter on skin color, rather than merit.

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    Bill Welch - February 12, 2018

    There is art, and then there is folly. Both of these look like folly. Sitting in the jungle brush (vines of Kenya perhaps) in a suit on a fancy wooden chair. Those two extremes do not fit together at all, so the artist is obviously a brain-damaged liberal. Case closed. Moo-chelle looks like something from the cover of a new comic book, something titled perhaps, Alien Ninja wannabe from the not-black LaGOON.

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    C Chernault - February 13, 2018

    “The legend of our times, it has been suggested, might be “The Revenge of Failure”. This is what Envy has done for us. If we cannot paint well, we will destroy the canons of painting and pass ourselves off as painters. If we will not take the trouble to write poetry, we will destroy the rules of prosody and pass ourselves off as poets. If we are not inclined to the rigors of an academic discipline, we will destroy the standards of that discipline and pass ourselves off as graduates. If we cannot or will not read, we will say that “linear thought” is now irrelevant and so dispense with reading. If we cannot make music, we will simply make a noise and persuade others that it is music. If we can do nothing at all, why! we will strum a guitar all day, and call it self-expression. As long as no talent is required, no apprenticeship to a skill, everyone can do it, and we are all magically made equal. Envy has at least momentarily been appeased,and failure has had its revenge.”
    ― Henry Fairlie (1924 – 1990)

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